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August 12, 2017 18:08

Laying linoleum on the floor with their hands , video .How to lay linoleum correctly


  • 1 Stages laying linoleum with his hands
  • 2 Preparing the subfloor before laying
  • 3 How to lay linoleum correctly, installation
  • 4 laying linoleum your videos hands

Laying linoleum with his hands photo

linoleum was for many people, is and will be the best flooring.Rarely repair costs without the use of this material.There are many reasons, but it is necessary to highlight the most basic advantages:

• linoleum resistance to external changes - whether it be an increase or decrease in humidity, temperature, etc .;
• functionality - allows you to clean dirt from the surface quickly and effectively;
• simplicity of use - no maintenance after installation linoleum does not require, in addition to cleaning;
• it is difficult to find any flooring is cheaper than linoleum;
• Easy to install - allows stacking without the involvement of specialists with their own hands.

Stages laying linoleum with his hands

Not surprisingly, linoleum, having a set of qualities, is widespread.After linoleum selected must, of cours

e, start with planning.At this stage, the main thing to determine the coverage area and the amount of material.The most important thing is not to make a mistake in the calculation of the area, no matter what form has a complex or a rectangular room.All the walls have to be measured on the perimeter.

Stages laying linoleum with his hands photo thing is that even homes vysokoetazhnyh opposite walls may well be of different lengths.Blame around negligent builders.As a result of the linoleum on the one hand it may be ideal, but on the other it can not be missed.To such unfortunate missteps to avoid, it is better to measure seven times, and only then cut.When the size of all the removed and bought linoleum begin preparatory stages.

Technology laying linoleum with his hands very easy to learn, in the video below are good examples.If everything is clear, then do it yourself will not make the big work.However, you do not have to cool off.To linoleum long and well lay down, you need to prepare a good foundation.Undoubtedly, this is the most crucial and important part of the work.If it is done qualitatively, then consider what has been done already half the battle.

Preparation of the base before laying floor

In the room where the floor is wooden, the flooring should be securely fastened.Movable, the fragile foundation someday lead to cover deformation.Therefore it is necessary to take every precaution in advance.On the wooden floor is laid plywood, which are screwed screws.The resulting substrate must be perfectly flat.It is necessary to note that the cap screws are not issued.

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Preparation of the base before laying linoleum photo Undoubtedly, for laying linoleum best base is concrete.However, the present process is less time consuming does not become.Armed with a spirit level, you need to check for irregularities and inclination.If it is found, it will be necessary to make a screed of cement-sand mixture.The base will be enough to fill seven centimeter thick.After that, a mixture of self-leveling screed is recommended to make the finish.

In this case, be sure that the base will perfectly flat, and this question more than to return, never have.In addition, strong and smooth concrete floor in handy if after a while will have a desire to replace the linoleum any other floor covering.

How to lay linoleum correctly, installation

Oddly enough, but the main stage of laying linoleum is parallel and finishing.If the room is not scheduled to obscure one blade and multiple segments, the important thing is to match the linoleum pattern in its final form.After cutting out fabric, it should be spread out in the room, and leave the rest in bed about two days at normal room temperature.This will help prevent wrinkles and dents.

should be remembered that the installation will be carried out more easily if the web itself and the surface will be smooth.Linoleum should be cut so that the edges do not reach to the walls of a centimeter.

There are three main ways of laying:

• without the use of adhesives;
• using cold mastics;
• with glue.

In a domestic environment it is more convenient course to use double sided tape or adhesive for linoleum.This is the most simple styling techniques that plus everything else, financially the least expensive.

Naturally, the most reliable and durable way of laying linoleum considered their own hands with the help of glue.Until the middle of the linoleum folded one side and with a spatula on it a layer of glue.Then he has to withstand the air for some time.After that linoleum laid in its place, and sacking or a special trowel squeezed out of his air.A similar operation is performed and the second half.

bezkleevom If we talk about the process of self-laying linoleum, then this method should be used very carefully.The canvas is entirely glued bilateral adhesive tape around the perimeter and is fixed on the ground.The most important thing is complete and correct to smooth wrinkles and other irregularities that after did not have to redo all the work again.Finally, set a wooden or plastic moldings.In this installation of linoleum is considered ended.Now check out the video tutorials for a visual fix information.Successful repair!

Laying linoleum with his hands video

laying linoleum - gluing seams video