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August 12, 2017 18:08

Decorating plastic panels kitchen wall , bathroom, toilet , photos


  • 1 How to install plastic panels.Decorating the bathroom, toilet, kitchen
  • 2 installation of plastic panels on the ceiling and a wall with their hands
  • 3 How to strengthen the plastic panel on the wall right

Decorating plastic panels .Photo Plastic panel In our time, has become very popular to do finish PVC premises panels.This means that their installation pretty simple.The material is high-quality and durable.And the price is quite adequate.If you have a desire to save money, then finish the ceiling or walls of plastic - the solution for you.For a clearer perception of the information, as always, we will show in the photo as it looks in the video and how it's done.The site of the apartment with his hands Repair glad to disassemble the whole process "on the shelves."

How to install plastic panels.Decorating the bathroom, toilet, kitchen

This versatile material can be used in any room.That is, there are no places where it would not be encouraged to decorate the ceiling and walls of PVC panels.In the full opportunity to

do so and in the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen, the hallway ...

You will be able to determine the color scheme, there is a very diverse.If you want helpful advice, that in your place I would not arrange a bedroom and a living room with this material.But this matter.

Let's get down to business.First and foremost, you must determine how much material you need.PVC sheets are of length 2, 3 to 6 meters, and at from 250 to 500 mm width.But this is not the limit.If you wish to be found, and 6 - meter.And remember, always take with a reserve, or when not hurt.

Connecting profile ( moldings ) photo .Plastic panels And do not forget to buy a low profile (moldings) as in the photo to the left.They are intended for that would be a smooth transition between panels.They, too, it is desirable to buy a little more (in stock).

In operation, you will need these tools: Tape measure, mounting level, hammer, screwdriver, scissors, square, Hacksaw, stationery knife (preferably sharp), pencil, wood rails.

installation of plastic panels on the ceiling and a wall with their hands

If the room is dry and flat surface, you can start to be mounted directly on the ceiling or another plane.If you want to make the plastic walls and the ceiling in the bathroom, it is desirable to mount the panel on a metal or wooden frame of the guide.If you do not have a smooth surface and do not want to flatten it, the frame is needed all the more.For toilet, kitchen, balcony and other rooms, PVC panel mount technology remains unchanged.

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Installation of plastic panels on the wall or ceiling photo So let's start and finish the installation of plastic panels.First, shoot the frame.This requires rails 10 - 20 mm thick.In fact, do wooden structure under the PVC is very easy.Attach to the wall vertical slats and dowels, with increments of 50 - 70 cm, self-tapping screws.They three horizontally (top, middle, bottom).In the photo to the left and on the video below shows how it looks.

most important - that is to the horizontal slats were kept on the level.In short, they need to be parallel to each other and on the same level.

To achieve this, you will need a mounting level.It's simple, make a frame assembly, and then adjust it, see how it looks on the same photo.

How to strengthen the plastic panel on the wall right

How to fix the plastic mounting panel photo What would attach to the frame of PVC, metal holders are required, as in the photo to the left.They are inserted into the docking panel edge.Then, with the help of nails nailed to the horizontal slats frame.

Now insert the sheets of material, press them close to each other and nail holder.Then everything is similar.You can use so - the staple gun to secure each panel or small screws.Do not forget the moldings.Use at the corners of the external and internal low profile, and on the sides - finishing moldings.For more information on the video at the end.

You should know that when you do the installation of plastic panels in the kitchen, do not forget the thermal expansion of the material.Fastening them to each other with a small gap.When done

ceiling trim plastic panels, then remember the fillet on the perimeter of the ceiling.How to glue the ceiling moldings and cut the inner and outer corners - we have already dealt in detail.

And if you want to attach the panel to the wall, this process is similar to laying tile on the wall.First, take the rail (preferably the longer one) and attach it to the wall at the same level.This material is perfectly glued to the liquid nails.Now, armed with this instruction can install it on any surface, in any desired room - kitchen, bathroom, balcony, closet, hallway.The photo below shows examples of colors, of which there are more, it is an example and watch interesting videos.Read what new kinds of panels can be used in the interior you can find the article here.

assembling and finishing plastic panels video

Photo coloring PVC panels

Plastic Photo panel .Types of colors of plastic panels pictures