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August 12, 2017 18:08

Advantages and partitions mount technology of aerocrete


  • 1 Choosing adhesive or mortar
  • 2 plates or block
  • 3 Mount Technology gipsoblokov
  • 4 Doorways in the partitions of gypsum partition plates

Today there are a largea variety of building materials from which to make high quality and durable walls in apartment or a private house.But often the choice of a particular structure depends on the type of design.If the floor is concrete slabs between floors, interior walls that make the most important light.

most optimal of which to make interior walls and light designs are made of plasterboard, but today is not lack of interest is a masonry material as gipsoblok and foam block.But the various blocks being new means for fast and low-cost construction of partition walls in the apartment or private home, at work there are nuances which must be observed without fail.First of all, look at how to put on gipsobloki solution.

Types of gypsum partition plates

types of gypsum partition plates

Choosing adhesive or mortar

First find out what the solution is required for

laying gipsoblokov.If the money to a special acrylic adhesive gypsum based lacking, as it is rather expensive, it is possible to use a conventional tile adhesive or mortar in a ratio of 1: 3 and adding the PVA glue to it.Careful stirring gives a very flexible and fine mixture which is easily smeared spatula and squeezed out the excess when you install the unit in place.With the solution work much easier because its curing rate is much less than the adhesive plaster, which can operate only during the first 60 minutes.

Adhesive for gypsum boards

Adhesive for gypsum boards

Often the question arises: "How gipsobloki put on the glue," when there is a need for the construction of partition walls.In fact, the glue is the best way for the erection of walls gipsoblokov.It hardens quickly, which allows only one day to carry out a full installation with all the necessary communications.And an hour later the surface can easily Stripping any mechanical way, but this is usually not required if used cam boards.

plates or block

Before beginning consideration of technology of erection of walls should determine the choice of the type of material and its advantages.The gypsum block wall is usually perfectly straight on all sides of the parallelepiped gypsum mixture of cement and plasticizer.Good geometric parameters of each product gets through the production technology without the use of high temperatures, such as in the production of penogazosilikatnyh blocks.But at the same gipsobloki have better performance on the thermal conductivity and strength.High thermal insulation properties of the material has been achieved through the use of wood chips, they also reinforce the structure of the unit.

good strength values ​​allowed the production cam boards, that is, the thickness of the blocks 8 - 10 cm and dimensions of 66.7 x 50 cm with a tongue and groove to mate with each other during assembly.This is the main difference between the plates of the blocks.Plaster walls pazogrebnevye obtained perfectly flat on both sides and in the process of mounting a low probability of curvature of the level of even a millimeter.

If you compare the price parameters, the masonry walls of gypsum partition boards will cost more expensive, because their value is higher than the blocks.But one can not ignore the benefits of working with them.Comb securely enters the groove and thus forms the connections between all the blocks with each other without the slightest deviation on any planes.

Ideal masonry gypsum partition plates

ideal styling gypsum partition plates

Masonry gipsoblokov though cheaper, but will need more glue mixture.It is more difficult to put on planes, which is fraught with curvature and distortions.The main technology compliance levels, and therefore the wall of the unit is obtained and the qualitative level.But it should be an advantage - a wall from plaster blocks are usually thicker and has better strength characteristics and acoustic insulation.As for the weight, of course, it is heavier, so as an alternative to hollow plaster blocks can be used.

masonry gypsum partition blocks in a private house should be full-bodied plates.Because for country houses is characterized by the appearance of the walls of parasitic insects and mice, which can not only deliver environmental troubles, but also to destroy the walls themselves.

gipsoblokov Mount Technology

Technology laying gipsoblokov there are several.Some people prefer to use glue, and some solution.Really, you can use and that is another way, but is only required to fulfill certain conditions.Before we proceed to consider how to put on the gipsobloki or other means should be familiar with common technology to perform a full range of works.

For a visual example of how to put gipsobloki photos can be viewed, discussed below.

Interior partitions pazogrebngevyh plate should be smooth and firm.And to achieve this it is necessary to comply with mounting technology.

