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August 12, 2017 18:08

Options to strengthen the framework of plasterboard partitions


  • 1 Improvised techniques
  • 2 Ready-reinforced profiles
  • 3 Application of double plating technology

When installing interior walls often have questions as to strengthen the partition of the drywall, and whatfasteners used to build it?Solutions to these problems may be different, depending on the complexity of the work and your capabilities.Typically, partitions are used to enhance the rack sections 100 millimeters in width, but in this case the design is too massive.Is it possible to make it acceptable thickness at optimum strength?Yes, it is feasible, and if such a goal is set, you can use a variety of tricks and techniques.strengthen the walls of plasterboard frame

Improvised techniques

sufficiently thin wall reinforced gypsum board is obtained if each of its vertical rack made of two folded sections.This design can withstand a greater weight than one profile.Compound components is carried out using screws, which are usually screwed in steps 150-200 millimeters.On the other hand, the profiles are not suitable for

use in such an unusual way, and support team may not be practical, too.

Another way to enhance the design - insertion into the profile of the wooden beams. Both parts are connected with screws with a pitch of up to 200 millimeters.Before you strengthen the profile of plasterboard using the timber, it is recommended to make sure that their sizes are appropriate.It is necessary that the beam width was slightly smaller than the width of the profile.You also need to make sure that in the course of the connection fastener support is not deformed.Then enhanced profile for drywall will rest on the horizontal bar to the nearest millimeter.

Both options are improvised and often used to create doorways.But it is possible to install and more durable profiles directly from the manufacturer.

Ready reinforced profiles

Indicators limit load, which is able to withstand the profile depends on two factors - body width and thickness of the metal used.The profile is wider and thicker, so, consequently, it is stronger.So if the question is how to strengthen the wall of the drywall, you can buy ready-certified products, designed for high loads.

Three main types of width profiles .Please note that the height is the same for all

Three main types of profiles for partitions.Please note that the height is the same for all

Rack profiles depending on the width divided into three categories:

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• 50 mm - universal standard;
• 75 millimeters - in most situations, the carcass reinforcement is used the profile;
• 100 mm - for when to partition strength high demands.

Regardless of the width of the profile, it is best to use the ones that are made from sheet metal thickness of 0.55 mm or more, the perfect option - if this figure is 0.6 millimeters.Then, the partition will quite strong, even if it is only one sheathing layer of drywall.

In most cases, installing the profile width of 75 millimeters.With it reinforced plasterboard partitions is not too bulky.Rack profiles of 100 mm width - option for situations where the wall is planned to place the maximum load.Partitions on these supports are obtained from the thickest possible, but become excellent sound insulation properties.Also within them can hide almost any utilities.

Application of double plating technology

There is another way to strengthen the framework for drywall, if the strength of the profile width of 75 millimeters does not suit you.Typically in such a situation do double casing using profiles 50 millimeters in width.Then the thickness of the walls is 100 millimeters, but its strength will increase significantly.

Good helps to strengthen the partition of the drywall, paneling double leafed crossing seams.This method improves more and soundproof rooms.

between the profiles it is recommended to put a layer of mineral wool.This will contribute to a better sound insulation.Although the wall and so there will be little to pass the noise, it is better to play it safe and get rid of cavities in which the sound is well distributed and resonates.Self reinforced frame for plasterboard with double-skinned to the same good at trapping heat inside.Laying of mineral wool is better to exercise after one side of the partition already sewn sheets: it will greatly facilitate the fixing of the filler.

Plasterboard is fastened with screws to the profiles, with their hats recommended twist to the end, to avoid protrusions on the surface of the wall.It is necessary not only to take care of how to strengthen the partition plasterboard, but also to provide that all further finishing work was carried out without a hitch.The fact that the protruding cap screws prevent application of putty.If they are too "drowned" broken bond strength.

to build walls is best to use enhanced profile for plasterboard Knauf, which is quite durable and practical.Under this brand are manufactured products of different thicknesses and widths, so find a suitable option is not difficult.