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August 12, 2017 18:08

Kitchen furniture DIY : assembly , restoration


  • 1 First
  • 2 Design and preliminary calculations
  • 3 possible nuances
  • 4 Required tools
  • 5 choice of material
  • 6 Exteriorview
  • 7 Technology decoupage
  • 8 Installation
  • 9 Examples of work

Kitchen, undoubtedly, is the only place where a person spends most of his life.So why not do it with maximum comfort and coziness.But do not run to the hugely expensive furniture stores and order kitchen set.Of course, for some components, such as facade elements, runners, curtains and other accessories still have to go to the store.But when you consider the fact that all this can be purchased at wholesale depots, where prices for all significantly lower than in the furniture showroom, you can have a good and save.High quality kitchen furniture with his own hands will be the subject of your pride and moral self-satisfaction.In addition, you get invaluable experience in this matter, which may come in handy more than once in your life.

Many say: "Expensive, then do it yourself furn

iture kitchen!»

But it is not so easy, but still possible.And this idea of ​​visiting each, having a little imagination, a man at the next trip to the salon furniture.Especially as most of the proposed salons kitchen sets are not sufficiently sophisticated in design, but the final cost to the customer is several times higher than the original.And there is nothing to be done about it, and have to pay a specified sum of money.But if the kitchen furniture with his own hands will be made, many problems disappear completely.But you have to do your own calculations and the future of furniture design installation scheme, to think over all the gaps and decoration and much more.If you do it the first time, it is necessary to exert maximum effort and attention, so as not to spoil the details, but in the end got the desired result.This site will be your little guide.Here we look at one of the many examples of creating a multifunctional kitchen set with all necessary attributes.



First of all you need to determine its financial situation, and then decide whether to have enough money to build a new kitchen or you can repair the old with the addition of modern decor.After this sale, you can buy almost anything:

  • facade elements;
  • laminated panels;
  • new beautiful handle and locks;
  • curtains and runners.

Such repair of kitchen furniture with his own hands will cost much cheaper than buying or creating a new one.And notice, after the replacement of all of the above, your kitchen will be transformed for the better.But if you have funds available, but in moderate amounts, the total production of kitchen furniture with his own hands is the best option.To do this, select the appropriate option to develop a preliminary sketch, and may even make a template.

the Internet, including on this site, you can find a lot of ready-made designs and options for creating kitchen sets.But we should remember that the dimensions of your room and some of the technical terms (plumbing, electrical points and so on.) Could differ and make changes to the project will still have.You do not have to have an engineering education, but rather sit down and dream up your own, or in extreme cases, ask a knowledgeable friend in this matter.

kitchen assembly

Design and preliminary calculations

Since the kitchen is not only the main working space, but also a place for rest, it is necessary to make the most functional, high quality, and that harmony andcombined with the interior premises.After all, usually the kitchen has created a finished interior:. Tile, wallpaper, ceiling finishes, etc. Therefore, the choice of color depends on that of the interior.If you create a long-lasting and high-quality kitchen furniture with his own hands the drawings ready to be used or to its design it is necessary to use the appropriate program.They, fortunately, the internet can get a huge amount.

example, Woode, Business Design, Furniture maker, K2-Furniture, eXponentFurnitureDesigner, bCAD-Furniturer, KitchebDraw, Astra-D.These programs allow you to create your own is not only an exclusive kitchen design in 3D-graphics, but also rationally calculate cut one sheet of chipboard with minimal losses.Plus, this software allows you to not have to worry about gaps, because all the settings developers thought to detail.And it was the gaps can cause very large changes in the assembly, which will lead to changes in the project and an increase in both time and material costs.Calculation of kitchen furniture with his own hands with the help of such programs is much easier due to the set of available options, which are the standards.

possible nuances

to build kitchen furniture with his own hands did not catch you by surprise, you must take into account the thickness of the edges are used.For example, when using a paper edge, the gap may be left longer than when using PVC.This is due primarily to its thickness which is several times smaller.Plus necessarily need to take into account the distance of free running of moving parts and the space for installation of sliding rails, coils and dampers.

creating furniture with his own hands the drawings should be as precise as possible and contain an explanation.This will not only facilitate the process of further manufacturing, and assembly.

next nuance when you create a kitchen and fittings itself.You must first develop a project and pick him all the necessary components.After all, it happens that something in the stores no, then we need to make global changes to the drawing.In addition, you must choose the correct parameters for the hardware.For example, the legs, they can be made with different load expectation.But like furniture, along with inside the kitchen utensils will be quite heavy, which can result in damage to the acquired legs.

