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August 12, 2017 18:08

Glue casings using adhesives


  • 1 Preparation casings for mounting
  • 2 Sticking frames using liquid nails
  • 3 How to glue trim using foam
  • 4 How to glue trim in acrylic sealants orsilicone

clypeus called overhead shaped parts used in the design of window or door openings.
casings are used to close gaps when installing the door or window boxes.Installation casings improves the aesthetic appearance of not only the doors or windows, but the room itself.
casings are external and internal.

outer casings are used for the decoration of doors and windows outside the building.architraves choice
Internal trims are used for aesthetic design of door, window openings indoors.
The most common internal trim attached with gvozdey.No allowed light fixture casings designs using liquid nails, silicone or foam.It is only necessary to ensure full adherence casings to the wall and the door frame.

Any adhesives can withstand a certain load and a large weight casings will not be able to keep quality trim on the plane. choosing one or another ad

hesive, specify the weight and properties of the casings.
can stick trims on liquid nails, and can be mounted on the mounting silicone or foam.

Miter saw for cutting casings

miter saw for cutting casings

Where to start?

To trim firmly held, they must be properly fitted and secure.To ensure correct mounting casings observe the technology and performance of the work.

Preparation for mounting casings

preliminary plat butts are edge is cut at an angle of 45 degrees, if required.Pruning is best done casings using miter saw or miter box.
Reiki try on a box and labeled.

And what glue trim on the box?Attach
casings using adhesives only in the case where the wall surface and the box surface lie in one plane.If there are deviations, frames will not adhere to the surface, and pasting is not possible.It is necessary to align the wall with putty.

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Sticking frames using liquid nails

If you want to learn how to glue the trim on the liquid nails, try to buy frames without bends and correct form.
Plastic frames can be glued on liquid nails, provided that the wall perfectly aligned.Check
flatness over the entire height of the box.Areas where the plan to glue the trim, should be released from the wallpaper, clean, primed.As a primer is recommended to use PVA glue.
Once the glue dries, trim at increments of 20 cm, apply a liquid nails points.Rail applied to the pre-marked area and hold for a few minutes.Ideally squeeze clamp overnight.Different manufacturers of liquid nails their technological requirements.
allowed in problem areas, fix the rail with nails which then may be to cover the furniture with wax.
On the strength of glued connections is largely influenced by a properly selected adhesive.
of the most reliable liquid nails can be recommended under the designation TITE BOND with red letters.And, you can use a glue Titebond Heavy Duty designation, which allows gluing heavy items.
Glue "Moment" does not always provide the desired quality of the connection.

When pressed against casings coated with the surface of liquid nails adhesive can exude.In such cases, the adhesive should be removed immediately.

How to glue trim using foam

How to glue trim on the door with the help of foam?
Honestly, get a quality connection casings with the wall surface is quite difficult with the help of foam.
As in the first case, the basic requirement that the plane of the wall and the door frame are in the same level.Otherwise, provide a quality fit jamb to the wall will not be possible.
glued frames in the same manner as in the liquid nails.

necessary to use clamps to fix trims on for quite a long time to dry.
For secure mounting we recommend using casings and nails, scoring at least two in each casing.

Here are tips on how you can remove the mounting foam if she got on his hands or objects.

How to glue acrylic sealants on casings or silicone

It is also possible to paste frames with silicone, it is a simple and effective way to mount.There are various types of sealants in different combinations.Lightweight frames can be perfectly glued to the perfectly flat wall with silicone, and did not even need to clamp and nails.

Install box flush with the wall.Clean the application of the adhesive from dust, dirt.Apply a coat of deep penetration primer.On
trim is applied in the middle of silicone in increments of 10 cm. Casings are applied to the pre-marked area, are maintained for a few seconds.


    - you can use silicone, liquid nails, mounting foam for fixing casings, all the ways are good;
    - for a secure fit is recommended to use a combined way, stick trim and fix the minimum quantity of nails, which then disguise furniture wax.