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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to insert the front door with your hands


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How to insert a front door photo

metal doors with their hands How to insert the door

front door should be not only strongbut also beautiful.Increasingly, as the front door is used a metal providing the highest degree of protection.Most often it is trusted by the installation specialists, but this work can be done independently.

Procedure works

1 Installing new doors with their hands usually begins with the dismantling of the old.Remove it and prepare a place for the installation of the new.To properly install it, you may need to expand or narrow doorway.When the expansion if the concrete door frame, use the "grinder" - it will provide a smooth, flat surface.aperture size should be 20-25 mm larger than the size of the installed door frame.

2 When you install a metal door for a precise fit in the place of the box using wooden wedges.With the help of level, ensure that the door is installed vertically.Secure the box with anchor bolts by inserting them into pre-d

rilled holes in the walls.After making sure that the box is properly installed, completely secure with cement mortar.

3 if necessary to narrow doorway, lay the excess space with brick or concrete pour, setting almost to the top of a vertical wooden formwork.Concrete is poured through a hole in the top of the formwork.After hardening of concrete formwork disassembled, remaining at the top of the unfinished portion is laid with bricks and plastered

The order of installation of the front door

procedure for assembling the front door


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4 Before pouring the concrete is required to reinforce the place of junction with the main wall segments valve inserted in cement mortar into the drilled holes.If you are laying brick, insert fittings every three or four rows of masonry.

5 installing the door frame, drill holes for the gate.Place the fixture on the door lock.Spend the final finishing places of conjugation of the doorframe on the walls.If the door does not have a decorative exterior finishes available or you do not like to use to make the necessary doors decorative qualities of materials such as laminate, vinyl artificial or natural wood.

6 Keep in mind that the reliability of the door is determined by the reliability of its weakest element.Bad or poor-quality locking fastening of the door frame can negate all the protective properties of the door.Often thieves enter the apartment room by pressing the door leaf in place of fixing the lock.In quality the door should not be gaps between the frame and the door, allowing it to insert crowbar or other tool.Now you know how to insert the door correctly and safely.Good luck.

Video Installation of metal doors with his hands