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August 12, 2017 18:08

Laying tiles on the video wall


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Laying tiles on the wall of videos, photos

repair of the apartment with his hands - laying and wall cladding tiles.

Required tools: notched trowel, a small spatula, trowel, level, adhesive, plastic crosses, corner (corner plastic molding), sponge, square.If the tiles have to be cut and Tile not, you can use a glass cutter grinders, or with a special round.Drill holes for the wires too special drill.

Before you lay a new tile to look out the article as to bring down the old tile.This will require a hammer and chisel.Carefully remove from the surface of the walls of the old adhesive or mortar which has been laid tile.This is followed to align the wall surface.Work better with gloves and goggles to avoid a variety of injuries.

If plaster walls or Rodbandom Volma necessarily allow the solution to dry and then apply a waterproofing layer.

On the wall is necessary to put a notch to increase the area of ​​the bonding surfaces.If a tile is placed on the f

loor to check his level, if not, then prepare the base under the tile.To this end, a long wooden board screwed to the wall with screws, it must be fastened horizontally (level shall be verified).You can use a rule mounted on the wall.

kneaded paste, but not much (it quickly hardens).Laying tiles on the wall begins from the corner.In the corner of the wall mounted molding, recessed grooves in its tiles.The adhesive is applied on a wall or on a tile (as you conveniently).Screed with a notched trowel to the entire surface of the walls, prepared under the tile was uniformly missed.Before laying the tile is recommended for a few hours soaked in water to increase the adhesion of the glue.The first tile is laid, starting from the bottom row.It must be slightly pressed against the wall, and turn from side to side.Each laid tiles, check a square and level.Laid tiles should be wiped with a wet sponge, otherwise the adhesive will dry up and be difficult to remove.Also next tile is placed and shall be verified.Recommended thickness of the adhesive layer -. Bolee0.5 not see plastic crosses are inserted between the tiles - this will ensure the same distance between the tiles.So the bottom row is laid, and then the next.Calculate the amount of tile adhesive online.

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Each laid out a number again checked level.After placing all the tiles it should be wiped with a damp sponge again.After a day - two guides can be removed (tile base).Also removed and plastic crosses and smeared the seams.To do this, use a special grout, which is diluted with water until smooth.Then a rubber spatula produce grout.After the grout is a little grab, produce grouting.Calculator to calculate the number of tiles online.

Laying tiles on the video wall

Wall tiles with their hands video

Training video on the laying of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles on the bathroom walls.Preparation and priming the surface, after drying - application of tile adhesive IVSIL Classic specialized notched trowel directly laying tiles on the very walls of the room, working with Tile (see article how to cut tile correctly), gluing tiles, porcelain tiles, proper grouting.Useful tips on facing wall tiles in the bathroom (useful guide for other rooms) with their own hands.The total cost of construction materials and tools.