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August 12, 2017 18:08

Defects when working with wallpaper and how to fix them


  • 1 Why show through the joints of the wallpaper?
    • 1.1 Number glue
    • 1.2 Trim fabric
  • 2 How to fix these defects?
    • 2.1 Bubbles and places that were peeled off
    • 2.2 method glue joints wallpaper
    • 2.3 Adequate hydration
    • 2.4 nazhdachkoy
    • 2.5 Patches and paste
    • 2.6 Paper borders

During repair work, each is that in the end turned out beautiful, renovated apartment.And in a lot of it depends on the quality of wallpapering.But often it turns out quite naoborot.Na morning after papering the walls of wallpaper found that they separated or peeled off at the joints.The first question that is currently interested in is how to fix and how to glue wallpaper peeled off and the joints?This article will describe the cause of these troubles and how to fix them.

Why does appear the joints on the wallpaper?

Absolutely all wallpaper, regardless of whether they are on a paper or textile base, have the property of swelling upon exposure to moisture, in this case the glue.And i

t can be seen even with the naked eye.Thus, for example, if the wallpaper has a width of two feet and wet glue, they increase by a few millimeters.Therefore, when nothing much pasting, and after drying, the paper acquires its original form.As a result, there are gaps between the sheets and visible to the naked wall.To avoid this, it is not recommended strongly soak segment used wallpaper.When the sheet gets wet enough, it is necessary to immediately paste.

is important to observe the instructions and give them the time for impregnation is specified.Hang the sheets need to strictly adhere to the impregnation of each sheet and prepare only the amount that can stick for the same period of time.

It is important to properly prepare the wall for pasting wallpaper and do not forget to prime the surface.


adhesive should not be applied to a lot of wallpaper glue.We need to put that amount of binder material to dry at first grasp the adhesive mixture, and then he leaves, and not vice versa.Be sure to soak the edge of the wallpaper.As a complement, in the joints on the wall and in the corners of the strike the PVA and necessarily miss the mark and needles For more information about the secrets of stickers wallpaper.

Trim fabric

Another reason why the wallpaper come unstuck from the wall, can be that the web edges are cut unevenly.One region may be darker than the other.Therefore, the acquisition is necessary to check each roll series - they must be the same.It is also worth noting that the cheaper wallpaper more likely to have a visible seam.

Please respect the rolls, place the rolls vertically, it leads to bend the edges of the stain and the ends of the rolls.As a result, coupling becomes fuzzy and tread dirt and visually joint will be noticeable.

If we take the wallpaper with a pattern in the box or with a vertical strip joints are almost invisible.The value is also transportation and storage conditions of the purchased wallpapers.Store rolls is not recommended without the factory packaging, and better if they kept "lying".

How to fix these defects?

Formed joints wallpaper, you can fix.There are several ways.Very handy if paintable wallpaper.Stookey in this case can be treated with a sealant, and then paint them to the selected color of the walls.But such manipulation is best done before painting wallpaper.

Attention!Experts do not recommend to use this putty, as it will begin to crack and crumble with time.

Bubbles and places that were peeled off

To glue joints carefully wallpaper are sometimes moved or bubbles, for those purposes take 5 cc syringe.It recruit PVA glue, but must first check its passage through the needle.If necessary, dilute with water.Works by pasting wallpaper made in such a way that the needle does not get stuck in the wall and did not score.It is important to saturate the wallpaper glue and give them time to be melted and then pressed.

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method glue joints wallpaper

If the situation is more complicated, and you need to glue the joints have to prepare some tools and materials.For this work need to spray, brush, brush, roller, rubber, glue and warm water.The first step is to moisten the edges of the sheets and gently pull them together.

After a few minutes, they will absorb the moisture, and then you can apply PVA glue.This is followed to align the joint area to spend on them with a rubber roller.And, of course, smooth out wrinkles and bubbles formed vozduha.Kak know, all paper wallpaper can be deformed, so you should not get wet strong paper, otherwise it will just explode, or unevenly distributed.

Adequate hydration

Regarding the vinyl or non-woven wallpaper should be noted that after drying they are highly compressed, returning to priority species.In this case, you need to humidify the back side edges, which are supposed to re-stick.It is possible to use a rubber roller that does not stretch the paper, but only presses it against the wall surface.

important to consider before gluing wallpaper they must be wet.Note that, the more fabric wallpaper wet the wider it becomes.It will help to dock wallpaper.


There are other ways to seal the joints, which are used in more serious injuries.First, you need to rub sandpaper front side remaining after work scraps.Next, you need to take tinting paste and dilute it with white glue.To cover up the resulting gap should be to cover it a paste.This should be done very carefully.Pasta can be the same color as the wallpaper.

possible such that edges are darker due to the fact that the rolls from different parties or just purchased the defective product.Therefore, we must be very careful when buying, and look at the ends of the rolls.

Patches and paste

There is another method of how to hide the joints on the wallpaper.But to use it as an option is not suitable for all types of wallpaper.You can make a "patch" of the remaining pieces of wallpaper and paste them as artificial joints.For this it is necessary to cut the patch and to connect them with the edges of wallpaper.It is important to accurately align the wallpaper pattern and pattern of the finished patch.

is important to sustain the impregnation of the sheet to the sheet not much swelled.When desperately is better to use a good flat trowel and a wallpaper knife with a new blade.

If you do everything very carefully, the result will be good.

more details about the restoration of the wallpaper

Paper borders

A can also be done differently.If you have a fantasy, you can use the paper borders.The main objective in this case is the selection of the border, which will be treated as the color and the structure and the materials used in its manufacture.It is also possible to mask all kinds of area discrepancies ribbons, curtains.And then, to make of the same material, for example, a frame for a photo or painting.Turned out very beautiful and original.No one even realizes that it was done later, everyone will assume that initially all that was expected.

wary of pencils and markers with a strong pigment deposition may bleed on the wallpaper.

Currently, there are a variety of technologies, the use of which you can fix various defects of the walls, including a gap between the sheets of wallpaper.But it is better to stick to in the works of all the rules and take into account all the features of the acquired type of wallpaper, than to look for ways to hide the joints or make them invisible.Write your comments in the repair options of wallpaper.