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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a liquid wallpaper , the pros and cons , how to apply liquid wallpaper on the walls and ceiling


  • 1 What plus such wallpaper?
  • 2 Composition wallpaper
  • 3 How to apply liquid wallpaper on the walls and ceiling

How to choose a liquid wallpaper Choose liquid oboi.V our time in the construction market there are many different quality and structure of the wallpaper.If you want to make the right choice, you need to know a lot about them, but there are multi-functional wallpaper that fit on all the walls, and not particularly smooth, it's liquid wallpaper.

What plus such wallpaper?

Advantages of liquid wallpaper.These wallpapers are very easily glued to the wall, filling with all the space and slots.Ideal lie in remote places, such as around the outlets or in the corners.The seams are not visible after them!In their composition, even added fabrics such as silk or gold thread, so they give a stunning effect when you kleite of the living room, for example, or the hall.Also in liquid wallpaper there is a wide range of colors, it will also help you achieve the desired effect.For those who like originality in

everything, it is necessary to give preference to liquid wallpaper.They cost too original course expensive, but after finishing the apartment is liquid wallpaper, you'll get a stunning effect!There are other advantages of liquid wallpaper: these wallpapers can be applied to uneven, not aligned wall - glue in the new house without waiting for it to shrink (liquid wallpaper shrinkage is not terrible) - can be applied to metal, such as a pipe - have soundproofing and heat insulation - fireproof(the fire will not burn on the wallpaper) - easy to get rid of stains, dirt (you need to remove dirty stain and stick clean new layer) - on their surfaces are free of dust, it can not be there to accumulate, because the fabric, part of the liquid wallpaper is notIt has an electric charge.

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Composition wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper like ordinary wallpaper, but on a roll, you do not buy them.Wallpapers are a powdery substance, packed in a box.They contain mica, natural dyes, cellulosic and cotton fibers, to impart the desired effect in the gold threads are added.

How to apply liquid wallpaper on the walls and ceiling

How to apply liquid wallpaper on the walls and ceiling First you need to clean the walls of old wallpaper, plaster, putty, remove the hangers, nails, sockets.Treat the walls of the fungus.Now we prepare liquid wallpaper for it in a clean container mix the powder, it yourself wallpaper, and dry additives.Next, pour the water and interfere.The temperature should be in the room at least 10 degrees.If you apply the wallpaper will be on their own, then you need to give them to stand in a stir about 30 minutes, and if you use a gun, then glue the right.Note: Gun - Hopper thing of course is good, but it can not be used on the walls with the Danish stucco (decorative).The kit includes a compressor to the gun, the pressure should be 3-5 atmospheres.This set can be rented.Once you have mastered the application of wallpaper, they are perfectly dry after 72 hours, you need to be careful in the room.You can cover the top liquid wallpaper paint and they can be cleaned.French developed this wallpaper, and they are the leaders in this market, and their products are in great demand.

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