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August 12, 2017 18:08

Preparing walls for papering - this is an important moment


  • 1 Where to start repair
    • 1.1 Always remember safety
  • 2 again about removing old wallpaper
    • 2.1 On the most important
  • 3 few words about the mechanization process
  • 4 Prepare wall surface for wallpapering

Wallpapers are the most popular finishing material.A huge variety of colors and patterns, making a large range of prices described the material most in demand in the construction market.
But be aware!How to properly prepare the wall for wallpapering, to the most expensive wallpaper looked nice on the wall, if it is properly executed by pasting.
Say immediately, surface preparation for wallpapering is not difficult, but requires a certain knowledge, skills and tools.With this task will easily cope beginner, if you carefully read the proposed article.

Where to start repair

Any work begins with the preparation process.You need to buy the material itself and related products, tools and accessories.

On the rules of selection of wallpaper, we have repeatedly to

ld on the pages of our site.

From the Tools you need:

  • mandrel for fixing the abrasive or sanding block;
  • abrasive material;
  • grinding sponges for processing hard to reach places.

abrasive holder
The grinding mesh can be used, but it is cheaper to use sandpaper as an abrasive material.The quality of work will not be harmed.
Application Sanding grid makes work more comfortable because the grid is not clogged with debris and dust in the process.But the right kind of paper gives very good results.Besides, it is much cheaper than the grid.
abrasive marked on the reverse side.The rooms ... 80 200 describe a coarse structure of the abrasive, and the numbers 250 ... 2500 point to a fine-grained structure emery material.

Sanding sponges are produced with cut corners for ease of processing hard to reach areas.

of the devices you will need: ladder or sturdy table, spotlight or lighting unit, spatulas, rule or level.

Always remember safety

Any work should bring joy and not cause adverse effects on human health.Preparing walls for wallpaper gluing is a dirty, dusty process.
you can not do without safety goggles, respirator or gauze bandages, headgear.
protection Plasterer
Removing the old coating
If you are going to hang wallpaper in the new building, the brick surface will need to plaster, putty, sanding, priming.
surface of the drywall requires finishing putty and priming.

more laborious process of waiting for you, if you want to glue or wallpaper pasting them on colored or wooden surface.

you will need to prepare the surface, clearing it from the old wallpaper, paint, nails.Wooden walls have plaster or sheathe plasterboard.
Remove old wallpaper

Everything in order
any surface free of the old coating, dried and ground.If the surface is very uneven, it plastered.
After drying for one day again be primed surface.The primer is applied after each layer of plaster or putty.

Rule 1
For high-quality surface, the life of which can be measured in tens of years, be sure to use all the supplies one manufacturer.

If you bought a plaster particular manufacturer, then putty, primer, it is desirable to be precisely from this manufacturer.

again about removing old wallpaper

To remove old wallpaper, you can use a variety of ways.
The simplest and most reliable way of moistening the surface is considered a warm detergent solution.The solution was applied to the paper wallpaper with a sponge, roller, spray.After a pause of 15 minutes can be removed carefully with a spatula and lagging swollen wallpaper.
This method is good in removing the thin paper wallpaper.

Keep in mind that multi-wallpaper can not be removed this way.They are removed by applying steam or proglazhivaya hot iron through a damp cloth.
to a multilayer non-woven wallpaper are, vinyl, washable wallpaper, because they have the upper protective layer, which prevents the ingress of water on the surface.

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On the most important

For high-quality surface for wallpapering need to perform finish grinding.
To prepare walls for wallpapering, perform basic operations:

Set the correct side lighting.The light source should work throughout stay in one place.

Polishing produce walls from top to bottom in a circular tool movements.

the strip no wider than 1 m. After passing lane all the way down, grind the next strip of the same width.

Control surface to the light with the help of the level or the rules applied to the treated surface.

Never attempt doshlifovyvat pits or grooves.You just spoil the surface. better shpaklyuyte identified defect.With subsequent sweep

In preparing the surface of the walls under the wallpaper, are allowed at the ground surface minor scratches.

shkurit - wall
few words about mechanization

process Application of mechanical devices useful when removing old paint, plaster, rough grinding.

At the final stage the beginner it is best to use hand tools.It is cheaper and more reliable and, although more time-lasting.For more advanced builders recommend using eccentric or orbital sander.

Prepare wall surface for wallpapering

you have completed the preliminary steps: Remove the old coating.Where necessary, apply a layer of plaster.
Outset.The plaster should be used only for very rough wall or a brick or wooden base.
way, on a wooden base plaster applied on pre-nailed shingles.
Before applying putty on carefully dried layer of plaster is applied to the primer layer.

Rule 2
primer is applied on fully dried layer of plaster or putty.

On the rules applying plaster or putty in the alignment of the walls, we have repeatedly written in detail on our web site.
plaster surface
Useful Tips for beginners in the preparation of walls for papering

1. When wallpapering in a humid environment, treat the surface with antiseptic.
2. When a large curvature of the walls, apply a layer of plaster.
3.Shpaklevku applied to the surface of the drywall or plaster surface previously.
4.Shlifovanie must be on the surface of a thin layer of paint or wallpaper.
5.Shlifovanie produce circular motion shkuroterki not pressing hard on the tool.
6.Nachinayte grind coarse abrasive.If you are deep scratches, select a fine-grained structure of the grinding material.
7. In remote places use special polishing sponge.But you can use the old-fashioned method, folded in several layers of sandpaper, put in a cloth or a soft washcloth.
8.Kontrol surface quality is produced by applying a level plane or rules to the ground surface.
9.After grinding necessarily, thoroughly clean the surface from dust overjoyed.
10.Na surface dried, apply a layer of soil.For porous surfaces will need several layers of primer.
As a primer the walls with wallpaper pasting, ideal to use wallpaper paste, dilution ratio, is written on the pack.

puttying walls

Rule 3
About how to properly prepare the walls by pasting wallpaper.For coarse sanding using sandpaper №100 ... 220 and produce fine grinding abrasive №250 ... 280.

markings on the grid and grinding sandpaper is applied to the reverse side of the fabric.

-podgotovit surface at papering available to any person, refer to the proposed Regulations;-Get
quality surface can be using the accompanying materials of one manufacturer;
strictly observe the sequence of work to prepare the walls for paperhanging;
Do not rush and do not stop halfway.

our article and videos will help you understand how to paste over the wall wallpaper quality.

Good luck to you!