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August 12, 2017 18:08

About the correct installation of casings


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  • 3 installation rules casings
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Door frames are installed with one goal, to close the gaps resulting from the installation of the door frame in the doorway.
Before you answer the question, how to install trim on the doors, it is necessary to understand the rules of selection of trims and become familiar with their installation technology.

Where to start?

architraves choice To install the trim on the doors, they need to choose the right.For this purpose it is necessary to pick up cashing in width, texture, color.
choosing color trims, give preference to this, which is decorated and door leaf.
When selecting the width try to choose frames, installation of which will close all the gaps perfectly.
way, the gaps are always formed during installation of the door frame in the doorway.From them, there is no escaping.It is impossible to make a box that is installed exactly in the doorway.More precisely, it is possible to make an accura

te and box and vymerenny millimeter opening, but the costs are quite high.Do I have it?
cheaper to close the resulting gap frames.
different materials are used for the manufacture of casings.
casings may be made of wood, MDF, plastic, veneered or laminated.
try to understand how to properly install trim on the door.
installation of rectangular To install cashing begin after the completion of all repairs.
installation operation is finishing trims and baseboards is done with the installation or after it.It is akin to mounting eaves, in the sense that it is carried out after completion of all finishing work.

Installation casings

To install casings process was clear to all, divide it into several stages.

preparatory stage
should be checked for evenness and flatness of the surrounding walls of the doorway.When the greater curvature wall should be leveled.And to do this it is necessary.

Attention!Aligning the wall, closely monitor their mutual arrangement.The walls must not only be aligned, but arranged in one plane on either side of the opening.

Failure to comply with this recommendation leads to a small gap between the casings and the wall.

Clypeus can hide the bumps and cracks up to 3 mm.But close the swings irregularities of more than 3 mm will not succeed in using casings.Knowing how to fix cashing properly, you can hide all the irregularities and clearances.

Application casings not only gives the room an aesthetic appearance, but create a complete room.
Installation casings of importance can be compared with the installation of the skirting boards or nailing eaves.

need tools
few words about the instruments used.
When installing casings the main problem is to fit mating parts at the desired angle.Casings are installed either at a right angle, but often at an angle of 45º.It is best to use a miter box.

miter saw is used for cutting the material.It provides a clean cut casings of any material.

But the cheaper models of machines have backlash and error therefore preferable still miter box to install casings with their hands of the auxiliary tools you will need a pencil, ruler, square, level, plumb bob.

correct choice of material for the casings
material for casings
choosing frames, pay attention to the structure of the material.
Exterior casings required to match the pattern on the door.As for the manufacture of cashing widely used different materials: wood, plastic, MDF, and then choose the trim under the door is not difficult.
installed outside casings may be covered by a laminated film, painted, lacquered, veneer placed on top.
casings are available in various shapes, allowing designers to solve the vast problems.

When you purchase it is important to check the trim on the curvature and the curvature.

installation rules casings

Rules are for those who want to learn how to properly install the trim on the interior doors.
installing trim, should provide details of docking an without gaps.
rectangular frames
easiest option, perform installation casings simple rectangular shape.
Ultimately, it is necessary only to ensure the dock at a right angle mating parts.

Most casings produced more complex shapes and joined at an angle of 45º.
Attention!To provide the desired angle is recommended to use a special device called a miter box.

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Step by Step Installation casings
Below is a step by step instructions how to fix cashing on the interior doors.

first frames are mounted on the side at which the door opens itself.

    1. Take two pieces of side casings, attach them to the box.
    2.Otmette they washed down the bottom corner.It is celebrated on 5 mm above the door of the box.

Attention!Do not forget that you must correctly mark the left and right gashes.
washed down casing

    3.Zapilite trim at an angle of 45º.
    4. Install the trim on the door frame.Continually monitor the distance between the frames.To control the size of the best special cut of the strap length.The distance of the upper and lower casings to be nailed same.
    5.Nalichniki fastened with nails that have bitten off hats or special hardened nails.Before fitting the trim, apply a layout fixing points in increments of 0.5 m.

Attention!Plat nailed, departing from the edge of the box by 5 mm.
side trims

    6. To ensure better adhesion to the door frame casings, the inner surface of the adhesive should be applied.For these tseleyu perfect transparent silicone sealant.
    7.Teper can proceed to the installation of the upper casing.

Cutting the standard blank casing into two equal parts, washed down with one edge of a workpiece.Attach a blank check and nailed Clypeus coincidence eclipsing angle.Select second edge workpiece, washed down corner and insert the casing between the vertical frames.

    8.Ostalos beat the top casing to the box on the same technology as the side.
    9.Perehodite on the other side of the door and follow the same steps.

Places deepening nails zateraem wax the color of the door.

you are familiar with the material, how to install the trim on the interior doors, understand the principles and the sequence of the installation in more detail raskazhite video.

But some helpful tips you could use:

    1. There telescopic casings, mounting which is produced using a special slot.Inserted into the slot or groove transoms of the door frame.
    3.Byvayut cases where frames of the same size can not be used as cashing can not be fixed in width.In this case, trim saw width more than ¾ not recommended.
    4.Verhny casing installed after fixing two vertical casings.
    5.Stroitelny market offers frames of different shapes: shaped, semi-circular, drop-shaped or carved.
    6.Nalichniki are available in standard sizes in cm:

ShxTxV;where W is the width and T is the thickness, B is the height.7x1x210.

few words about capitals
Capitals called special door trim, the main function of which is the decoration of doors.
Such casings are made of sheets of MDF or wood.Installation of doors capitals makes rich, having a finished look.

again to mount casings

above described how to mount cashing on the interior doors, with the help of any accompanying materials.But that's not all.

plat can be mounted not only nails.
for fixing casings used liquid nails, screws.There are also special attachment, called "beaks".

Use finishing nails allows subsequently removed and replaced frames.The nail should be a narrow flat hat.nails length should be longer than 1.5 cm thickness casing typically 4 cm. Step fastening with nails recommended equal to 0.5m.

Liquid Nails adhesive called for fixing casings.Glue is applied to the casing, which is pressed against the door frame, held for a few seconds.This method of mounting eliminates the traces of mounting.

Fastening screws more securely.In marked casings pre-drilled holes and under the bonnet reams recess.
Special attachment called "beaks", easy to use, creating a beautiful view.

- try to trim frames in structure and color, similar to the door leaf;
- the upper casing set after securing the side trims;
- for fixing the casings using nails, glue, screws.

How to install trim on the interior doors with no nails video

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