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August 12, 2017 18:08

As pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling right

choosing wallpaper for finishing the ceiling, you need to know what are the wallpaper, what quality it is desirable to select and many other nuances.There are so-called special ceiling wallpaper.they produce a white color, and they do not necessarily need a smooth surface on the ceiling.These wallpapers are made in Russia.

should be borne in mind that in Europe there is no ceiling wallpaper, there instead of wallpaper wallpaper for use as pokrasku.Est not only paper types ceiling wallpaper, but also the non-woven.

What are the differences between our wallpaper and imported.Imported wallpaper dense, porous and have two layers, and can be painted with waterborne paint, and more than ten times.Yet we must bear in mind that the domestic wallpaper will last about five years, and imported in two or even three times longer, you can wash, color, and of course their price is significantly different.

How pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling

First you need to prepare the surface of the ceiling, that is, it sh

ould be dry, clean and smooth.If it were still the old wallpaper, then best to use a solvent that removes the old wallpaper.The ceiling is painted with paint, then you need to check how this paint is durable, that is to glue a special piece of adhesive tape and pull sharply.If the tape will be the remnants of paint, so will need to clean up the paint.ceiling plaster used only in the case where there are large defects.Lime is washed off easily enough, you need to spend on the surface of the brush with hot water, wait about half an hour and rinse with a damp cloth.And most important to check all the electricity, turn it off completely, and only then start to work!

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Next make marks on the surface of the ceiling.Wallpaper should adhere to the opposite side of the window.This is to ensure that the joints are invisible.You also need a pencil to mark the roll width and subtract two or three centimeters.The same should be done on the opposite side.These tags are connected on one side to the other by a cord.

The next step is the preparation of the adhesive, it is necessary to prepare for half an hour before pasting wallpaper.Perform all the required instructions to the glue.For different types of wallpaper, also used a different adhesive.In order to properly dissolve the glue, always first create a funnel in the water and gradually sypte adhesive is also stirring.After left for half an hour.

Next you need to carve out the right length of wallpaper, always a plus one to two centimeters.It should be borne in mind that the cloth after smearing glue can be reduced in length, just for a little bit, but it is necessary to know.

Now carefully apply the adhesive and start sticking to the walls, one at the top levels all the moments, and the other at the bottom of docks right, then cut off the excess wallpaper special sharp knife.The remaining cloth glued the same way, only to have joint and equal to the first panel.

When done wrapping the ceiling wallpaper, you must close all windows and doors, no drafts and must not be the end to be given room to be closed day.Correctly pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling is not difficult, and now you are convinced of this, but will have to work a little.Good luck!