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August 12, 2017 18:08

Make partitions keramsit


  • 1 keramsit What are the advantages?
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  • 4 Doorway
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Today there are a wide variety of materials from whichYou can build a long-lasting and high-quality partitions.Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which naturally affects the comfort of living inside the building, which was built out of it.The cheapest way is the construction of partitions of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks, with their cost considerably less than the foam blocks and gipsoblokom.

The types of materials for the construction of partition walls

types of materials for walls vovzedeniya

The photo presents the most common materials from which to produce masonry elements of virtually any dimensions, and they all will have a much lower weight than the same brick.In addition, when using the room units is significantly reduced the flow of solution for their installation.Today, one of the most sought after materials that meet all modern requirements both on environmen

tal and on profitability is kermzitobetonny block wall.

keramsit What are the advantages?

Claydite is the most easily accessible material to date.You can buy a ready-made individual products and make their own.To this end, a vibrating table is required for high-quality casting.This makes it possible to produce masonry materials directly to the construction site.But in order to save time and sufficient low cost, many prefer to buy ready-made products from reliable companies.So, what are the advantages of the material, and how it has the characteristics?

Wall of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks gives a very warm and fairly soundproof.This property is owned by the porous filler and manufacturing technology blocks.The main component is the granular expanded clay.It is a calcined clay slag, filled with air bubbles.The presence of such a large number of bubbles shows the excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as light weight expanded clay.

Different fractions of expanded clay

Different fractions of expanded clay

Depending on grain claydite can change their characteristics.Smaller pellets are used to make a more durable concrete.It is used for the production of foundation blocks or casting it in place.Also because it is possible to build bearing walls and structure, but the insulating properties of this material is lower than large granules.

Load-bearing walls of concrete at low-rise building can be constructed as a unit from the full-bodied, and hollow out.But in the second case they are obtained much warmer due to the additional series of several air cushion.So, consider what types kreamzitobetonnyh blocks used in construction today.

Easy technology allows to produce blocks of various shapes and sizes:

  • straight;
  • L-shaped;
  • pazogrebnevye;
  • simple;
  • jumper;
  • crossbar;
  • blocks full-bodied;
  • hollow and even reinforced concrete floors.

nomenclature of products is very large and able to fill any needs in the construction of totally different structures.

The photo below shows the most common building blocks for the walls.

Forms for walls blocks

Types blocks for partitions

Specifications keramsit

freezing cycles
property Houde.rev. value
Thermal conductivity W / mGrad 0,15-0,45
Bulk density kg / m3 700-1500
strength kg / cm2 25-150
Water absorption % 50
Shrinkage % 0
duration of the cooling wall hour 75-90
Number cycles 50

from the table, it is clear that its parameters similar to lightweight aggregate blocks and silicate can be used as an alternative to it.

important to remember that during the construction in any case can not be combined or alternated materials.Because this can lead to cracking of the wall at locations of joints due to the difference in heat expansion parameters.

Mounting partitions keramzitoblokov

Thus, we consider modern technologies keramzitoblokov masonry and the construction of these walls, but we must first understand how the solution should be used for construction.Today there are several supplies that can be used for the construction of walls:

Mounting units on the solution

mounting blocks on the solution

  1. cement-sand mortar.It can be prepared independently of that for a ratio of 1: 3 cement is added to the sand and thoroughly stirred, then water is added.For ductility mixture can be added an alkali or any industrial plasticizer.It is important to sift the sand kneading on the fine sieve.Looking ahead, a brief look at how to put blocks on the solution.In this case, you need to make a thicker layer of adhesive for better and more solid walls, but if there are difficulties with the design geometry.
  2. second most common reason for the speed and convenience of a glue.As it can be purchased factory mixture sold under the name glue for masonry walls of aerocrete, but you can also use a mixture for laying tiles.It has the same properties and has not less adhesive functions.To figure out how to put keramzitobloki glue, enough to see the video attached to the article.
Types of adhesive mixtures

Types of adhesive mixtures

learn how to put keramzitobloki photo below will help you understand the process, but it is necessary to prepare the base before.For this installation site must be cleaned of old mortar, align and pave the waterproofing layer.As it can be any material intended for this.Align the floor surface can be using a semi-dry screeds.

