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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a door to the office


  • 1 Fire doors
    • 1.1 Where better to buy the door
  • 2 How to find a decent company producer

When you open your own business, have to face a lot of difficulties,one of which is to ensure the safety of the premises.To protect the office from breaking first things first should take care of high-quality door that will effectively protect against intrusion attempts or external influences (such as scratches, moisture, etc).

According to the basic provisions of fire safety, if the office is located in a residential area and a door opens onto a common landing, it must necessarily be a fire.In other cases, for example, if the office is located in the business center, the installation of a fire door is not required, you can choose absolutely any, depending on the objectives pursued (safety, attractiveness and ease of use).

very popular metal construction, decoration which can be made of different materials:

• imitation leather;
• laminate;
• MDF;
• powder-coated;
• oak array.

Fire doors

Do not forget about these special doors, because they provide maximum protection facilities and in some cases essential.

thereby providing such high protection?

Fittings made of heat-resistant material and plaster insert near the locks to protect against overheating.Door leaf filled balzatovoloknistoy stove.Sealants protect against both cold and hot smoke, fire.And the box and the door leaf is coated with powder-coated.

Which fire resistance should be at the front door to the office?

best option - it's fire doors marked IE30 or IE60, protect against the ingress of fire for 30 and 60 minutes respectively.

Do I need to sacrifice appearance for the sake of security doors?

Fireproof doors can be decorated with decorative elements, panels.Do not use flammable items (leather upholstery, etc.).

What's more profitable to buy an ordinary metal door or fire?

Metal doors decorated with vinyl leather or laminate, for example, cost less than the fire-resistant doors, but construction finished better by external influences (MDF, powder-coated) are approximately the same as fire doors.

Where better to buy the door

Definitely better to work with companies who have showrooms where you can visually evaluate the products.It is always easier to make a choice, not when you look at the picture on the internet and in the real design.There you can and talk to the manager, who can answer most questions.

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Some companies act as intermediaries, that is, they do not have their own production, they are purchasing doors from manufacturers and resell them.Naturally, they are slightly raise the price of products.

profitable to cooperate with companies that are engaged in independent production, as they do not mark-up on products and provide a longer warranty on it.

How to find a decent company producer

Metal fire door Aesthete

metal fire doors Aesthete

Among the many companies is not so easy to find that unique, which can cooperate on mutually beneficial terms.Everyone is looking for its own way and want to talk exclusively about personal experiences.

It was a task - to find a good fire door to the office as soon as possible.Search manufacturing companies was conducted in Moscow and the region, and since time was limited, went immediately to the exhibition halls and examined options for the production.

Now every company in order.

Max-door - the first company to which addressed.A wide range at very affordable prices, pleasant managers.The only problem is that it is the fire doors in the exhibition hall were not there, and offered to make all three models, which do not quite come at a cost and appearance.

doors Moscow - the company is already 20 years on the market for the production of metal doors, there are plenty to choose from, but prices are "bite" and the delivery / installation also at an additional cost.

SC-Titan - nice managers who are happy to tell about their products, the prices are low, but the range of fire doors is not very big and it is likely that they are not certified, as the staff were not able to submit the relevant documents.

esthete - the company has been manufacturing for over 10 years, fire doors for everyone at affordable prices, and the installation is carried out free of charge.It was an opportunity to see a live product, but most of all pleased that door warranty is given by 10 years.

favorite was the company Estet.

Choose manufacturer and the door only for you, do not skimp on the safety of its employees and - choose only certified products from a company that can provide long-term guarantee.