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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pros and cons of the walls of plasterboard


  • 1 Benefits drywall
  • 2 Resistance to humid environments
  • 3 Disadvantages walls of plasterboard

Man has always aspired to perfection and the ideal, regularly coming up with new and betteruniversal building materials and tools.As a result of years of testing and experience unlimited today it has become the most popular drywall, advantages and disadvantages he also available.It is a universal building decoration material, which is firmly established on any construction site and is actively used in the stages of design, amenities and comfort in any room with a little humidity.

Alignment of plasterboard walls

Alignment of plasterboard walls

Benefits drywall

Plasterboard primarily as a finishing material has several advantages, which led to its widespread use throughout.

glue drywall

glue drywall

The first advantage is the ease.The material is available in sheet form with standard dimensions 1,2h2,5 m thick 6, 9, 12 mm.Sizes may vary depending on the production technology of the manufacturer.Today, from the famou

s company Knauf sheets can be found with a smaller size for easy installation in small spaces.Details of the drywall.

finishing technology plasterboard walls has its pros and cons, which may be associated with a variety of factors.

  1. speed leveling walls.Decorating the walls of plasterboard called sheetrock, so during the operation does not form such a large amount of dirt, as in the conventional method.And alignment of the walls is very fast;
  2. Excellent geometrical parameters of the surface of the wall.After finishing the walls of plasterboard obtained perfectly flat surface in a short time;
  3. Drywall - an environmentally friendly and safe building material;
  4. Can be installed drywall in several ways: on the frame with screws or a special solution.

Plasterboard least according to many merchants and manufacturers, is able to withstand heavy loads, but still not worth it to check itself, but if we decide to build a wall that pre insert mortgage profile.Ideally, if the installation of shelves or other designs you will find where the profile, you can do with the device detecting hidden wiring.

also to the benefits of drywall is the fact that he produced a large size.This allows for quick installation of bulk perfectly flat designs.You can not say about the standard plaster walls and finishing self-leveling compounds.To learn how to make the right wall of the drywall.

Resistance to humid environments

Drywall Walls also have their pros and cons for installation in wet areas.It is important to choose the right material.On sale there are at least 3 types of drywall, depending on the possible operating conditions:

Moisture resistant drywall

Moisture resistant drywall

  • waterproof;
  • refractory;
  • normal.

Each of them has its advantages, as well as the structure of it.If the fire does not burn sheet, then from direct exposure to water and gypsum plasterboard come into complete disrepair.But this happens to a lesser extent than with the conventional material for dry areas.Gypsum has a plaster, it is possible to add curing agents and hydrophobic components, but it does not change its basic property - hygroscopic, so that it swells.

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This is one of the few drawbacks of plasterboard and construction of it.Therefore, do not build because of the possibility of flooding the neighbors from the top of the walls and ceilings of conventional drywall.This can lead to additional money and waste of nervous.It is better to use more resistant to moisture materials such as concrete blocks, and the ceiling is better to make a tension or suspended without the use of drywall.

Drywall Walls also have pros and cons with respect to versatility and practicality.Creating this technology framing material construction, it is possible to easily hide the ideal communication elements.Pipes, wiring, ventilation ducts.But then again, when there is a threat of flooding is better to use sheets of gypsum plasterboard.They have a distinctive feature - green cardboard.

Decorative plasterboard partitions

Decorative plasterboard partitions

But the main advantage of gypsum board is that only he can do the whole works of art and unique composition:

  • arches;
  • bars;
  • decorative design in Art Nouveau style;
  • huge massive columns.

Disadvantages walls of plasterboard

In view of the massive and sturdy construction of plasterboard are in fact not such, if they have a direct impact.They can easily destroy ordinary carpenter's hammer, one stroke by doing a through hole in the sheet.This shortcoming will be essential in the planning of the installation on a wall or bulkhead mounted heavy furniture.Ideally, it is necessary to think of further stages of the carcass by investing in a guide and rack profiles of wood or any additional profiles.If this is not provided in advance, it is necessary to abandon the idea to hang a large plasma TV on the wall.Otherwise, you can get new problems and get rid of repair techniques.

Break plasterboard bracket

Break plasterboard bracket

Plain brick wall or Foam concrete thickness of not less than 15 cm may well cope with the loads exerted on it.All kinds of brackets, hinges and screws twisted even just in the concrete blocks are held perfectly securely fixing the shelf to the TV.But due to lack of ideal geometry of the blocks and gaps masters, and even more weight masonry material partition of the blocks may be impossible or undesirable.Useful information on the choice of what is best to do interior walls in the apartment.

Choosing material for a device not thick walls and partitions, must be considered a lot of options and weigh them this well.Yet in most cases, the drywall - it's the best solution, because only he can make a truly unique and extraordinary designer creations.