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August 12, 2017 18:08

Methods of alignment angles plaster room


  • 1 aligns the outer corner
  • 2 line the inside corner
  • 3 modern way
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Question smooth walls of one of the most importantwhen it comes to decorating.But no less important when the corners are flat in the premises under 90º.So the question is how to align the corner of the wall plaster solution, one of the most frequently encountered in the pages of building forums.The rooms are always present as internal corners and external.It is therefore necessary to understand the two alignment processes, which together are a little different.

Please note that plaster alignment is best done if the size of the deviation from the straight is not very large (87º-92º).If this rate exceeds the standards, then it is best to use for aligning drywall.

Align the outside corner

Align outer corner

aligns the outer corner

Let's start with the question of how to align the corners of walls (external)?They are usually located at the door, rarely in the room there is a column or an architectural proje

ction.But in any case they must be under the direct fit.

  • primarily determined deviation.To this end, the corner angle is applied.Long part of the instrument should be based on the main wall, which has to be plastered.Usually, it is fitted the protrusion.
  • If the angle is acute, the adjacent surface to align.
  • first set plaster beacons - uniformly over the entire height.
  • Then plaster is applied to the adjacent wall.That is, both aligned and the outer wall surface angle.

probably slight variations still remain.Therefore it is necessary to wait, when the plaster layer is dry, then the angle should be primed.When dry and it can carry out the final alignment of the filler (thin layer), using a corner trowel.

Align the inner corner

Align inner corner

line the inside corner

The issue as to align the inner corner of the wall, is more complex.The sequence of work:

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  • On one of the walls at a distance of the width of the corner trowel blades installed metal profile that three metal dowels attached to the wall.Installation must be carried out vertically, which is used for the level.
  • on a flat wall adjacent small spatula applied plaster solution.The plaster is applied in small strokes on the full height of the aligned corner.
  • now angled spatula to level the solution must be such that the clearance between the tool blade and wall surface is fully filled with plaster.
  • dismantles profile, waiting, waiting for the applied layer is dry, then primed and angle necessary to conduct additional alignment of a thin layer of putty.

As you can see, plaster wall corners with their hands - not the easiest process.But if you understand it, it turns out that their own to do it no problem.



modern way

Building Technologies today mutate rapidly, moving into the category of "simple in execution."Therefore, the question as to plaster the corners of walls, can be solved more easily in a modern way.To do this you will need a special item - a metal kontrashults.In fact, it is a direct corner, made of aluminum, which is attached to the mesh.Konrashults used to form corners.

To install it, you must apply directly to the corner of a thick layer of plaster.It is better if it is thick.Then on top of the dried stucco is not installed the mesh area.Note that the vertical installation konrashultsa - a basic requirement.Himself metal corner - piece soft, so for him to pridavlivaniya premises angle is best to use long rule.

Thus out of the leveling device squeezed out of the plaster to be removed.Now we need time to solution is well dried out.The rest of the process is the alignment angle is performed according to standard technology.In fact, this is a common alignment of the walls adjacent to each other.That is, first leveled one wall, then another.This konrashultsa mesh is inside the applied layer of plaster that is made of durable solution.A metal angle 90º provides.

Conclusion on

So, in this article have been given answers to the question, how to make a smooth corner wall plaster (internal and external)?To completely understand this question, we offer to watch the video, posted on this page.
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