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August 12, 2017 18:08

The alignment of the walls and the ceiling with his hands


  • 1 Alignment and plaster ceiling with his hands
  • 2 proceed to the alignment of the walls

The alignment of the walls and the ceiling with his hands We have examined in detail how to perform stucco walls with his own hands with the video, touch and are now ceilings.For this work, we need:

- Rule;

- Spatula;

- plaster falcon;

- level;

- Drill with stir nozzle;

- Capacity for mixing plaster;

- Rollers and Tray for priming surfaces.

first necessary to determine irregularities of the walls and ceiling.As a rule, it is a wide gap in the rule.

Alignment and plaster ceiling with his hands

On the ceiling there are fragile items, we begin to work with their removal.All that is showered with a light impact - we bring down.Also embroidered stitches.Then the entire ceiling area Neaten brush to remove dust, cobwebs and dirt.Now the surface is ready for priming.

This is an important step in the preparation of the base, and it's not just that the primer removes dust and moisturizes the base, but also ensures the alignment or restriction of

its absorbency and, of course, enhances the adhesion of the subsequent material.To handle the ceiling, made of reinforced concrete, concrete, choose a contact, it includes a special fortseonirovanny filler (solid grains), which dries to give a smooth surface roughness, which at times increases the adhesion to the base material and thus enhances adhesion.Pour the primer into the tray, and put on the ceiling with a roller.Groove carefully coat with a brush.

Installing lighthouses pictured ceiling Give primed surfaces to dry and proceed to the installation of beacons.They are necessary for the elimination of the ceiling in one plane.Beacons aluminum choose, they can not clean the surface after drying because they are not subject to corrosion.Dilute a small amount of gypsum plaster and fasten it at a distance of less than lighthouses rule width.We expose beacons in the same plane with the help of the level and the rules.After the plaster that holds beacons, hardened, proceed to substantive work.

For plastering of the ceiling in the living room using gypsum plaster "diggers", as it provides good sound insulation, as well as create a comfortable microclimate.In addition to this plaster does not need to be afraid that it will shrink or crack, since it contradicts the properties of gypsum.When aligning the ceiling is important to remember that the application layer should not exceed two centimeters.Local unevenness of the plaster can be aligned with your hands and a layer of up to eight centimeters.In the process of mixing, pay special attention to the following:

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- Follow mixing proportions.The manufacturer does not knowingly recommends certain range of the amount of water required for the mix, because under these conditions the mixture works best.

- first in a container, pour water, then stirring constantly, go to sleep dry mixture.Be sure to give a solution after stirring to stand for five minutes and re-mix.This time is necessary to ensure that all components of the mixture began to interact.

- ready solution.Getting to level the surface.Spatula we put the plaster on the ceiling surface, filling mezhmayachkovoe space.Carefully filling depressions and potholes.

- Further stretch plastering rule by moving it to the beacons.

Important!When using gypsum plaster should be remembered that they are applied in a single layer.That is why all manufacturers strive to increase the maximum layer coating its gypsum plaster.As you can see, subject to certain rules, perform stucco work with their hands and everyone will be able to align the walls and ceiling of the apartment will not be difficult.

proceed to the alignment of the walls

Installation of beacons on the wall photos Initial training - standard.Weak base elements are removed, as well as dust and dirt.primer and concrete contact, beacons, aluminum, gypsum plaster: If one of the walls made of the same reinforced concrete, the same materials will be used for its finishing.Gruntuem, we establish beacons, apply and stretch the plaster.Decorating the walls with window will be conducted in two phases.Alignment of the total surface and removing the slopes.

walls are made of foam blocks.This highly absorbent material, which actively draws water from the plaster, it leads to uneven setting and the resulting cracking surface.To avoid this, it is necessary primed wall "universal".We are waiting for dry and proceed to the installation of beacons.Standard beacons to align the walls and angled to remove slopes.

Because this wall will be subjected to extremes of humidity, it is necessary to use waterproof plasters, for example, cement and sand.However, after working with plastic and light gypsum plaster, returned to the cement-sand mortar is not very pleasant.All due to the application of more sophisticated technology and high cost of time and effort.