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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to make a ping-pong table with your hands : the dimensions , drawings


  • 1 Simple tips, without which it is impossible to do
  • 2 Prepare drawings, tools, material
  • 3 step guide on self-creation of the table for a game of table tennis
    • 3.1 Preparing blanks
    • 3.2 Stages assembly table

many like to play table tennis, but not all do.First of all, it's expensive equipment.After all, tennis tables from manufacturers are very expensive, and not every ordinary person can afford such a pleasure.But if you really really want, why not drive the ball racket to think about how to make a table tennis table with his hands?Moreover, that case is not such a terrible.

Simple tips, without which it is impossible to do

Do not just grab for tools.You should start with very simple things.First of all, look around and choose a place where the future design will be placed.Choose it should be based on the type of the tennis table, which can be either fixed or legkosbornym.

stationary table does not understand, it is necessary to build a separate room for him

.Only then did he not spoiled by the weather and the sun, and the game for this table will be fun.But not every cottager can afford to pay extra meters at the playing position, so most often chosen legkosbornye tennis tables.

Comfortable table tennis with his own hands made to stand on a hard surface, to have a perfectly smooth surface and round it is necessary to provide free space.who was playing table tennis knows that players occasionally run back from the table for a short distance.

Tip: the ideal size of the plot allocated for game in table tennis - is the area of ​​5x8 meters and must not dazzle the sun should not be wind gusts should not be biting insects (well, it's probably not realistic in the country)..

Prepare drawings, tools, material

Unlike some other objects, the size of which can be increased or decreased, a table tennis table must always conform to the standards, or the game will be very uncomfortable:

  1. height from floor tomesh - 760 mm.
  2. table length - 2740 mm
  3. table width - 1525 mm

Here is the drawing of a standard tennis table.

Of course, all settings made tennis table with his hands drawings should reflect the clear and understandable.Besides the standard size of the table, indicate also the parameters established in the future, the grid as in this figure.

determine the size, to look at the material and the tools that you need to succeed.To proceed, we will from what above designated size of table tennis with your hands to do.Thus, we need:

  1. Plywood, preferably polished (2 sheet 1525h1525 mm, thickness 12 mm).
  2. edged lumber (5 pieces 50h50h3000 mm).
  3. bracket metal legs - 4 pieces.
  4. Screws (5h89 - 38 pcs; 3,5h49 - 45 pcs).
  5. 4 bolts to connect the arms to the legs.
  6. antiseptic for wood surfaces.
  7. Putty for wood and spray paint green and white colors.
  8. Hacksaw.
  9. Drill.
  10. welding machine.
  11. Tools for primer and paint.

List made, the tools and the material prepared, you can now proceed to directly to how to create a table tennis with his hands.

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step guide on self-creation of the table for a game of table tennis

Preparing blanks

Since our table tennis should be easily assembled and disassembled, thefor this purpose should be created, namely - it is necessary to cut the workpiece metal fasteners that can be easily disassembled and assembled.

prepare plywood surface is not difficult, since the sale of the sheets in line with our size.

Tip: since plywood is sold at the right size width, it need only adjust the length.To do this, measure out from each sheet 15, 5 cm and cut off the excess.By doing this you will achieve that plywood joints are situated just below the grid.

Now we have to cut timber, and then treat it with an antiseptic.This treatment will increase the life of the product and a table tennis table with their own hands created will last a long time.While the timber dries, cook mounting brackets and make holes in them for self-tapping screws.

Stages assembly table

  1. Mark up the timber and assemble using screws, a support structure for the table.In order to strengthen the corners of the frame fasten metal brackets, which hold the corners of the task in the same state.Try
  2. feet to the anchorages and, if necessary, remove the extra layer of wood.It is important to ensure accuracy and compliance with leg socket mounting.To prevent any confusion in the future, it is better to number the items.
  3. Now fasten the socket set in a bar to the bracket.For greater strength using bolts and do everything very carefully and accurately.Having fastened the four timber, we get a framework that will require further work.
  4. Making on the table layout, try on and, with the help of self-tapping screws, fasten it to the final frame.To do this, drill holes, apply the lid to the frame and gently curl.Of course, you can screw the screws on the back side, it is only necessary to calculate their correct length.Otherwise, a folding table tennis table with their hands out not to do, and to spoil, because the ends of the screws will stick on the surface and interfere with the game.
  5. last phase of our work in the process of how to make a table tennis table with his hands, it is painting.To begin with, we must prepare the countertop surface for painting, for which it is necessary to blow the strong air.It is easy to do this with the help of a compressor.In his absence, the countertop must be carefully obmesti and wipe with a cloth rather rigid structure.After all the action, on the surface of a cover layer of putty, and wait for it to dry well.

Table top tennis table for street made their own hands painted in two layers: the first layer of cover - wait for complete drying.We cover the second layer and also forward to well dried.Now, with the help of an aerosol can to put the markup and set the grid for a game of table tennis table is made with their own hands, you can start to use.

Tip: Doing your own table tennis, calculate the length of the boards, which will enclose so that they are shorter than the length of the playing surface.moreover, they must prevent the deformation section countertop.

Using the information, you will quickly make a table tennis table for the streets with their hands than unspeakably will please their loved ones and significantly save the family budget.Well, if you still have questions about how to make their own table tennis videos arms give additional explanations.