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For quality partitions you need to build it on a pre-applied marking, or the level of use.The thickness of the wall blocks can be from 10 to 20 cm depending on the need, and they can be either full-bodied and hollow.

is important to remember that the partitions in apartments or private homes with concrete floors should build only their hollow, since their weight is much lower, and thus the load on the ceiling will be less.

How to put keramzitobloki?The first row is a leveling, so the amount of solution or glue depends on the requirements of surface alignment.To control the overall geometry of the whole partition should pull the string and to control the vertical surface and significantly accelerate installation is recommended to use the guide bars.The video clearly shows that they are attached to one side of the partition on a level, which eliminates the possibility of blockage.

gypsum partition block

Pazagrebnevy block

now commercially available, not only strictly rectangular blocks, but also there are pazogrebnevye.Due to the presence of the groove and the ridge ensures reliable fixation of each other, and thus the quality geometry of the whole structure.Ceramsite pazogrebnevye walls today are very popular in the first place because of the convenience and high speed assembly.

In the attached video shows the most common masonry walls of gypsum partition blocks.There can be traced all the details of the installation and possible nuances at work.Laying keramzitoblokov for interior partitions, is a fairly easy process, because the weight of the blocks is very small, and work with the adhesive simply a pleasure.But nevertheless it is necessary to view video tutorial and fix some of the skills in the theory.


After laying the first row you can start the second installation.It is important to observe the bandage to achieve the required structural strength.To carry out this should be offset not less than ½ of the lower unit.But it is also necessary to carry out the dressing and with bearing walls on the perimeter of the building.For this purpose in the wall at the upper edge of the block drilled hole which is then invest in the fixture with the solution.Laying gypsum partition blocks greatly facilitated by existing top-notch, it is necessary to simply put a bandage, and if a solid brick block, you have to with the help of grinders to cut a small groove on the length of the reinforcement.Claydite enough solid material (calcined clay), so you should cut only special stone.This is perhaps the only drawback.

Masonry blocks


blocks Partition walls pazogrebnevye using hollow keramzitoblokov will be an excellent opportunity to conceal the ventilation ducts communications.By the way, for their construction are commercially available specially prepared blocks with a square cross-section of emptiness.

Besides dressing with load-bearing walls, installation of gypsum partition walls keramsit should be carried out with simultaneous fastening to the floor, if the waterproofing was packed.This can be done by perforated plates and anchors.During the construction of partition walls on a concrete floor without the support bandage to the floor, you can not do.


Mounting partitions of gypsum partition blocks must include door or window openings, arches and niches.A wide variety of sizes aggregate concrete blocks enables you to create absolutely any designs.But how is the doorway?

Doorway in lightweight aggregate partition

Doorway in lightweight aggregate partition

This requires strengthening the extreme blocks.When using the full-bodied do not necessarily.Last section of the block is filled with a solution, then the gap is placed a metal bridge.For hollow blocks on offer and are ready jumpers who go perfectly under the block and hide in its structure.Pazogrebnevyh partition of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks must always be reinforced inside for this purpose in existing slots stacked thick wire or armature, thus creating a reinforced ring around the perimeter.

End walling

partition of pazogrebnevyh expanded clay blocks should not line up to the ceiling.It is necessary to leave the airspace in the 1-1.5 cm, it should be filled with foam.This eliminates the chance of damage to the walls due to the vibration of the ceiling.

Lightweight aggregate panel

lightweight aggregate panels

gypsum partition wall panels

in large-scale construction now used pazogrebnevye panel for partitions.This not only allows you to significantly speed up the construction process, but to save consumption of adhesive mixture.But in the construction of such walls certainly need the help of outsiders.If in the case of small masonry materials all the work he could perform a builder, then the construction of the partition of gypsum partition panel, a team of like-minded people need.

installation of partitions of gypsum partition panels allows less time to reach high volumes of work, the quality remains high walls.One panel can be replaced up to 20 medium-sized units.But they have a standard height of 2.5 m, which speaks of the need to adhere to these parameters.

Docking panels

docking panels

important feature of the partitions of gypsum partition panels is its longitudinal strength and the presence of special channels for laying of all necessary communications.