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August 12, 2017 18:08

Make a frame for plasterboard properly


  • 1 types of materials for the construction of the frame under the drywall
  • 2 Species Profile for constructing the frame for gypsum board
  • 3 required frame manufacturing materials for drywall
    • 3.1 Calculator necessary material
    • 3.2 Width mVysota, m Name Unit consumption material.Measurement 1. Sheets of plasterboard Knauf plasterboard (gypsum plasterboard) m 2. Profile PP 60/27 Ceiling rm 3. Viewing Guide 28/27 rm.m 4. The suspension of direct 60/27 pcs.5. Tape sealing rm 6. Plug "K" 6/35 pcs.7. Screw tapping LN 9 pcs.8a.Screw tapping TN 25 pcs.8b tapping screw TN 35 pcs.9 profile PU pieces.10 pcs Extension profiles.11 Tape reinforcing rm.m. 12 Putty "Fugenfyuller" ( "Unflot") 13 kg Primer deep universal Knauf Tifengrund L 14 Mineral wool slab sq Calculators from
  • 4 Tools required for installation
  • 5 Technologymanufacturing a skeleton
  • 6 manufacturing semicircular frame elements
  • 7 Profile mounting technology

With drywall sheets can build complex trans

itions in the ceiling, niches in the walls, arches, shelves and so on.A considerable popularity has just lined plasterboard walls without the use of frames.That allows you to get a perfectly flat surface even on the very grounds of curves.But rejection within 4 cm require lining the walls plasterboard on metal frame.

types of materials for the construction of the frame under the drywall

There are 3 types of materials for the construction of the frame for plasterboard:

  1. Metalloprofil.This type is the most widely used because of the convenience of working with a flexible metal, ease of construction and simplicity of the finished assembly.
  2. Wooden frame for plasterboard.It is used in the smallest cases, due to the properties of the wood itself.Firstly, it is subject to decay in contact to moisture or high humidity constant.Secondly, it dries with time, which leads to a change in its geometrical parameters.But in the end it will affect the geometry of the finished structure itself, the corners will crack, begin to break away putty and so on.
  3. combined.It has more and more widespread, because the whole frame for gypsum board is carried out exclusively from metal sheets and in places where the wall will increase the load (furniture and appliances), a piece of wood embedded in the profile.

Profile Forms for building the frame for gypsum board

Selecting type of profile for drywall is carried out based on the geometric parameters and the required strength of the future construction.This column may be decorative or imitation fireplace in the wall, then the profile can be used for gypsum board of smaller thickness and width.Thus saving a certain amount of time and money.But if it will be a niche, arch, some projections that are not only decorate the interior space, but also its functional elements.That material should choose thicker, fasteners should be made thicker.

Kit for frame

kit for frame

Today on sale there are several varieties of metal profile for the geometric parameters and the type of production, from which you can make a frame for mounting on plasterboard walls:

  1. guide profile.It is a groove bent at the mill in the form of the letters P or U. Accordingly, it may be the name of Mo or UW.It is used for fixing the base of the structure to the walls and ceiling.Its main feature is that it has a proportional width, allowing freely insert rack profile it.For any installation of a profile under the drywall to the wall requires extra strength and quality of the connection elements.A dense occurrence of UW in the CW just provides the necessary quality.
  2. Rack profile having acronym CW.Designed for a vertical element in any design.It has a high bending strength due to the particular rolling techniques.When looking at the slice, one can see its rounded edge and further bends at its flat surface.This provides extra strength to it in contrast to the UW.Frame profile for plasterboard wall by observing technologies must possess high strength, stability, and at the right location stiffeners not subject to vibration.

required frame manufacturing materials for drywall

Before starting the installation of the frame under the drywall to the wall, you need to prepare all the required supplies and accessories:

  • profile of two types.
  • Wooden sticks thickness guide or rack profile.They should invest in places with increased load as a great option would be to use it in the doorway.Because the opening and closing of doors is usually created vibrancy.A wooden beam due to its elasticity compensate for any types of vibrations.In many cases, the carcass device for gypsum board does not require the use of wood.For example, a ceiling, a niche in the wall with shelves and so on.
  • fastening components.These include various connectors (end and cross), brackets and hangers to mount designs on the ceiling and walls of loose grounds.
  • metal wares.Mounting Profile for plasterboard with their hands can not do without the use of a variety of screws, self-tapping screws, cable ties, rivets, dowels.In this case the screws must have at least three types:
  1. on metal.They are used in the implementation of fixing plasterboard sheets to the profile.
  2. trees.Used for fixing the profile to a wooden wall, plasterboard to the frame.
  3. on metal with flat hat.These are a means of fastening hardware all the design elements of metal together.

