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August 12, 2017 18:08

Why misted windows, sweat

Metal and plastic windows are sweating photos Why sweat the plastic windows?

fairly common life situations - fogging glasses when entering the frost out of the room, glass in the bathroom or the windows in the apartment.Condensation - exactly the problem faced by millions of people.Identify the cause of this phenomenon is quite simple, if you consider a few options.

main causes condensation on the metal-plastic windows, iesweating, are two factors - humidity and temperature.That change these values, from the scientific point of view, it may affect the situation.For example, if at a constant temperature to raise the humidity, or, conversely, lower the humidity at a constant temperature, you will achieve the phenomenon misted windows.This is due to the fact that the flat surface in the coldest in the case of windows.And often the problem faced by condensing it in the winter, because of the large difference in temperature and humidity.


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Why windows fog up due to temperature?This difference in diff

erent rooms due to several reasons - internal and external.The first relates wind influence.In the case where a window overlooks the purged side, it will be colder than the window that overlooks the courtyard.Internal factors include the assignment of cells in a variety of rooms to multiple risers and different degrees of warm air from the window to access the batteries.To avoid misting, you must choose the correct glazing.If your apartment is a single-chamber, two-chamber replace it.Also check the access of warm air supply from the battery to the windows.Very often the wide window sills, screens, etc.act as a barrier.By raising the temperature of the inner surface of the window, you can avoid condensation problems, stop "sweating."


Why sweat the plastic windows from moisture?High humidity should be brought to a normal level.Usually overestimate this factor occurs after repair work (eg, concrete, plaster, wallpaper).In this case, regularly ventilate the apartment.If you live in a private home, check the hood.Perhaps it is outdated and it's time to replace.