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August 12, 2017 18:08

Beautiful apron in the kitchen with his hands


  • 1 Where to start?
  • 2 basic rules laying tile in the kitchen apron
  • 3 procedure for laying tiles on the apron
  • 4 tips for beginners:

Apron called the vertical part of the wall connecting together the wall cabinets and the countertop.Since the apron is located near the hob, sink and a cutting table, it often fall into different particle products, traces of oil, detergents.
How to put an apron in the kitchen?What you need to know?
apron should be made of a material that is easy to clean, not exposed to chemicals, resistant to temperature extremes.Most often
apron is laid ceramic plitki.Bolshoe variety of colors, patterns, ornamental designs, sizes allows you to create ceramic tile aprons, not only to protect the surface of the wall, but also to improve the design space.To learn how to properly lay out the apron on the kitchen tiles, familiar enough with our article.

Where to start?

apron in the kitchen
work begins with the calculation of the required amount of material, determine how to tile

laying, preparing collateral material and tools.

At first it is necessary to calculate the right amount of material for the apron.
begin with the method of laying tiles.
most commonly used standard method of stacking, in which the tile is placed in horizontal rows.It is also called the base.Another way to have a diagonal tile.At a cost of
diagonal method is more expensive.
Remember, when working with ceramic tiles marriage is inevitable because of its fragility.

counting the total area of ​​the apron, divide by the area of ​​one tile and adding to the resulting number is still 10%, you will get the right amount of tiles.
It remains to clarify how to put an apron in the kitchen with his hands and get to work.

basic rules apron laying on the kitchen tiles

Before installing the apron, check out the helpful tips:

  1. recommended to make an apron height greater than the distance from the table to the bottom edge of the wall cabinets.
  2. lower part of the skirt should be placed 2 cm. Below the edge of the countertop.
  3. Apron is made either on the entire area of ​​the vertical wall or selectively: above the cooking stove and sink.
  4. Usually the distance from the tabletop to the top drawer is 55 cm. To 60 cm.

procedure for laying tiles on the apron

Apron with your own hands can put anyone who knows how to keep a trowel in hand.
few words about tools.
You will need a trowel, spatula three types: gear, plain and rubber grout.To control the flatness of the best rail and building level.Cut tile Tile preferable.
Do not forget the pencil and ruler, without marking not perform.
All these accessories will help you put an apron in the kitchen with his hands.

To learn how to put an apron of tile in the kitchen, you need to preparation stage right.
mark the area for laying tile, proceed to the surface preparation:

  • sure to remove the old coating;
  • removed to masonry old tiles and plaster;
  • rail checked surface flatness;
  • cement mortar or plaster mixture align the surface;
  • gruntuem wall.

removing the old tiles To remove the old tiles on the floor, spread a protective film, cover furniture and kitchen utensils.
removed tiles using the punch, or by hand using a chisel and hammer.
If the plaster is crumbling all that it is necessary to clean up the brickwork.
After cleaning the surface of the wall primer is processed.
How to put an apron of tile in the kitchen if a minimum of knowledge?

order to properly spread the apron in the kitchen, start with the markup.
you need a cord by which bounces lower horizontal level.
By marking applied metal profiles for gypsum board attached to the wall and fired pins.Setting profile ensures you from the collapse of laying ceramic tiles and allow exactly lay the first row.
Centered fighting off a vertical line with a plumb and a cord.

tile laid on glue or use the tile grout.

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To put an apron of tile in the kitchen, pre-need to cook the glue.The adhesive is diluted according to the instructions when using a drill.
is better if you use a special nozzle for a drill.
Put the apron
But tips on how to lay tile on an apron.
Spread apron in the kitchen starts with the bottom row, from the middle to the edges of the surface.
Before laying on the tiled floor by dividing crosses.This will allow you to see the final picture.

Stack kitchen apron of tile is best for the series.The next series fit after installing all the previous row.
allowed to lay the tiles on the apron is not only solid, but also square-cluster method.

on tiles uniformly applied glue is spread on the tile with a notched trowel and tile laid on the apron.It is best to use a spatula with teeth up to 6 mm in height.
tiles should be attached to the wall, gently squeeze, to knock a rubber mallet, if necessary.Each row
check for level and plumb using a spirit level, and the resulting rack plane.
It remains to clarify how to lay tile in the kitchen apron.
When placing tiles on the apron, pay attention to the flatness of the resulting surface.If the tile was drowned or corners appear, tile is removed, the adhesive is added or removed once.Again applied to the tile surface.
not rush.Each subsequent tiles laid similarly.
Put the apron 001
Locations tile joints set crosses.
When you laid on the apron all the whole tiles, you can start gluing the pieces, called trim.
carefully measure each piece, the size of the workpiece and to bring Tile chopped.
Try as accurately as possible to cut the workpiece.
If necessary holes in the ceramic tile drilled with diamond drills.
Control tile laying on the apron make the next day.Learn about the methods of tiling, video can look.
If a tile found voids, tile pulled out, cleaned of glue and pasted again.
At the last moment removed the crosses, and remove the metal profile.You set it at the bottom of the apron construction.
The next step after the complete drying of the apron of tile proceed to clean the surface.Sponge best in warm water diluted detergent.
Then we must take a wooden or plastic wand and carefully clean the joints, then rub the surface with a cloth.

Laying tiles on the apron ends shvov.Uznat grout as the grout for a tile will need a calculator.Grout is rubbed into the joints using a rubber spatula.Half an hour later removed the remains of grout, tile surface is carefully wiped with a sponge or cloth.Using electric wires are aligned seams.
Now you fully understand how to put an apron in the kitchen with his hands.
But a few helpful tips can not hurt.Method as scrub solidified adhesive or grout to the tiles.

tips for beginners:

  • spread apron in the kitchen with his hands can not only from the traditional plitochki;
  • issued special sets of tiles with decorative modules;
  • do not overdo it with the decor;
  • recommended to combine matte countertops with similar surfaces of the apron;
  • to visually expand the room it is advisable to use light-colored tiles.

all depends on your preferences and taste.
Good luck to you!

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