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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installation of plastic window sills with their hands


  • 1 Preparations
    • 1.1 Tools and materials
  • 2 Site Preparation PVC windowsill
  • 3 Set sill plastic
  • 4 exception - installationwooden window sills
    • 4.1 Preparing walls
    • 4.2 Alignment sill
    • 4.3 fastening wooden sill
    • 4.4 sealing and strengthening the attachment

making the replacement of old window designs, you must either install the new sillsfrom modern materials.Today, on top of the popularity of plastic products.PVC panel width is 60 cm, which makes it possible to carry out the installation of virtually any wall thickness.How to install a plastic windowsill safe and read on.


  1. Preparations
  2. Installation of plastic window sill
  3. exception - the installation of wooden structures


The preparatory stage includes metering and a choice of design, selection tools, purchase of building materials.If not carried out the replacement of glass, you will need a dismantling of the old window sill.When replacing windows carried the complete remo

val of the old window structure.Installation of new glazing spend manufacturer specialists.Installation of plastic window sills can also be carried out by experts or their own customer.

Installing plastic window sill is carried out only after the installation of window frames and glass.

when you only replace the panel, you must first make a correct measurement:

  1. Measure the width of the window opening.Throws another 10 cm total length and structure is obtained.
  2. panel width is the distance from the window to set the angle of the wall, plus 5 cm onto the ledge.Making a wider base of the window is inappropriate because air circulation is disrupted, causing windows to mist up.

Tools and materials

To install plastic window sill with his own hands, you will need a set of tools:

  • carpenter's level;
  • electric jigsaw or Bulgarian;
  • carpenter's knife and handsaw;
  • ax and a hammer;
  • square;
  • marker and masking tape.

From the materials to be prepared:

  • sealant;
  • gun and assembly foam;
  • sill panel;
  • three sets of substrates made of plastic or wood of different widths;
  • two end caps.

Site Preparation PVC windowsill

Installation of plastic window sill

Installation of plastic window sill

With a hacksaw, an electric jigsaw, ax removed the old structure and the window frame.Along the edges of the wooden products removed cement.Purify the opening of breakaway building materials, insulation.

specialists set new PVC window again, to between the base of the window opening and the bottom of the frame keeping a distance not less than 5 cm. Left opening will serve as a support for the new design.

If you plan to install PVC window sill with his hands longer than the window opening on the sides at the bottom of the sample is carried out grooves.For this you need a hammer and a Bulgarian.First make the cut wall with a hammer and then gently knock the building material.The height of the groove is performed such that the new panel came easily.The length of one slot to more than 5 cm.

distance between the base and the frame of the window opening zapenivayut with foam insulation or lay.After complete solidification of the foam cut excess joiner knife.When installing plastic pane the size of the window opening mark out the site of attachment brackets at a distance of no more than 80 cm.

See the article, why PVC windows fog up.

Before installing PVC products is necessary once again to clear the ground from debris and dust.Necessarily brick moistened with water to provide adhesion.

Installation of plastic window sill

All materials purchased and tools ready to go.Begin installation of the sill.

  1. determines the width of the structure.It can be the same as the width of the old base.When replacing windows and installing new PVC products is calculated its new width.Ideally, the edge of the panel is coplanar with the middle heating system battery.When mounting the panel, the edge of which stands for a battery equipped in the panel itself vents.Such holes are cut in front of the battery casing.They are necessary for good ventilation at the window, the window that protects the structure from condensation.
  2. Pick up the length of the plastic base.When next there are two windows, prefer one coherent structure.When installing Sill PVC size equal to the window aperture, the length of the panel make shorter by 10 mm.

Installation of plastic window sill on selected panel sizes make your hardware store.Wizard magazine once carried trim on the set parameters.Sometimes buying billet trim and make yourself at home.

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  1. poles for the installation of plastic window sills made from purchased in advance substrates.The width of the bar should be no less than 50 mm and a length no more product width.The shortest substrate should be less than 100mm panel width.Particular attention is given to the substrate thickness.After installation of the bar panel must enter the space between panes at the bottom of the window frame and the substrate.
  2. Before installing the bars, align the surface of the base substrate with cement mortar.In one design, a minimum of three substrate.The optimal distance between the bars -. 40-50 cm
  3. Supports align strictly horizontally and check the correct installation with the level in all planes.Make a test installation of the plastic panel.The result of the correct mounting substrate is dense design entry into the gap between the edge of the window and the support.Installation
  4. plastic sills their hands begins with removing the side adjacent to the window, a protective film.Install caps on the ends of the panel.Gently insert design on the fixed support.
  5. panel becomes firmly into place.Tapping the product aligned with respect to the window frame. Perform control measurement level in two directions.
  6. right and left leaves a gap of 5 mm, which makes it possible to prevent the panel from deforming.At the end of the installation gaps sealed with sealant.
  7. Gently zapenivayut space under the plastic sill assembly foam.If the panel is poorly recorded, from the increase in the volume of the foam it will warp.
  8. on the edges and in the center of the window opening set spacers.They are made by yourself or buy in the store transforming struts.They do not allow the mounting foam lift installed base of the window opening.When the foam hardens well, brace removed and cut off excess foam.
  9. After install slopes, start plugging gaps.Along the edges stick masking tape.Fill in the gap with silicone sealant.Remove the excess and remove the masking tape.
  10. protective film is removed after the completion of the work.

If you read the soiled foam sill, how to clean the surface of the foam .

exception - the installation of wooden window sills

windowsill wood oak, pine, beech, ash or cherry make the interior of the house a warm and cozy.Giving preference to natural materials, many owners of apartments and houses an artificial plastic instead choose natural wood base.The stores sell wood panels, covered with paints of different colors with different surface texture.After making your selection, start the installation of a wooden window sill with his hands.

Preparing walls

Spend base clean up dust and litter.The surface is wetted with water, to ensure good adhesion.If there is a niche under the window, placed horizontally on top of the metal or wooden supports to the panel is not hanging in the air.The construction of the wood in this case, put a metal frame.

Alignment sill

Pre expose window sill with wedges, achieving its bias into the room only 2 degrees.Along the window board is flat.When all indicators are achieved, wedges strengthen small amount of the solution, removing the workpiece.

Fastening wooden sill

on the basis of spread layer of the solution, covering wedges 5 mm.The mortar is mainly used, but can apply plaster or gypsum.Install the sill in place and tightly pressed against the stop on the wedges.Speakers excess removed trowel.

Tip!For safety net is laid on top of the solution first insulating film to protect the wood from direct contact with the aqueous solution.

sealing and strengthening the attachment

For a more secure fit from the front through the window frame into the end of a wooden window sill to drive long screws.After completion of construction fixing small cracks sealed with liquid acrylic.

Now you know how to install plastic window sill and a wooden structure on their own.Follow our advice and you will succeed.For better absorption of reading material chosen us see a video about the different installation options.