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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paint the ceiling latex paint video

How to paint the ceiling latex paint least once in their lives, each of us asks the question - do repairs in the apartment with his hands, or invite experts?If you are coming large-scale redevelopment, complete replacement of wiring and installation of plasterboard wall or ceiling, then, without skilled craftsmen with all the necessary equipment you can not do.If we are talking about the plywood wallpaper, painting ceilings and replacing linoleum, then such work under the force of everyone who is not afraid of physical labor.In this article we will talk about painting the ceiling vodoemulsionkoy or acrylic paint.

You will need: ladder, paint bowl, brush, trowel, masking tape and the correct roller.

Take care of yourself and do not forget the goggles, headgear and clothing.

work begins in the pre-prepared room, all the excess shall be made out of the room and covered with a protective film.Cover the floor with newspapers so as not to damage the coating.

first step is to prepare the surface of the ceiling.Wipe it dry with a clean cloth,

we clean the old paint with a spatula, place affected by mold or fungus treated with alkaline rastvorom.Chtoby ceiling looked neat and well full colored when they dry up, you need to proshpaklevat and fine sandpaper to smooth ceiling.

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next step - the primer ceiling.perfectly suited acrylic primer for this case.

next stage - water-dispersion solution of water-based paint, which you will use.Walk around the ceiling, wide roller dipped in this solution, and you will notice the weaknesses that will need to pay particular attention at the ceiling painting.For more information on choosing paint for the ceiling.

can now be painted.The first layer of water-based paints should be applied from edge to edge of the wall.

Wait until one layer dries.

The final coat is applied only to a small roller with a nap length and in the same direction away from the window.

Important!When painting walls or ceilings, to finish roll movement in one direction, as it were paint structures in one direction.This ceiling does not glare and the paint falls more clearly without promiscuity.

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