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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sticking wallpaper with your hands properly


  • 1 Preparing walls
  • 2 gluing techniques with their hands
  • 3 How to calculate the required amount of wallpaper?
  • 4 technology wallpapering the walls

Repair is an opportunity to transform their homes, significantly alter its design, interior.At the same time one of the main functions in interior decoration occupy wallpaper.In many ways, the quality of their pasting is possible not only to evaluate the landlord, so to speak, on merit.And that depends on the overall picture.But before deciding the question "How pokleit wallpaper?", You must first decide on the walls.

Preparing walls

Select wallpaper

Choose wallpaper

largely depends on the quality of gluing the original purpose of the premises and the customer's requirements, if the repair is not done for yourself.So, if the room will be used to part-time, and the quality requirements are not presented absolutely no, then you can use the old technology.Partially ripped off the old wallpaper, and anointed wall sheet, and pasted.But if the

repair is carried out in the cultural room, or for yourself, pokleit wallpaper anyhow own conscience will not allow.Then it is necessary to resort to professional help, hire workers, and so on.But if there is extra money, in principle, not so difficult Wallpapering with your hands.The first step is to prepare the ground.

It depends on the initial quality of surface finishing.If the wall is uneven, these irregularities are clearly visible, and on the wallpaper.This should be taken into account.

To properly pokleit wallpaper first step is to align the wall.This can be done with plaster, putty, using drywall and so forth.After alignment is recommended to prime the surface.It can not do if the wallpaper will light.For example, paper.But today more and more often used glass fiber, non-woven or vinyl.They usually belong to the class of heavy wallpaper, so they require a reliable and very strong foundation.Plus the subsequent repairs will be no problems such as chipped filler layers when removing old wallpaper.

Choose a glue

Choose glue

If the wallpaper light, instead of the ground, you can use the same wallpaper paste.Simply pre-smeared wall and dry them.

To pokleit wallpaper with your hands efficiently, especially glass fiber, glass cloth or non-woven, need clean and smooth surface without spots and projections.Even after applying several layers of paint these spots will still appear.Therefore, the surface must be 100% putty.Thus it becomes perfectly white, becoming an excellent springboard for further work.

Thus, the surface is prepared and imbued with abundant soil.We understand further how qualitatively pokleit wallpaper with your own hands.

gluing techniques with their hands

In the entire history of mankind various wallpapering options have been developed.The choice, of course, the particular method depends on the availability of a tool.Consider the most effective way, when the job can handle even one master.But its success will require the following tools:

Prepare the necessary tools

Prepare necessary tools

  1. stationery or installation knife sets of blades.They must be purchased with a rate of 1 pack of 1 room.
  2. line, better use of flexible plastic in the casing.Their specially invented to perform such work.
  3. level.One of the most important tools in the arsenal of any master.In earlier technologies often used a plumb line, but because of the inconvenience they use it ceased to apply.Level while still used for horizontal elements, so why not use it for vertical.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Sponge or cutting off a clean gauze or any other nekrasyascheysya tissue.
  6. bucket of glue.
  7. roller glue application with medium pile.
  8. Smooth rubber roller for reconsolidation narrow joints.
  9. wide smooth roller for leveling the wallpaper and the release of air under them.
  10. Brush wallpapers if carried pasting delicate materials.
  11. Roulette.
  12. often experienced craftsmen used to better leveling wallpaper tapered roller.

So, finding all the necessary tools and purchase the required amount of wallpaper, you can get down to business.To pokleit wallpaper is beautiful, it is necessary to count the number correctly.This can be done by a special table based on the fact that when the ceiling height of 2.5 m from a roll sheet 4 is obtained without matching the drawing canvas.Correctly calculate the number Wallpaper help free construction calculator.

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This point plays a big role, as may be the lack of a roll 1 at the end of the work.The remaining pieces for pasting portions of the walls above the windows and doors will be inappropriate.

How to calculate the required amount of wallpaper?

In fact, everything is quite simple.It is necessary to measure the parameters of the repaired wall space to determine their size.Next, subtract it from the area occupied by the doors and windows.Plus add some margin.And if the wallpaper with a pattern, then it is better to consider conditional tube 1 - 3 sheets.The width of the tubes can be different, and is indicated on the package, as well as length.


Count the number Wallpaper

to technology Wallpapering is respected, and the web at the same time does not come unstuck in a year, you need to read the instructions, which must be used adhesive.At the same time on its packaging it will also be written to any type of wallpaper he designed and divorce.This is an important and decisive moment, so you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations and instructions.

It must be remembered, if too lazy to read the instructions that 1 package glue diluted in 1 buckets of water (10 liters).At the same time it must be cold, and when you add glue it must be continuously and intensively stirring.This will allow him a good swell and do not form lumps.

technology wallpapering the walls

Ideas Wallpapering with different masters may also vary.For example, someone is preferred to start from the corner with volvulus of 1-2 cm, and someone starts from the window.In fact, it all depends on the individual case.

Wallpapering Wall begins with cutting the required number of sheets.It is better to do at once, because then it will be uncomfortable because of dirty hands.It should be understood that the geometric parameters of the space may be different from the ideal pattern and that did not go uphill or into the basement, it is necessary to define the deviation of heights at different points.The resulting value should be added to each sheet in the form of stock, after pasting it safely cut off mounting knife.Each sheet must be twisted together in the opposite direction and put in some time at that wall, for which it is intended.This will not go astray when glueing.

also recommended to sign each sheet in pencil, with not much pushing it.This will help to keep order when combining complex patterns.

Charting wallpapering

charting wallpapering

subsequent Wallpapering continued application of the present adhesive on the sheets and walls.Some types of wallpaper not require pre-impregnation of the wall.It is written on the package of wallpaper.

There are different ways of wallpapering, but the principle is the same: it is necessary to smear glue and glue evenly.Typically this stage, and many problems associated with premature bonding the web to the wall, to themselves and to others.Therefore it is recommended to follow the technology:

Glue on the web should be applied thinly and evenly.The sheet can be folded inward side soaked floor and half again.And to put it to soak for no more than 10 minutes and not less than 5.

To smear at a time is recommended several sheets, or as much as you can paste and smooth.When applying the glue on the wallpaper after each sheet should be carefully wiped from the surface of the glue, because it can damage the front side of the next blade.Also not recommended to put a stack of segments, because when namazyvanii adhesive on each sheet there is infiltration of the lower edge, which only worsens their quality.

Apply the adhesive

Apply glue

procedure for pasting wallpaper in general does not change.Therefore, the next step is to take the first plastered sheet and attach to the wall, just focusing on the edge of the applied level with the help of the label and the joint between the ceiling and the wall.After that, let the lower part of the leaf and gently stretch it to the floor.

Next, using a smooth roller and a narrow edge of the sheet is rolled up and down.It is better not to overdo it, and then the strong pressure may form dents, which will remain visible after drying.Then, using widely air cushion ejected from the sheet of rolled seam side.With the help of a spatula can be leveled formed folds.

Packer roller smooth edge of the sheet

packer roller smooth edge of the sheet

To pokleit wallpaper very beautiful and quality necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions and perform all operations carefully and slowly.The following list is applied to the first back to back with no gaps, and rolled in the opposite direction.All

formed reserves safely cut off with a knife mounting, with intervals recommended after each break off the blade, so it has always been sharp.