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August 12, 2017 18:08

Video on how to make the original homemade kitchen table


  • 1 Tools and materials that ar
    e needed to create an improvised kitchen table
  • 2 Stages table manufacture their own
  • 3 Recommendations and especially the manufacture of kitchen table with his hands
    • 3.1 Ideasmanufacture of wooden tables, video

table enjoys a commanding position in the space of the kitchen.This is an important element necessary for cooking and eating.Making the kitchen table with his hands - simple job but, as in all actions in this case will require certain skills and abilities, as well as related materials and tools.

Today, almost any, even the most difficult, woodworking equipment are available to rent.What is very beneficial and economically.In addition, the materials also have an acceptable cost.

Thus, making the dining table with his hands allows you to get high-quality, unique and reliable product that meets the personal aesthetic preferences and the desired size with minimal effort.

Homemade model kitchen table

Homemade model kitchen table

Tools and materials that are needed to create an improvised kitchen table

When making table for the kitchen with his hands might need a variety of materials.Their choice depends on the design decision, the type of construction and decoration.Are binding material for countertops and legs.

to create an improvised table in the kitchen must be purchased:

  • furniture board having a thickness of 40-45 mm.Its width may typically be from 600 to 800 mm.The length is usually chosen based on their own preferences.In conventional embodiments, it ranges from 1,200 to 1,400 mm;
  • square timber for the production of table legs.The most constructive variants is a timber the size of 60x60 or 70x70 mm.You can also buy ready-shaped legs in a store that specializes in such products.These products may be formed of wood or metal;
  • 40x40 beam having a length corresponding to the size of the perimeter countertops.This material would serve the stiffening of the whole structure.

If the whole worktop, for whatever reason, is not available, then it can be replaced by a set of individual boards suitable size.Boards to be bonded together or otherwise connect.
For the production of the dinner table with your hands need the following tools:

  • hacksaw or electric jigsaw;
  • Planer;
  • Electric drill with a set of drill bits for working with wood;
  • sander.It can replace the special attachment for grinding;
  • Sandpaper of various grits;
  • Centimeter ruler, square, construction tape measure;
  • Fastening elements, bolts, screws, nuts.

Stages production of table yourself

main steps of creating a kitchen table made of wood with their hands are:

  • Designing;
  • Manufacturing countertops;
  • Mounting reinforcing bar;
  • Joining legs;
  • finishing and decoration;
  • Paintwork.

If there is no ready-made furniture board, the easiest and best solution would be to create a countertop blank of laminated veneer lumber.To do it, you must:

  • sawn timber into blanks required size.This will require electrical equipment;
  • Carefully handle and polish the mating surfaces;
  • Using a special glue to glue pieces and clamps to fix them, is located on a flat surface.Leave to dry completely;
  • Sand the finished block;
  • chamfered and rounded corners.

Grinding table countertops

worktop - the most prominent part of the table, requires careful grinding.

very unusual and looks aesthetically pleasing countertop, decorated with tiles.To create it is recommended to use a furniture tile or solid block of solid wood.

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  • Remove part of cavity countertops to a depth corresponding to the thickness of the tiles.To this end, suitable chisel or manual milling;
  • Along the perimeter to leave a side of 50-70 mm;
  • Glue the tiles with adhesive on the resulting surface.

What would the next table was strong enough on the perimeter countertop bar attached with screws.

Setting the table legs

Option mounting legs to the table top.

Before attaching the legs to them, drill holes 1 mm less than the thickness of screws.Next to the legs attached accessories.Then the legs are fixed to the table top special mounting accessories.

Coating work should be carried out in several stages.The more layers applied, the more beautiful the product will look like.

Waxing table countertops

to protect the beauty and homemade table should be covered with lacquer or wax.

This is one of the simplest models of improvised kitchen table.In the video below you can see the more complexity; and interesting konstruktsieyI

Recommendations and especially the manufacture of kitchen table with his hands

Before to make the kitchen table, it is advisable to carefully consider all elements and details that will be in it used, andas technological solutions.Stage designing is responsible, how beautiful and convenient to the table.

most crucial moment is the manufacture of countertops.It is recommended to carefully approach the issue of creating the most visible part of the product.

Mounting reinforcing bar to the table top should be performed taking into account the precise layout.In addition, we should not forget to keep a certain distance to secure the legs.

Before painting and decoration of the finished table is recommended again thoroughly sanded all the details of construction, so that they are completely smooth and have a unique timber structure.

Make dinner table with his hands from the recommended high-quality dry tree.The finished product of this material may be coated with wax and polish.Wood putty can be flawed, ground and decorated using acrylic paint.

Before coated with varnish or paint should get rid of dust and dirt on the surface.Recommended dried indoors at room temperature.Modern coatings have a positive impact on the protection of the surface from all kinds of damage and premature failure of the material.Toning properties of the product can achieve any desired shade.Including the table giving the finished appearance of the respective valuable timber species.

Follow the simple instructions and the use of imagination and some engineering skills will help to easily solve the problem of how to make your own kitchen table.When making objects more complex than the one that has been described, need more experience and skill, as well as carpentry skills and possibly special tools.

Ideas manufacture of wooden tables, video