Calculator necessary material

Width m
height, m ​​
1 .Sheets of plasterboard Knauf plasterboard (gypsum plasterboard)
2. profile ceiling PP 60/27
3 . Profile Guide 28/27
4. Hanger straight 60/27
5. Sealing
6. Plug "K" 6/35
7. tapping screw LN 9
8a .Screw tapping TN 25
8 b Screw tapping TN 35
9 profile PU
10 Extension profiles
11 tape reinforcing
12 putty "Fugenfyuller" ( "Unflot")
13 .Primer deep universal Knauf Tifengrund
14 Mineral wool slab

tools required for installation

for mounting structure of a profile for drywall will need the following tools:

  • Scissors on metal or Bulgarian;
  • pliers;
  • drill or screwdriver;
  • plummet and construction cord;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil and so on.

frame manufacturing technology

Before you begin the installation of profiles for gypsum board, apply markup.

Mounting profile

Installation Profile

So, and to the developed project on paper applied to the reference line on the floor, ceiling or wall, depending on where the design will be.The original line is a markup element, from which you can conduct all other calculations.When applying it on the floor it will be the front side edge of the sheet of drywall.It needs to be projected onto the ceiling and walls.This can be done using the level and plumb.If the distances are large enough, the best assistant in this case would be the construction cord.Correct application layout allows most accurately make a frame made of the profile under the drywall.

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After applying all the necessary markup with indentation depth of future construction is required to view sheet thickness (usually a sheet thickness of 10 mm, thick 12,5 mm) can be initiated by setting the frame for gypsum board.About how to mount the frame to help video tutorial.

Marks on paper

Marks on

paper first step is to measure the required piece of the guide PN or UW-profile.This should be done as accurately as possible, but at the offset length of 1-2 cm, hard on the geometry will not be affected.Attach it should be with the help of anchors.The method depends on the type of floor covering, its structure, the degree of strength.After fixing the profile to the floor can be assembled rails for plasterboard ceiling.Of course, making sure of the correctness of their actions by means of level or plumb.

If the floor is concrete and durable, you can use dowels.If the ground is loose and will continue to flatten screed, it is best to use anchors or brackets of appropriate length and diameter.In constructing the carcass on the ceiling or walls in order to align the special suspensions are applied which may also be of several types.

Further, the frame assembly for gypsum board continues to mount side plates, as they used appropriately rack profile.Its fixation is also dependent on the wall structure and softness.Fixing anchors appropriate to apply in the case of concrete or brick walls.If they are made of wood, the right solution would be the use of self-tapping screws, cable ties or screws.The most effective interval for rack mounting profile is 60 cm. And it depends on the future structure attached to the load.Accordingly, if it is heavy, and the more often you must attach.

Mounting Profile for gypsum board can be carried out on different technologies, which depends on the complexity of the frame.After all, it can be a round arch, serving the niche of wall imitation fireplace, lots of beautiful in a chaotic arrangement of shelves, niches, curved design on the ceiling and walls with a lot of twists and turns, complex asymmetric partitions and much more.The options are so many, as well as the wishes of the people.But the principle must always be respected.The framework must be strong and immovable.Tricks and tips for working with a profile that will help speed up the work.

Manufacturing semicircular frame elements

Production of semi-circular design elements

Manufacturing semicircular design elements

guide for plasterboard allows you to make a perfectly flat surface.But how to make a curved bend, arc or arch?And the answer is something quite simple.To bend the PN profile in his rib arch is necessary to make an incision at the same distance.The smaller it is, the smoother will bend.In addition, this distance also depends on the degree of circularity and bending radius.After the cuts have been made, it is necessary to anchor the item before you install it in place.For this downtime twisted softwood stacked along the side lobes.

Plasterboard is bent in the same way.On one side of an incision paperboard layer, and a smooth envelope opposite to the frame.

frame assembly for gypsum board is a fairly simple task.In the process, the most important point is to apply a markup, and its transfer from the floor to the ceiling.After all, the degree of accuracy of this operation depends on the final result of all the work done.

Profile Mounting Technology

Alignment of rack profile on the cord

alignment rack profile on lace

Installation profile for gypsum board can be carried out by two well-known technologies.The first of them American.It rack profile groove is directed deep into the structure.Second, the German, is the location of the gutters along the frame mount.And basically the type of profile the orientation depends on the situation and characteristics of the structure itself.

If the frame is made in the wall under the drywall, then rack profile is attached with hangers.Then, setting the tray guides and securing the side plates, thus aligning them with the level and plumb, should pull the cord.It will be a reference point and the edge of the touch secondary studs.Before that, of course, all the racks already need to establish in the guide rails and gently pull your petals of hangers, so as not to fall.After the string is stretched, each rack must be set in place and fasten with screws on both sides.