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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paste over the ceiling tiles

How to glue the tiles on the ceiling As pokleit tiles on the ceiling.

Despite the diversity of materials, offers modern manufacturers, ceiling tile is still among the best sellers, which greatly contributes to its affordability.Repair with its use can be done by yourself, if you know certain secrets.

To paste over the ceiling tiles you will need:
- ceiling tiles;
- primer deep penetration;
- glue or liquid nails.

1 Before you glue the ceiling tile, you need to spend certain preparatory work.Surface for finishing must be flat and smooth.If a significant difference between the builders were allowed boards, for the tiles have to create additional rail foam pieces, otherwise look flat and hung from the ceiling, it will not be simple.Ideally, if the ceiling is not whitewash, as it greatly simplifies the job.In the case where there is a thin layer, it is possible to try to manage the processing primer deep penetration.To do this, distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the ceiling and wait until it dries.

2 In the case where

the ceiling several old layers of whitewash, it will have to wash or scrape, or tiles will keep even the most durable adhesive.In order to rid the ceiling of the old whitewash, it must be well moistened with water.You can use a roller or with a spray bryzgalku.When the surface is wet, the whitewash will easily come off a wide spatula.The cleaned surface must be primed and then you can start working.

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3 On the instructions supplied with the ceiling tile, it is written that glue it should be the center of the room by drawing on the ceiling of two perpendicular lines and using the center of the intersection as the location for the first fixturetiles.This method allows more evenly across a ceiling tile area, but is also the most expensive, as the tile is a lot of waste.

4 A simpler version of the distribution of tiles based on a single line drawn on the center of the room from the window to the opposite wall.To tile does not move from the drawn line, you can create additional stiffener by gluing the first row of tiles close to the rail or bar, the held along the line drawn by.

5 When the preliminary work performed, take the first tile and put it on the corners and glue in the middle.Then firmly press it to the ceiling with one of the parties applied the line and hold at the point where the glue for a few seconds.The better the adhesive, the tiles will be fixed.Repeat the procedure with the second tile.In operation, pay attention to the fact that the direction coincides with the tiling pattern and an arrow on its reverse side.

6 Apply the following tiles on both sides of the first two guides as long as you finish the first row.Two extreme tiles will have to trim the size of the room, using the stationery knife.

7 next set, start again from the center line.The chandelier mounting area on the tiles will have to make a small cut-out, to let itself mount.Continue to work until the end of the room, the ceiling tile trim ends mounted on the perimeter of the plastic skirting room.Pokleit tiles on the ceiling is not difficult in principle, but need to prilovchilis and everything goes like "clockwork."