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August 12, 2017 18:08

Computer desk with his hands : do yourself furniture


  • 1 Why must begin
    • 1.1 table with his hands video
  • 2 materials and tools that will be required when working
  • 3 Several methods table manufacturing for office equipment
    • 3.1 method one: a simple rectangular table made of MDF
    • 3.2 method two: corner computer table
  • 4 If the home laptop
    • 4.1 easiest and free option
    • 4.2 Another way: folding table under the laptop

age of modern technology is mainly characterized by an abundance of functional equipment, which facilitate the task of the man's life.Not least important is computers and laptops.Agree, rarely meet a person today who do not have this technology.This, of course, good.But PC or laptop should be somewhere to put and do not always buy ready-made furniture is the best option.And expensive, and not always find what you want to see in your room.There are a great way to solve this problem - make a table computer with their own hands.This is what we are going to do in this article.

Why must begin

Before you make a computer desk with your own hands, we must clearly understand what it takes to get a result.In other words, you need a project.And if you are determined and want to get to the end of the furniture that will be a real solution, you should consider it in great detail.

First of all, pay attention to the functionality of the table.Think about whether or not need additional shelves, drawers, special supports.Maybe it makes sense to make the sliding elements.

Further, it is important to take into account the height of the structure.Standard normal computer table with his hands in the recommended range of 750 mm.In these dimensions includes the worktop.For a child, you can select a lower height.

Tip: Do not lose sight of the expected size of the office equipment and the number of items.Before you cut the shelves and drawers do, measure everything with a ruler or tape measure.Then, in the future do not have to redo it.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the general parameters of the room and the place where you plan to put the furniture.It should be easy to use, the right lighting.Only then sitting at the table people will not feel discomfort during the operation.The same options should be considered and, if desired, make a table for a laptop with his hands.

table with his hands video

materials and tools that will be required when working

Manufacture of computer table with his hands time-consuming process that requires patience and attention.After drafting, you must determine the materials to be used.Most often, the tables are made of:

  • natural wood;
  • chipboard;
  • MDF.

table for computer or laptop from the wood are preferable to others, but for the price it will cost much more expensive and it will still have to handle the paint.MDF and particleboard - materials much cheaper and not much inferior to solid wood.Also, they tolerate high humidity well and are insensitive to damage.

What material to choose - a matter of taste.And here is a tool that will do the job, it must necessarily be available.a common set of most commonly used, which is in every man, even not very experienced master:

  • hacksaw, electric jig saw;
  • grinder;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • chisel;
  • roulette;
  • square.

Naturally, this list may be a bit different, as it depends on the design of a self-made computer desk with your own hands.

Several ways of manufacturing the table for office equipment

As mentioned above, the special building skills, in order to make a computer desk with your own hands, not necessarily possess.It will be enough basic knowledge, desire and patience.For a more complete view of the forthcoming volume of work we present several ways to manufacture computer under the table with his hands.

Method one: a simple rectangular table made of MDF

to work, we need MDF is not less than 16 mm thick, a set of tools from the list above, screws, glue and fittings.First, measure the space where you plan to install the furniture: the width, length and depth.On the basis of these parameters, making the computer desk with his hands and drawings are prepared.Only after these steps, you can be cut into pieces of MDF and has more to mount the table:

  • using the screwdriver and screws fasten the side parts with the guide;
  • side modules are collected by means of dowels.Greater strength can be achieved using a special adhesive;
  • as the rear wall using MDF 4 mm thick wall collecting table in a single unit;
  • using drawing, cut out elements of drawers and shelves, do the fitting and anchoring clamps boxes.The side surface of a processing belt edge;
  • on the underside of table tops for the computer with their own hands mark the site of attachment of support pedestals.With the help of a drill to drill blind holes;
  • with screws fastened to the upturned tables tabletop;
  • turn over, fasten the loop to hang the door and insert the place of drawers and shelves;
  • fasten stand under the monitor using round bars of wood, dowels and glue;
  • cover made primer table, painted in the color you want and start to use the destination.

