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August 12, 2017 18:08

As a plaster solution correctly


  • 1 How to prepare the solution for plaster
  • 2 How to apply plaster
  • 3 classic method of applying plaster
    • 3.1 Calculator number of plaster

Plaster work is done not only for leveling the surface, but also to give it a different decorative properties.
only important to know how to be plastered with cement mortar.Having studied the technology and preparatory plastering surface allows to obtain high quality and for years to come.

And what you need to know in order to properly apply the plaster on the walls?
work is divided into several stages.
stage surface preparation tools and materials.
Installing beacons.To install the beacon on the site is written in the article "How to align walls on beacons using plaster."
Preparation composition and applying the plaster on the surface.

initial stage
Each surface must pass a stage of preparation.
The surface preparation plaster includes cleaning of the surface of old paint, wallpaper, dirt and oily stains.

To facilitate the remo

val of old wallpaper, apply to the surface of a special solution that lifts the material.After a short exposure spatula lift the old wallpaper, setting the stage for it under the wallpaper.
Old paint peeled off with a spatula or wire brush.

purified and the dried surface should definitely primed.Primer
called liquid composition which includes a material enhancing the adhesiveness (adhesion) of building materials.
should definitely observe the rule to apply finishing materials from a single source.
If you bought a dry mixture of plaster of manufacturers, and then buy a primer of the same manufacturer.
great demand primer called Betokontakt, which is a polymer dispersion with high resistance to alkali.The composition of the liquid included silica sand, several times increases the adhesion primer.

The process of applying plaster is made with the following requirements:
- indoor temperature should be between + 5 ... 30 ° C and the relative humidity of the air at the same time may not be higher than 60%;
- using a special tool;
- plaster is applied in stages special techniques.From the Tools
most popular are:
- spatulas of various sizes and trowel;
- wide bast brush;
- duralumin or wooden falcon;
- poluterok, float, usually.

How to prepare the solution for plaster

selected mortar is prepared according to certain rules and strictly according to the instructions.
in clean plastic bucket is necessary to pour the right amount of water according to the instructions supplied with the dry plaster mixture.Then pour the dry mixture in the necessary parts.
for stirring the mixture using a special mixer.

Cooking should be a volume that you can rework during the life of the solution.It is stated on the packaging of dry plaster, and is equal to less than 1 hour.

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mixer can be replaced with a drill with an attachment designed for mixing plaster.Only nozzles should use for solutions, not for mixing paints.Consistency
final solution resembles cream on the cake.

How to apply plaster

Before applying the solution on the wall is necessary to fix the reinforcing mesh or fill shingles.Be sure Burke joints in brick, notching is applied to the concrete surface.Depth Burke seams on a brick should be at least 5 mm.The concrete surface is moistened with water.

For applying putty to the wall using two spatula:. Long and 50 cm wide trowel 10 cm
With small spatula solution is applied on a large and already applied on a large wall.
solution can be applied with a trowel, trowel.

sprinkles solution should be between beacons from the bottom and go up.Leveling solution rule, is constantly moving in the horizontal plane and moving up.
Remains remove putty with a small spatula rules, applying to the desired location on the wall.
Always clean the container on the grout after its production.The new solution is mixed in a clean container just no trace of the previous solution.

remaining defects are eliminated on the wall after the solution has dried.The resulting nodules or furrows are best removed with a spatula.

Plasterer ceiling first, and then the walls.

classic method of applying plaster

plasters applied in several layers.
The first layer is applied to the rendering.The second layer is a primer.The third layer - the finish coat.

From the first coat depends on the strength of adhesion of plaster on the wall.
scratch coat is applied to a liquid solution, filling the reinforcing mesh cell, shingles, notches on the concrete joints in masonry.
layer thickness on the concrete and the brick is less than 5 mm, on a grid or shingle to 10 mm.
applied to the rendering trowel.
rough surface is obtained, which does not require alignment.

Blot layer of spray necessary after curing, but still wet layer.Determined open hand, applied to the rough surface.Surface hard enough, but moist at the same time.
primer solution more thick solution for the rendering, well smeared spatula.In the middle of the Falcon
impose a solution and, using a wide spatula, structure ties into the wall.Each portion of the solution should be smooth with a spatula.The solution ties into overlapping and immediately smoothed.
Falcon called the square wooden board, in the middle of which the plaster is applied.
Primer closes finishing layer of plaster and is designed to eliminate the smallest defects.The thickness of the finishing layer does not exceed 2 mm.The final coat is applied to the wet primer wide spatula along the arc, pulling the lower edge to the primed layer.

To obtain a perfect surface, it is recommended grout, removes small nerovnosti.Video how to properly plastered with cement mortar.

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Calculator number of plaster

wall length m
wall height m
average thickness mm
plaster type GipsovayaDekorativnayaKoroedRotbandTsementnaya smesVetonit
weight of the bag of plaster kg

necessary bags: total weight