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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the right plastic windows ( PVC )


  • 1 tips how to choose PVC windows correctly
  • 2 Profile slaydors - another advantage

How to choose the right plastic windows photo choosing among competing companies that unique, which will provide us with the installation of plastic windows, we make thema number of requirements.For example, such as noise and heat insulation windows, eco-friendly materials that are suitable for people of which are made of plastic construction, economy, aesthetic appearance, durability and ease of use.So many potential buyers opt for enterprises working with slidors system.Site repair one-bedroom apartment with his hands will tell in more detail what it is better to buy PVC windows with photo examples.

Slaydors is a sliding system used in the glazing of loggias, balconies and other door and window openings.Patented by Hanwha Chemical, slidors-system made of high quality PVC plastic, manufactured in the enterprise since 1966.This corporation is one of the largest in the world and has several branches in different countries, including in Russia.Th

e Korean company Hanwha Chemical, founded in 1965 by producing plastic profiles for window slidors, cares about its environmental and human health, allowing for so many decades, it remains the leader of the petrochemical industry.Very popular, and she began to use in our country.

tips how to choose PVC windows correctly

Profile slidors photo So what's the exhibit features profiles slaydors?

First , this system has a sliding design.This is a clear advantage over the hinged windows in the territory of the small balconies and loggias.The smooth movement of flap along the window frame makes it possible to place the furniture on the balcony, leaving room to move in such a small space.This makes it possible to exploit the territory of a balcony or loggia to the maximum, which can not be done with the swing shaped windows.

Second , saving heat in the room.To maintain comfortable conditions, slaydors system is made of three-chambered PVC profiles, equipped with a heat-saving windows.When installing slidors and in parallel with the additional teloizolyatsiey walls and floors, you can use the balconies and loggias as a full room or greenhouse.In the case where the heat maintaining the balcony is not so important, it can be used with a installation frame glass.It will not spoil their appearance, but will reduce their costs.In addition, a single glass at any time to replace the standard double-glazed slidors, transforming kind of windows and insulate it balcony.

Third , slaydors system is equipped with the brush seals, which protect against the ingress of moisture and wind from the street.This not only ensures heat insulation, water resistance and space, making it tight.

Fourth , there is a possibility of data glazing windows of PVC loggias and balconies, having a semi-circular shape, in principle, slidors system is exclusive of its kind and allows you to glaze round space with sliding windows.PVC profile is designed in a way that has the ability to bend without causing fracture design.

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Fifth , special accessories, designed specifically for this glazing enables the sash tightly against each other, which prevents unauthorized access from the outside.At least, not breaking the glass, with no streets to get into the room, which makes it impossible to penetrate the thieves-fortochnikov.The blocking element is designed exclusively for slidors system, which makes it safe to use.

Sixth , used not only as window openings, slidors systems are also used in the manufacture of conventional and arched doors, partitions, cabinets.In addition, they are used in the glazing of country houses, country houses and public buildings.That is why the data profiles used wrapping color film surface, which allows you to combine the design of PVC with the overall design space.

Seventh , being an environmentally friendly material, profiles slaydors systems do not contain harmful to human health impurities and odors.Besides, they are quite durable and easy to use, since for a long time (decades) do not lose their shape and color.

Eighth feature PVC slidors system is its low price.This is due to the fact that the structures used in the manufacture is not costly welding and accessories, which, however, does not affect the quality of the windows.Moreover, it allows to reduce costs for transport and assembly cost.The integrity of the structure is achieved by means of screws and parts that secure the galvanized steel profile.The reinforced profile allows windows slaydors system to maintain its strength as compared to conventional aluminum structures, which are of extreme temperatures can warp.

Profile slaydors - another advantage

Profile slaydors photo Besides all these positive qualities, slaydors has rails that do not freeze in the cold season, which allows the use of this construction in the northern regions with lower temperatures.Also, this window system is well combined with the main types of PVC profiles.

slidors sliding system allows not do unnecessary work each year for installation and removal of nets.In addition, the grid can be moved along the perimeter of the window on a separate rail to the place where you want.

also used not only for glazing of balconies, plastic sliding slidors systems look great as interior partitions and walls.In small apartments it makes it possible to visually expand the space, at the time of removing a sliding wall.These maneuvers will be very handy when you have to periodically take a large number of people in a small apartment.In addition, doors and cabinets from profiles slaydors looks perfect in any room, creating convenience, comfort and style emphasizing hosts.

Now you know what is best to buy PVC windows and selecting windows from plastic, developed by Hanwha Chemical can be sure that the design does not let you down and will last for years to come, delighting the comfort and warmth, caring about the comfort and health of their owners.