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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of panels for walls and mounting principle


  • 1 Varieties of wall panels
    • 1.1 finishes
    • 1.2 Classical solutions trim panels
    • 1.3 panels of new materials
  • 2 Installation of wall panels

elegant wall panels - excellent interior decoration.They are undemanding in terms of operation, simple and cheap to maintain.Panels made of different materials - plastic, wood, fiberboard, PVC, whereby different properties and appearance.With this in mind, finish the walls with plastic panels is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to arrange the room so as you like.

Facing panels , stylized classics

Facing panels, stylized classic

Varieties of wall panels


Depending on the form, distinguished panel following varieties:

• Pinion splicers - are oblong plates madewood, chipboard, PVC, chipboard or MDF.These panels for interior walls have a length of 240 to 370 centimeters, a width of 12.5 to 30 centimeters and a thickness - of 0.8 to 1.2 centimeters.For interconnecting the panels have recesses and pins.Allowed facing installation

in horizontal and vertical orientation;

• patterned tile - are squares with a side length of 30 to 98 centimeters.Such a wall panel ideal for creating mosaics, because each of them has its own color and texture.Material manufacturing coating - MDF, fiberboard, chipboard and PVC.To connect the plates are used and the insertion slots;

• sheet - better than the others proved themselves in the decoration of the walls of large area.Dimensions of the sides may vary in the range of 122 to 244 centimeters with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.6 centimeters.Unlike other materials, sheet metal wall panel made only of wood or fiberboard impregnated with resins.

Rack and pinion type-setting panels of different widths

Pinion patterned panels of different widths

mounting plates methods differ.So, patterned rack panels for walls are fixed to the crate, tile - using the capping or adhesive.The adhesive used for securing the shell plates and the joints between the coating elements camouflage moldings.As a self-assembly to produce PVC ceiling?vidio watch and read here.

Classical solutions finishing panels

When a trim plastic panels with their own hands, we must consider not only the type of coverage of elements, but also the material of manufacture.

Reliable considered wood products, they are made of wood such as alder, maple, oak or cedar.

Sometimes finishing a wax coating, through which can be operated in rooms with high humidity.Since finishing wooden wall panels are environmentally friendly, they are recommended to be used in residential areas.

popular products made from MDF - a material that consists of wood fiber.They are also safe for human health, resistant to moisture, but become useless in direct contact with water.In his turn, made of chipboard cladding panels for interior walls in appearance and quality are similar to wood.This is because the particle board is compressed wood waste production.The disadvantage of this material - poor tolerance of sudden changes of temperature and humidity conditions.

panels, made of MDF, characterized by high resistance to virtually any environmental factors.Wood-fiber plates are obtained by applying the method of dry pressing, so moisture and mechanical stress they are not afraid.Recommended wall decoration panels of MDF type of the premises where conventional materials are short-lived or ineffective.

All of these types of panels are recommended for use in residential areas.With proper care, their life will be more than 10 years.Especially long service life have a wooden wall panels for the walls, if they are made of quality wood, it will keep the original appearance for decades.

panels of new materials

works from gipsovinila panel known reliability and durability.The material of manufacture - modification of the drywall, and it is similar in properties.On the best side showed itself and the plastic wall panels for interior decoration, which are not demanding operating conditions and are easy to maintain.

novelty on the market of building materials are panels of glass-and 3D-panel.First designed for application to the surface of the walls of photographic images, the latter have an unusual texture with exaggerated relief.3D-panel manufactured from all the above materials, as well as aluminum.

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allowed with plastic panels wall decoration in residential, commercial and public buildings.Often the coating is used in schools and kindergartens, as it is considered environmentally friendly.In turn, the glass panels are as safe as plastic, and are able to withstand significant mechanical loads, but are less common, as are more expensive.The same applies to the increasingly popular 3D-panels.

3D- panels create an unusual effect

3D-panels create an unusual effect

Installation of wall panels

To attach the panels to the surface of the walls will need the following tools:

• hacksaw on a tree;

• electric drill;

• Screwdriver or screwdriver;

• hacksaw or metal cutting shears;

• hammer;

• building level;

• Roulette;

• ladder.installation of MDF

Implemented finishing wall panels only after the processed surface leveled and free of dust, paint or wallpaper.Start work you need to measure the area, which will take cover.At this time, the panel let 'em inside the room - the material adapted to room temperature, it takes more than an hour.The protective film from the panel, do not remove: do this when the installation is complete.The film will avoid accidental damage.mounting panel mount mDF

If you plan to install the dial pad, you need to make a crate.It is a wooden slats or metal lath spacing of 30-40 cm.rails direction depends on how the wood plastic panels for interior walls will be attached: batten elements and coatings must be perpendicular to each other.

For tile and sheet panels do not need a crate.Also, you can do without it, if the treated surface is made of pliable material: then wall decoration wall panels is carried out using self-tapping screws, capping or staples are driven special stapler.

Cladding panels in the context of : mounting shelf on the left mounting - right

cladding panels in the context of: shelf mounting right mounting - left

proceed directly to the installation panels recommended after will be attached fittings - external and internal corners, finishing elements, ceiling moldings.Each type-setting panel for the walls has on the one hand mounting shelf on the other - fixing.Installing panels with horizontal orientation is made from the floor to the ceiling mounting shelf down.On the side panel mounting shelf fixed with screws, staples, nails or glue.Then dock panel mounting shelf next to her.Customize cladding elements as closely as possible to each other.

Likewise attached sheet plastic panels for interior walls: plates also have grooves in which are joined to each other.During installation, the final panel, the final number, the force required to insert it between the fittings and the last panel.Sometimes you want to change the size of the sheet with scissors or a hacksaw.