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August 12, 2017 18:08

Methods of restoration of furniture with his hands


  • 1 Restoration of soft furniture with his own hands
  • 2 yourself painting and varnishing of wooden furniture parts
  • 3 More ideas to transform old furniture

If you look at the whole process, therestoration of furniture with his own hands rather simple exercise and everything is much easier than it seems.However, work still have.Old furniture can be not only to update and transform into beautiful and elegant part of any interior, to give objects a second life, give them innovate and design elements to make a rarity.

Restoration of soft furniture with his own hands

Upholstered furniture is one of the most rapidly aging, as it quickly loses its color, pattern becomes less visible, the fabric is torn, fades and overwritten.And when the time comes to refresh the interior, the best solution is to stock up on everything you need to start producing and restoration of old furniture yourself.

Most often, upholstered furniture needs only a waist cloth, for this to work you'll need a s

et of wrenches and screwdrivers, at least - hexagons, a sharp knife and a stapler to fix the mounting of cloth and other auxiliary tools.

In order to restore the furniture with his own hands, it is necessary to start to remove the cloth.To do this, perform the following steps:

  • disassemble furniture elements of which it is composed;
  • remove large nuts and bolts;
  • remove the parts that hold the trim panel;
  • remove the cloth.

recommended during disassembly to carefully monitor the items that are removed because they have lost property.And then they find original replacement, likely to be difficult.Therefore, the old furniture should be exercised with care.

To update old furniture, you need to choose the high-quality material to replace the skin.It must be strong enough with a small, but thick pile.Also you can use a substitute for leather or nubuck.

Remove the casing with a soft furniture

old upholstery can be used as a template.

During cutting new skin, remove the old cloth to be used as patterns.So it is possible to achieve maximum accuracy.But you must not forget about the gaps to the folds and seams.

yourself painting and varnishing of wooden furniture parts

When talking about the wooden parts of the product, the most restoration of old furniture with his own hands is repainting or varnishing.It all starts with preparation.To do so, disassemble the items that will be recovery.With the individual parts will be easier to work with.After that, you can begin to surface preparation.

Before restoring furniture, you need to prepare sandpaper coarse and fine fractions, some rags and a flat brush.

should remove all old layers of which the furniture was covered.To do this:

  • surface treated sandpaper coarse fraction.One should be careful not to damage the texture;
  • removed with a brush dust;
  • Then comes the processing nozhdachkoy again, but softer surface;
  • the end product should be wiped with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
Processing of furniture with sandpaper

The wooden surface of the furniture to be treated with sandpaper.

Observe these guidelines when processing wooden surfaces furniture:

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  • Movement sandpaper to do only along the grain;
  • remove dust with a dry brush, not a cloth, to not score gap;
  • works are carried out in a ventilated area.

Next, primed surface, using acrylic impregnation.Apply the primer can be roller or brush, depending on the shape and size of furniture.After coating the substrate and the product is completely dry, you can continue to staining.

Priming the surface of the furniture

nozhdachkoy Treated wood is primed before painting

If you want to be visible wood texture, you need to apply one coat of paint divorced.And if it is necessary to achieve the effect of plant dyeing, it is required to apply several layers of uniform (depending on the thickness and nature of the selected paint).

After staining, it is necessary to leave the furniture to dry paint.

to complete the self-updating of furniture, you need to cover the details of varnish.The varnish is applied with a roller, a spray gun but better.Typing in a sponge acrylic lacquer, you need to press a little foam and process them to the surface evenly.This procedure can be repeated several times.

More ideas to transform old furniture

There are many ideas handwritten restoration of furniture, the most well-known techniques are:

  • Decoupage - simple and undemanding to the executor technique to independently restore the woodenfurniture.Need napkins or paper with a picture, PVA glue, a brush and acrylic paint.Figure cut and then pasted on the surface of the product, and then opened paint;
Decoupage furniture

Decoupage - gluing fabric or paper to furniture

  • Chebbi-chic, technique of artificial aging of wood surface.Tree cover dark paint and allowed to dry, then rub paraffin and brush a layer of soap.After that, a layer of light-colored paint.Finally with the help of sandpaper made fray, and the furniture is covered with varnish;
  • Craquelure - also gives the effect of aging, but it is a simpler way.To do this we need a special paint that simulates cracks in the wood.There are two types cracelures: two-step and one-step.With one-step cracelures applied two coats of paint of different colors, and between them a layer of special varnish krakelyurnogo with drying.In a two-step applied to two types of varnish with intermediate drying;
craquelure furniture

Craquelure - the effect of antiquity

In the end, nothing prevents easy to take a brush, include fantasy and paint the furniture with acrylic paints, like all members of the family will enjoy.