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Therefore, all accessories must be purchased with a large safety margin.It is possible to determine the thickness of the metal used, than it is thicker, the more reliable the product.Still, chrome and gold plated details can be pre polakirovat colorless varnish, because the coating on such elements, not depending on the manufacturer, quickly used up.The exception is opaque products, but they are more expensive.

Corner kitchen layout
To make the kitchen furniture with his own hands for a long time with high quality and must use reliable guides and runners and hinges.On sale there are ball and roller skids.The first type is a more simple and cheap mechanism, which also does not allow to push a box with trays full but only at 2/3.And it is sometimes very uncomfortable.Plus, the durability of the guide wants to be much longer.The second type of ball, is made entirely of metal moving parts, which though more expensive, but their carrying capacity and durability commensurate even several times with roller.With regular lubrication of such accessories will last forever.

Required tools

Whether restoration kitchen furniture with his own hands, or create a new necessarily need special tools.These include:

  • drill with a set of drill bits or screwdriver;
  • Cernau;
  • cutters on wood to cut loops of 35 mm;
  • circular saw and scroll-saw;
  • allen keys;
  • screwdriver;
  • pencil, ruler, etc. Area.

addition to the main instrument, the above list is the place to buy all kinds of holders and universal device for face drilling and so on. All of this would be the assistant in this difficult matter.And the question of how to make the kitchen furniture to date will be decided for you.When exactly vymerennyh distances and properly drilled or milled grooves and holes in the assembly of furniture with his own hands kitchen will not cause problems.Today on sale there anything that you can think of for the production of high quality and durable furniture.

choice of material

What makes the kitchen furniture?One of the most common materials for the manufacture of furniture is chipboard, MDF and chipboard.Less commonly used to make an array of cuisines due to its high cost and complexity of processing.But if it is designed for a holiday house or a bath, it is possible to use solid wood with subsequent lacquering.


used chipboard with a minimum thickness of 18 mm, 10 mm or 8 mm can be carried out boxes and some not very important elements for the design of furniture.But in practice the most commonly used one form factor of 18 mm.This thickness can reliably fasten flaps and walls, and thus cracking occurs in the end.

Plus an important factor in the choice of material is a manufacturer of panel material.plate quality can be determined by the number of voids in face section and its course, its weight.High-quality material is more dense and heavy.Most preference is given to chipboard imported.


So, when we are doing the kitchen furniture with his own hands, we have a task, make the most durable frame with low weight.Another material, which is also widely used for the manufacture of furniture is MDF.The flexible properties of this material make it possible to produce a semi-circular doors and other shaped articles.But the need for this equipment.

MDF fiberboard is a sheet of fiberboard, which is used to perform partition and rear walls.On the one hand it is laminated and can be of different colors.


Decoupage kitchen furniture with his own hands allowing even from classical set to do something super-modern and fashionable.In his paper as images, images of fruit on the film which are simply pasted on the doors and walls may be used.Decorating kitchen furniture with his own hands, even without any alterations in the structure allows to create with the old set of amazing changes.All the stained glass can be bothered to stick beautiful images of summer landscapes.

Technology decoupage

  1. Clean the entire surface of the sherehovatostey and fault location can cover up putty for wood and carefully processed.
  2. Cut paper for decoupage on the necessary pieces proportional pasted over the surface with a margin for corners and ends.
  3. Apply a layer of glue PVA or any other intended for decoration.
  4. evenly paste prepared canvas and carefully smoothed.
  5. After drying glue all got work should be covered with several layers of lacquer.


Kitchen set is designed for the specific conditions of accommodation with its specific nuances.For example, cutouts for plumbing and heating pipes, ventilation shaft, water inlet and sewerage.The installation of kitchen furniture on their own should not cause problems, but usually, occasionally there are some difficulties, which in most cases are easily solved.

Installation of kitchen furniture is carried out on the level and takes a little care.All sections of the set must fit tightly to each other, and between an even and fastened with screws or tie rods.Upper cabinets are mounted using anchors and aligned using a level.

sure another kitchen design stage, consider the location of elektrotochek for connecting home appliances:. Hood, hob, grinder, etc.

Examples of work

If you create a kitchen furniture with his own hands the video presented on this website, will beexcellent assistant.Because of it, you will learn not only the details of the work with a specialized tool, but also some of the nuances that occur in the process.The designed kitchen furniture with his own hands the photo represented on this page will help deal with some of the nuances that occur most often in the assembly of the headset.