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August 12, 2017 18:08

Erection of plasterboard partitions Knauf


  • 1 What is partition Knauf?
  • 2 Tools for working with panels Knauf
  • 3 plasterboard partitions Knauf on a single frame with a single-layer plating
  • 4 Mounting partitions Knauf
    • 4.1 few tips when working with Knauf partitions

In modern construction technologies plasterboard occupies a special place.The use of gypsum board allows you to hide almost any defects in the walls, producing a completely flat surface.With drywall, you can create any complexity and decorative objects, including arch, box, multi-level structure.
And we can not do without technology developed by the German company Knauf.
proposed technology has high adaptability, is harmless to humans, it allows you to collect complex structures using gypsum plasterboard.

most popular plasterboard Knauf mounting technology uses in finishing flat dry method.
partition system - knauf_1
About plasterboard sheets have long known.The fragility of the sheets, the complexity of drywall installation, labor and inconvenience did not do this stuff so pop

ular as of late.

What is partitions Knauf?

Partition company Knauf is a layered cake consisting of exterior gypsum board mounted on a special galvanized steel frame.
Inside skeleton space is filled with sound-insulating, heat-saving materials.As such a material the most widespread mineral wool.
being built at the present structure has a high stiffness technology.

The design knauf mounting partitions are used gypsum boards of various kinds:

  • simple gypsum plasterboard plasterboard used in the decoration of the premises of the internal space;
  • moisture resistant gypsum plasterboard gypsum plasterboard used in the decoration of bathrooms, kitchens, rooms with high humidity;
  • fireproof gypsum board GKLO used to make baskets in the heating systems, to conceal electrical wiring;
  • ognevlagostoyky GKLVO sheet of drywall.

to the metal frame using galvanized profiles of special construction.

Ceiling has labeled CD (PP) and is used to create a multi-tiered crates ceiling structures.

Ceiling guide profile is marked with the letters UD (PN) and is used to set the baseline for the entire perimeter of the ceiling structure.

Rack has marked CW (PS) and is the backbone of the construction of plasterboard partition walls.
The wall guiding profile is marked with the letters UW (PN) and acts as a bridge between the rackmount profiles.
letters in parentheses refer to the labeling of the Russian manufacturers.
metal profiles

All partitions Knauf have a special marking, consisting of the letter C and the three digits.
example: With 113 113 The figures indicate the three-layer plating single metal frame partitions.
Below is a table produced by Knauf partitions.

of the latest developments of the company Knauf partition walls should be noted with a double metal framework in which all kinds of communication can be accommodated.

Tools for working with panels Knauf

cut plasterboard best hacksaw or toothed saw, shhetelem, versatile knife.
Attach sheets on metal profile frame should be self-tapping screws, using a screwdriver.Use self-tapping screws type LN, TN.
When markup is best to use a laser or water level, measuring tape, a cord.
joints drywall sheets shpaklyuyut only firm putty Knauf.
for processing joints with Shpatlevanie use spatulas, polishing cloth or sandpaper.
A set of tools to work with plasterboard

How to make installation of drywall partitions Knauf
company produces Knauf partitions of different designs, depending on the construction tasks.Installation
each design has its own characteristics.

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Knauf plasterboard partitions on a single frame with a single-layer plating

main building materials of this type partitions are drywall sheet and galvanized metal profiles PN and PS.
design is a metal frame, on both sides of steering in a single layer sheets of plasterboard.
to a building space frame is fastened tightly around the perimeter.On the fixed frame plasterboard fastened with screws.It turns increased structural rigidity.
This structure is marked in the system Knauf type C 111.

Knauf partition type C 111 with a single-layer plasterboard lining is designed for installation in low areas, undemanding sound insulation and fire resistance factors.After mounting the partition necessarily hang wallpaper or painted.
partition system - knauf_1_1

Mounting partitions Knauf

  • on the floor, ceiling and side walls made marking provisions of the future partition;
  • before installing partitions Knauf, on the side of the contact profiles with construction designs sure to apply the sealant or a special tape for their tight fit;
  • in increments of 0.6 meters to align the profiles, and secure them with dowels to the floor and ceiling;
  • attach to the base wall rack profiles;
  • guide profiles secure the rack-mount profiles with screws (may be used punching method) in increments of no more than 60 cm;
  • in the resulting frame inside mount inserts, make the necessary wiring and other wiring;
  • when partition height is greater than the length of the gypsum board, it is necessary to install additional profiles Metakhim joints sheets;
    sheets of drywall are attached, first on one side of the frame with screws TN type.fixing step is not more than 75 cm;
  • if necessary inside the carcass lay the insulation material;
  • install drywall sheets and on the other hand already on the diagram.
    not forget to make the bevels on the sheets in Metakhim joints;
  • make puttying joints on all the rules.

can learn more about the secrets of the installation of partitions, you can learn by watching video.
Knauf partition 112

few tips when working with Knauf partitions

  • Sheets of drywall incision on the front side using a metal ruler utility knife.Next sheet is breaking and is cut from the back side;
  • Butt hand processed a plane to angle 45ยบ;
  • wall sheathing plasterboard properly perform not less than 12.5 mm thick;
  • under ceramic tile walls or sheathe the walls of at least two layers of gypsum board;
  • Try to avoid cross-shaped joints.Sheets should be installed with no gaps, butt;
  • sheets attached to the frame by means of self-tapping screws Knauf, starting from the center of the sheet or top corner, deepening cap 1 mm;
  • installation screws Step on the wall must not exceed 25 mm at the ceiling of no more than 17 mm .;
  • For fixing drywall screws should be used a length equal to the thickness of the sheet 1 cm.

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