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August 12, 2017 18:08

Methods how to remove old whitewash


  • 1 basic solutions for whitewashing
    • 1.1 The fastest way to wash the old whitewash
    • 1.2 Spatula
    • 1.3 Brush
    • 1.4 Water
    • 1.5 Soapsolution
    • 1.6 Vinegar
    • 1.7 Paste
    • 1.8 sander

currently, there are many materials that are used in the decoration of the ceiling.However, recently the most popular used a whitewash.And now, when there is a need for repair, an important step is the process of removing the whitewash from the surface potolka.V This article describes several options for how to wash the ceiling with a finishing material like lime.This is a fairly simple exercise, but even here there are some nuances, from which will depend on the quality of to remove old whitewash

basic solutions for whitewashing

should start with training.Since the removal of the layer of chalk - employment dusty, it is necessary to make the premises, it is desirable that all the furniture or to cover it.In the same manner to protect from dirt floor.To work need a table, gloves and goggles and a respi


The fastest way to wash the old whitewash

How to wash whitewash from the walls and the ceiling quickly and efficiently?you can use a high pressure washer Karcher.This wash whitewash from the ceiling and walls nesostavit effortlessly.Video will tell you how to make this process.


There are several basic ways to remove the old whitewash.For example, this can be done without the development of working surface.You will need a spatula, which will be cleaned and ceilings.Note that this option is the dirtiest and least efficient.


also remove old whitewash from the ceiling can be a brush or a cloth dampened with water.In this case it is necessary to wipe the ceiling, until the entire decoration is not washed away.This method requires great physical exertion.


There is a third option, how to remove whitewash.You can pre-moisten the whitewashed ceiling with warm water and then clean it with a spatula.This is a more convenient way.Wet the work area as possible, using a brush or a spray.And then, when the layer razmoknet surfacing material, it is necessary to remove the scraper.If you then show up the remnants of chalk, they can be cleaned with a cloth.

When using this method it is important to remember that it is recommended to wet the ceiling in small pieces, gradually clearing them from the whitewash.Otherwise, the water will dry up, and the process of water wetting the ceiling will need to be repeated again.It is recommended in this case to use the capacity, which will be collected the remnants of deleted from the old whitewash.Thus, the impurities in the room is smaller.

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soap solution

The most common method is to clean the ceiling of the old whitewash - is to take a soap solution for the preparation of which is required in the same bucket of water diluted with five tablespoons of baking sodaand two tablespoons of grated soap.In this solution, you need to wet the roller or any other tool to clean the ceiling and up until old finish is not completely washed away.


If these options do not help to wash whitewash, while the ceiling can be treated with a solution of 3% vinegar.Then I chalk bulges to and will act very quickly.


Another option for removing the old whitewash from the ceiling surface is to use paste.For this purpose, on the working surface, a layer of this solution, which then must dry.After that, the old layer of finishing material is easily removed by using a spatula made of metal.

To prepare this formulation, it is necessary in one liter of water diluted with 2 tablespoons of flour.It should first be dissolved in a small amount of water and combine the resulting mixture with boiling water.It is worth noting that this option is the most qualitative.Indeed, in this case, the ceiling will be cleaned very easily, and the work as a whole will be clean and tidy.


consider another option, which is considered the fastest and easiest.To do this requires a sander.If the home is not such a tool, it can be rented.You will need to sandpaper the largest abrasive working surface which will be cleared.In this case it will be a lot of dust, so it is better to use if the room is completely released from the furniture.Also be sure to use the means necessary to protect the eyes and the respiratory organs.

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