Stacking plates in a dry place

Stacking plates in a dry place

to installation of gypsum partition walls was quality, give the necessary blocks to get used to the temperature at which it will be laid in place.To do this, all of the material is recommended to put in the room and getting used to a minimum of 1 day.Block by a sawdust filler and plasticizer while increasing slightly expands temperature taking final shape.This requirement will eliminate the risk of cracking on the next day after the mounting blocks.

first step is to apply the layout to place the partition setup.There can be used as an ordinary tape measure, plumb line and a long level and laser device.In carrying out large-scale works, and it is advisable to use a much more speedily laser level.But at home, when there is no place and no need to rush, it is possible to manage and familiar tools.Pazogrebnevyh partition, usually turns out perfectly smooth on all sides, so do not require any plaster or plasterboard coating.Unless, of course, do not need additional insulation.Therefore, when the markup master is taken into account, and depart from the reference line a distance equal to the thickness of additional finishing.

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surface preparation

Surface preparation

Mounting partition blocks should be carried out only on high-quality and in good faith the prepared surface.Therefore, using brooms, brushes and other tools carefully sweeps the place of installation partition.Also, installation of partitions of gypsum partition plates provides a perfectly flat surface.For this place cleaned mechanically processed betonokontaktom (or any other acrylic primer for concrete).This can be done in two layers for better adhesion of the alignment layer.

If the home has concrete, it does not mean that the surface is perfectly flat.To properly put gipsobloki deviation must not exceed more than 3 mm, otherwise the surface must be aligned.

If a leveling layer obtained is very thin, it is possible to use self-leveling mixture.To do this, install something like the formwork and pour the solution using a special roller with needles roll out the solution evenly over the entire surface.If the partition is of cam boards will be installed on over a curved surface, it can be aligned using a semi-dry screeds.To do this in a ratio of 1: 3 cement mixes marks 500 and sifted through a fine sieve sand.Next, water is added and the solution was stirred until uniformly damp (not wet) mixture.Further, the process should not be described, because it is not from this thread.After alignment with the help of semi-heavy and its full drying (1-2 days), the surface must be primed again (betonokontaktom).All the surface is ready, you are ready for installation.

Alignment and marking soles

alignment and marking soles

necessary to make the partition of gypsum partition boards not vibrate or resonate, thereby increasing the acoustic properties of the room.To this should be provided at the site of contact with the floor and wall layer damper.To accomplish this, the tape can be applied from a cork substrate 15 cm wide and 4 mm thick.It compensates for all kinds of fluctuations and the degree of expansion of the partition when the temperature changes.Mounting of the tape can produce the same adhesive as the plates themselves.To do this, some of it is diluted, the more the better not to mix with water, because he still comes into disrepair even before the masonry blocks.And with a spatula a thin layer spread on the prepared surface and gently rolled the tape and pressed to the ground.Give the glue to harden for at least 1 hour.

Preparing walls

Preparing walls

All damping layer is ready, you can install pazogrebnevye slabs for partitions.

For better orientation on the level of physical rack can be used, ie anchors to attach the guide to the wall and the floor on both sides of the partition.This will minimize the chance of rejection during installation.

The next step look at how to properly put gipsobloki.For more reliable fastening plates to each other and better geometry of the wall plate to be installed in the groove up.To do this, using conventional manual hacksaw carefully remove the lower ridge.It is important to leave the surface perfectly flat without any protrusions, it is firmly lay down the damper support.

solution for masonry gipsoblokov or glue should be spread with a spatula directly on the tape, and then blocks.It does not require a lot, because when joining the excess weight still squeeze plate.

shrinkage of each plate is carried out by means of a hammer with a rubber lining or through the bar to complete the contact surfaces.

Laying gypsum partition boards should be staggered or offset with respect to each series of each other not less than 1/3 of its width.This will make the partition is very durable and resistant to any influences.

Fixing plate to the wall

Mounting Plate to the wall

device partition blocks necessarily involves its mount to the wall and floor using perforated corners.It blocks it can be mounted by conventional screws for wood, the floor and walls with dowels or anchors.Fasteners should be made not less than one row or block in a row.
annex below video will be excellent instruction and clarification to the article.

Doorways in the partitions of gypsum partition plates

installation of partitions gypsum partition boards can not do without a door or window openings.Moreover, if the partition height of not more than 3 m above the opening width of up to 80 cm will be laid only 1 number plate, the bridge can not be used.Enough of wooden bars to do a little Half Frame with wide opening and attach it with screws to the plates.Next, fit the next row of blocks with the periodic quality control of surfaces by means of the level.

doorway in the wall of the GWP

performing pazogrebnevye partitions, installation it must be carried out efficiently, so the remaining space between the ceiling and the mounting plates zapenivaetsya quality foam.After drying it using the same adhesive zaravnivayutsya dimples and fine foam and after 1 chasa partition ready for further finishing.