Tip: this way you can make and computer desk made of particleboard with their own hands and take any other material.

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Method two: corner computer table

Now let's look at how to make a corner computer desk with your own hands.This work will require a little more attention, but the result will please - an empty corner of the room will function and space, at the same time, does not become smaller.
So, for we need the following tools and materials:

  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • clamp;
  • wooden dowels;
  • electric saw;
  • knife sharp enough;
  • iron, skirting tape, ruler, triangle and pencil;
  • glue joiner;
  • screws.

The material take MDF 16 mm thick sheets, and support for the elements - hardwood trees.
To begin, measure the space and do a drawing, in which subjects perform detailing.

Tip: do not know how to work with drawings - look ready material.Make a corner computer desk with his hands drawings can be found on the Internet.

prepared all the details, all the customize size and proceed to the assembly, which must carry out in stages.

1. Putting on the side of the table shkantah, fasten the rails for shelves and drawers inside, which will be put forward.Strengthen mounting is possible by means of adhesive.
2. The rear walls are fixed with screws.
3. The side edge of handle designs skirting tape, sticking it with paper and a hot iron.Excess of the cut with a knife.
4. On the inner side of the table top mark places for pedestals support, drill blind slot.Countertops and turn over in this position fasten cabinets.
5. Next, return the table to its normal position, fasten the side door, set the drawers and shelves.
6. The upper structure of the shelves are held together by ties and put on the table, stand under the monitor set.
7. The table is ready.It remains only to paint it in the general tone of the interior.Thus it is not as difficult as it seems to assemble a computer desk with your own hands.

If the home laptop

How to make your own computer desk we discussed.But what if instead of a laptop computer in the house?Seemingly, a thing quite mobile and requires no additional supports.But, as practice shows, lying in bed or on the couch with a laptop in hand is not always convenient.Therefore, we are now going to do a table for a laptop with his hands.

easiest and free option

First, consider the design that does not require special building skills and dime investments.It is tempting to make a table for a laptop with his hands.Use can be parts of old furniture, remnants of repair and other cutting any building material.

take only three parts: 2 side parts and worktops.Its size will depend on the size of equipment.We'll make the countertop 270h660 mm.just cut it, the main measure exactly.

with side bars to be a bit more complex: they must have a beveled side, which are attached to the table top.Dimensions sidewalls 270h205h255h280 turns out that the back of our table will be raised by 280 mm, and the front lowered by 205 mm.Thus, a small computer table with his hands for a laptop will have a slope, which makes it very convenient to operate.

side parts are fastened to the table top with screws and further strengthened in small areas.This enhances the durability and reliability of the design.It remains only to paint or decorate to your taste and preferences.Hard to this construction nothing and if a person likes to have fun, or reclining, then why not think about how to make a table for a laptop with his hands.

Another way: folding table under the laptop

Foldable table to do a little more complicated, but if you often move from place to place, it is worth considering how to make a table for a laptop comfortable and mobile.You need the following materials and supplies:

  • material for countertops;
  • material for the side walls;
  • screws or screws;
  • 4 folding fastening with clip.

The material can be any that is available.Scrollsaw worktop 600x400 mm, side leg - 400h310 mm.using a ruler and pencil mark up the inside of the countertop installation site bindings for the feet.Make holes for the screws, everything is securely fastened and all - our computer desk with his hands photo you see is ready.

Tip: Under no circumstances, do not forget to fix a folding structure to the desired position.When folding table clamp removed.

As you can see, the methods of how to make a computer table with his hands a lot.The article dealt only with the most affordable and simple.But there are master craftsmen who are able to create such furniture that you will not find in any store.

Well, for clarity, see how quickly and easily make a computer desk with his hands videos using that information can easily cope with the problem.