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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to bend drywall for arches with video

How to bend drywall for arches photo How to bend drywall for arches video.

Four ways to bend a sheet of plasterboard

Many people who are just starting to work with a material such as gypsum board, are often faced with the question - how all the same to bend the material?Many people think that to make it difficult, but still the case is quite different, and do it easier than it seems at first glance.But before proceeding to the methods of bending the wall and ceiling gypsum board, it is necessary to introduce yet another view of this material, which is designed specifically for this case.Installation of the ceiling plasterboard will be given to various forms easier knowledge in data following methods and video example below.

special kind of drywall, which is designed to bend and make the necessary forms - arched drywall GKLA.The thickness of the sheet is 6.5 millimeters.This type of material thanks to its flexible forms effortlessly bends and gives the ability to create a variety of arches, poluarki, a variety of curved shapes, a

s well as a domed shape and undulating.Of course, arched drywall also has its maximum bend radius, but still it is much greater than the radius of the bend of the wall or ceiling drywall.And thanks to the fact that he was going to frame the arched drywall of the special, for this case, profiles having at the side walls of the recesses, the material can be bent smoothly.

But if a person is not at hand arch GKLA, on it there are some tips that can help to cope with this task, even using other types of gypsum board and video tutorial will help to visually observe the process.

first way how to bend drywall:

The most effective and common way is.What you just need to moisten the one hand a sheet of drywall itself with plain water.The fact is that the plaster itself is very soft and porous material, so he is very well and quickly absorbs moisture and becomes more gentle, but when dry it hardens and retains new.Acquired forms.To do this, take a brush or roller and dip a few times with water at room temperature, a sheet of drywall.Now it is necessary to wait about five, and preferably fifteen minutes to ensure that it is fully soaked and become soft.Then you can begin to bend the material as you need.But it is necessary to know that this method is perfect only if the bending radius of the largest, since the small radius of the material can simply break or crack.
But in order to make a bend with a small radius should resort to other methods of working with drywall, because ordinary water here is simply not going to help.

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second way to bend drywall for arches:

Needle roller photo The easiest option in the case of the bend at a small radius is the use of a special spiked roller.It is necessary to go so roll on both sides of the sheet, thereby holing board and a small layer of plaster.This method allows you to make gypsum board lattice, so the sheet will bend easier.But before you start to bend it, it is necessary to moisten it with water, that he would become even softer.Water should be at room temperature.

third way to bend drywall:

If this has happened, that the spiked roller you did not have on hand, or you can not find it, you can use a sharp knife.This requires that small incisions, cutting board, but only one side of gypsum board.The cuts should be done every one to five centimeters, perpendicularly bending.You need to know that the smaller the radius of the bend, the more necessary to put the incisions.If a concave structure, it is necessary to make cuts on the inner side of the sheet, and if the same material is necessary to bend outwards, while the incisions are made already from the front side.drywall in this case it is not necessary to wet before bending.However, this method is good in that the bending radius can be smaller than with spiked roller.

fourth way to bend drywall for arches:

If happened is that you have to bend a sheet of drywall at a very small range, then it is necessary to resort to another method, as all previous herein may not be suitable.To do this, you need cutters.If not, then you can do with a knife.But it is necessary to warn at once - it will be very long and would not be so smooth, as desired.Freesia should be set to a depth that she chose almost all the plaster, leaving about one to three millimeters.Selects strips in plasterboard sheet cutter principle - the smaller the radius of the bend, the more you need to do a sample of gypsum.

In principle, this is the four main Council how to bend drywall and video example below.Nevertheless, finally I would like to give another, no less important piece of advice - if your design, you want to bend, is located on the ceiling or high on a wall, it is still necessary to give preference to its arched GKLA.This material, as perfect for walls and partitions.You can use some options:

1. first layer on a partition or a wall, you can make an ordinary ceiling, drywall or wall using the methods mentioned earlier, but the last layer of finish arched GKLA.You get a very rigid structure with a nice and smooth curves.

2. a partition or a wall, you can sew two or four layers of drywall arch.This method is the most reliable, smooth and neat, but it is more difficult and costly.

How to bend drywall video