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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to insert a metal door

How do I insert the metal door photo Metal doors, most often come to install is already in the collection: tailored door leaf in a door box and hung on hinges.All locking hardware is embedded, so to install the door does not take much.

to insert the metal door you need:
- Roulette;
- level;
- hammer;
- Drill-hammer;
- Allen key №17;
- screwdriver;
- grinder;
- metal door with duct.

1. check the quality before installing the door: the door leaf must not touch the frame when opening.

2. Check and prepare the doorway (its size should be 2 cm larger than the size of the door frame).The internal side of the opening to be sure to check the verticality.Quite often, as measured between the verticals arises a need to expand the opening.

3. Start the installation of the door frame without a door leaf from the outside of the opening.If the frame is made not too hard, then install the door frame can be assembled with the door.However, all the door hard enough and inconvenience during installation.

4. Fix the frame or the entire door assembly

in the doorway with wooden wedges.Place wedges between the end of the opening frame and the inside of the door.

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5. Now carefully hang the door leaf, if necessary.Be sure to lubricate the hinges, or in the future may have an error due to friction in the hinges.If the frame is correctly installed, the door leaf is open at any position will remain fixed.

6. Depending on the type of fixture and drill hole puncher required diameter in the wall for the screws and fittings.There are three types of fasteners metallic doors: mount anchor bolts or a driven valve with a further welding, anchor bolt through the frame, mounting a driven valve with a further welded to the frame.Currently very popular fixture Drop fitting because a zero probability of easing of fixture during operation.In order to increase the strength of the doorways, their frame in a frame made of metal angles and plates.

7. Insert all anchor bolts into the holes and push pieces of rebar.Tighten the nuts and weld the fitting only in the vertical supports of the frame at the secondary level.

8. Hang the door leaf and check inside the close fitting fabric to the frame.If necessary, adjust density fit the movement of the door frame.

9. Once you have adjusted the position of the metal door and secure it around the perimeter.

10. The final step in the installation of metal doors is to fill the space between the wall and the door assembly foam.Do not forget to pull out all the wooden wedges.That's all.