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August 12, 2017 18:08

The alignment of the walls plastered video beacons


  • 1 Leveling plaster walls with their hands
  • 2 Align the walls with plaster beacons video
Levelling plaster walls on beacons video, photo Video Repair apartments with their own hands - leveling plaster walls.

before working grounds require training.At the same time removed from the walls of wallpaper, purify them from old loose plaster, paint and so on. Work with your hands should be carried out carefully so as not to damage the wiring, electricity room is better to turn off.See the same article about the alignment of the walls of plasterboard photo and video instruction included.

Levelling plaster walls with their hands

buffed surface must be primed.The primer is most conveniently applied by roller.If the surface absorbs breaking bar, then apply two coats of primer.Beacons are installed only after the soil is completely dry.In the upper corner of the wall is hammered a nail, which is tied string (string) from the cargo turns plummet.It is necessary to wait until the plummet stop rocking.Then hammered another nail into t

he base of the wall so that his hat was in line with the plumb thread.Do the other side wall of the same operation.After this lighthouse stretched cord from nail to nail diagonally.Rule or smooth rake puts a nail head, shall be verified level, then the space between the rule and the wall should be filled with mortars.Beacon Get the flat line.The distance between the beacons is determined by the length of the tool, which will be carried out plastering surface.

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Once dried beacons can start leveling walls plaster beacons with video instruction.Plaster mixes are best used in living rooms, cement - in wet (kitchen, bathroom).Construction mixture is poured into a large container and shuts the water.Stirred with a drill with a special nozzle.The resulting mixture should not be too liquid or too thick.For better adhesion mixture to the wall surface is desirable to moisten with water.On the wall of a small spatula dipped throws mortar.When the alignment is carried out plaster walls on beacons, throws mixture so as to cover all the cracks, potholes, cracks and its level should act as beacons for HA3 mm.Before the mixture is dry it should be smoothed.To do this, use a broad rule, moving it to neighboring beacons from the bottom up.If the mixture is not enough, it must be dokidat or gently applied with a spatula.After completion of the work in one area, move on to the next, so the whole wall plastered.Plastered surfaces after rough dry and serves as the basis for the spackling.Caulking can eliminate minor imperfections on the wall (up to 15 mm).After the plaster has dried, the surface can be sanded with sandpaper.Now, watch the video tutorial online apartment repair his hands, based on the program "The world repair".

Alignment wall plaster beacons video

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