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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to upholster , to sheathe a metal door

How to sheathe a metal door sheathe the front metal door.

With metal doors, people learned to protect themselves from thieves.But it appears that these robust door yourself steal.They steal the apartments warm.Through the gap between the heat out the door and the frame as much as it would have happened in a quarter of your windows.Plus, steel, in contrast to the tree itself is a very good conductor of heat.The solution is simple and known for a long time - lining.

To upholster, sheathing the metal door you need:
-epoksidny glue;
-poloska leatherette width of 10 cm and a length in the whole door;
-building stapler;
-porolon thickness of 2 cm and wider dimensions of the door leaf 10 cm;

1. Covering metal door a little harder than wood.After sheathing material it is necessary to strengthen the nails.Hammer a nail into the metal will not work.Therefore, from the outset, take the plywood pieces and glue them to the door.Papered plywood desirable to the whole plane.Use epoxy adhesive.

2. After pasting leave the door alone about a day.On the beauty of plywood covering can not worry.When all the work is done, the plywood will not be visible.

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3. When the veneer is glued, go directly to upholstery.The gap between the jamb and the door leaf to be closed with a roller.It is the main element of the upholstery.

4. Make a template for the roller.Please take a leatherette strip width of 10 cm and a full-length door.Fold it into the wrong side and nail small nails to the door every 10-15cm or fix staple gun.To leatherette not bristled, cut it out with scissors near the door hinges.

5. When ready to roll for harvesting, fix pack.Use foam thickness of 2 cm and wider dimensions of the door leaf 10 cm. Above the foam put two layers of batting.It also arrived on the entire plane.Now it is time to impose a leatherette.

6. leatherette need to tailor with a small margin at 3 cm from all sides.Start nailing the center.First, from the top, then the bottom.Leatherette material during installation to pull necessary as much as possible.When you have taken leatherette fabric above and below the fold should appear.This indicates that you have pulled the material correctly.Then upholstery fixed with simple stud around the perimeter.

7. Roller have to be filled with batting.Take the remains of batting and twist into a tube.Along the perimeter of the door Apply a tube batting and wrap it in a blank for the roller.Immediately workpiece edge nailed to the door.
Roller ready.You can do fastening of the door handle and the door peephole.That's all there is now upholster or sheathe a metal door will be easier, knowing how.