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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make a ceiling on the loggia


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How to make a ceiling on the photo loggia .What ceilings choose and put Residents of urban homes are well aware that the conversion of a standard apartment in comfortable housing related financial costs.In this article, the site repair of apartments with their own hands will consider how you can make a ceiling on the balcony in different ways, which one to choose and deliver.Solving this issue, see photo construction companies, design studios engaged in repair and design of apartments and residential premises.This will help you choose the best repair option, and maybe come across an interesting idea.

How quickly make a ceiling on the balcony

At first glance this does not seem too time consuming work.But it is only from the outside, as long as you do not have embarked on this task.Before you start repairing the balcony, you first need to take care of the grouting around the perimeter.After the seams sealed and glazing produced desirable, but in most cases it is necessary to make the heat and

sound insulation ... Do I need to do this everyone decides for himself.If the apartment is located on the bottom or the middle floors of the house, the ceiling is the floor on the balcony of neighbors living above.Suppose that the neighbors already insulated and glazed balcony, then there is no question of warming.

Contents ceiling in various ways in the loggia or balcony.It depends on the requirements that apply to this room.If you do not plan to turn a loggia in a heated room, while quite a special paste over the ceiling tiles in light colors.This is the easiest way to finish and allow hide irregularities existing bare concrete slab, as well as give a new surface aesthetic appearance and bright colors visibly increase the space of the room.


On this issue (more sophisticated finishes) should find out in advance what materials are best to use and which are suitable for insulation.It can be sprayed on the polyurethane foam concrete surface.This is a fairly new technology, such a surface finish will be more difficult than working with expanded polystyrene blocks.But in this case you get both heat and sound insulation of the room.At higher nonflammable foam properties than ordinary foam sheet.The work with the help of spraying and further trim should conduct specialists.

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To date, the most budget option is polyurethane foam plates (excellent insulating material) for covering the ceiling balcony or loggia.

This method is quite simple: the cut plates are attached to the plastic anchors the concrete surface.To give a more reliable fastening, adhesive should be applied on the surface of the insulating panel.Also on the adhesive, it is desirable in this case to use liquid nails, attach the finishing layer and ceiling coverings.For this purpose, different materials can be used.For example: carefully primed drywall, a special polyurethane tiles or other material.See also how the installation of a suspended ceiling of plasterboard with their hands + video, maybe this method you will like.

can also make finishing balconies MDF or plastic panels.On the concrete surface of the ceiling fixed metal profiles or wooden slats (distance between the rows should not exceed 30 cm).Harden wiring for the lighting device.If necessary, all is going on the floor where the holes are prepared for fixtures.Finished construction of panels attached to rails with screws.In the same way it is made ceiling on the balcony for finishing wood paneling.And formed between the concrete slab and finishing void fill material sheet insulation for sound and heat insulation.Here it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the insulating layer to the windows and doors on the balcony opened without problems.

And finally, to make a perfectly smooth ceiling, with no rough edges and visible seams - the best option is the installation of stretch ceiling.They have long proven the possibility of realization of design ideas and speed of installation.Installation is fairly simple and easy to take a little time.

necessary to consolidate the hard frame at the perimeter of balconies.Then fasten the frame stretch foil panel.After that, the film is heated and pulled up to a certain limit.All during the cooling film is stretched.When choosing fixtures for such ceiling, it is necessary to take into account that they are not heated.This can lead to deterioration of the tension coating.