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August 12, 2017 18:08

Coffee table : how to create a masterpiece with his own hands


  • 1 few general recommendations
  • 2 These different models
  • 3 How to make a coffee table made of wood
  • 4 How to make a coffee table-transformer
  • 5 Asmake a coffee table made of glass
    • 5.1 decor coffee table made of glass using a stained glass colors, contours and polish
  • 6 Forms design coffee table in
    • 6.1 Video: ideas tables

Such a piece of furniture, a coffee table, present in any interior.But the most affordable models tend to look template.There are also unique copies, but they most often are prohibitively expensive, and not every ordinary person can afford them.There is a way, and it is very simple - to make a table with his hands.For information on how to do this and will be discussed below.

few general recommendations

Make a coffee table with his hands is a snap.Even if you are not versed in construction, but have a great desire to work a miracle, everything will turn out.It is only necessary to exert maximum efforts and have two or three days

of free time.

To begin, let's look at all that this is a piece of furniture.Coffee table, a piece of furniture is functional enough and do without it, some just can not.The only rule that must be maintained in the process of its creation - height.It usually ranges from 40 cm to 50 cm. Everything else can be done as prompt fantasy.

Tip: do not rush to pick up a saw or jigsaw.First of all, think of all the details.The experience of seasoned professionals asserts that help to create beautiful and original coffee table with his hands drawings.So start with them, think about the decor and layout, select the shape, and only then, get to work.And so the matter of the dispute and went faster, we present some information about coffee tables

These different models

In its form and material, coffee tables are very different.Among the most popular models are the following:

  • Round coffee tables;
  • Coffee table-transformer;
  • glass coffee table;

How to make a coffee table made of wood

Tabletop maple leaf

Tree - the common material for furniture.And a coffee table is no exception.Make a coffee table made of wood with their hands is very simple.To do this you will need a tool such as an electric jigsaw, grinder, hacksaw, metal corners, screwdriver, screws.Well, can not do without a ruler and pencil.
most difficult job in the manufacturing process - is the preparation of blanks.First cut worktop.It can be of very different shape, which is determined in advance.After marking material worktop cut using a hacksaw.Now turn around corners processing, if any.Sharp sharpening can be removed using a jigsaw.We have to work patiently and carefully.If there are no corners (round or oval table tops) are processed edge.Coffee table made of wood with his hands photo you can see, it is made using this technology.

next step - is to make the surface smooth and clean.For this purpose, the grinding machine that will cope with the task quickly and accurately.If you need some additional details, such as the bottom shelf, do they have to be immediately after the countertops, and only then proceed to the legs.

form the legs can also be varied.Preparing in advance a stencil, which is transferred to the wood and cut out a jigsaw.Created coffee wooden tables with their hands do not limit the imagination of the master.After cutting the legs are polished with sandpaper to perfection.Fix them to the table top can be by adhesive or that much stronger by metal brackets.

now remains only to draw finish.On the options tell her later.And now try to create a table-transformer.

How to make a coffee table-transformer

appearance of such models of coffee tables as transformers, was greeted with enthusiasm.Especially happy owners of small apartments.But the price of such models quickly negated all the joyful anticipation and the owners do not have anything more to do as a convertible coffee table with his hands.

Coffee table convertible

Coffee table convertible

distinctive feature of these models is the presence of the transformation mechanism is the only on that still have to spend money.But if you are well versed in the art, then do not make it to the problems.We know two types of mechanisms for such models:

  • mechanism with springs;
  • gas lift mechanism.

In the first phase, as well as with other models, how to make a coffee table with his hands drawings needed.In the case of transformers is better to use special computer programs.They graphically model and calculate options.But the suit and the old proven method - paper and pencil.

Tip: create a reliable and high-quality convertible coffee table with his hands better chipboard, 2.2 cm thick, That it is able to withstand the mechanical element of transformation..Sawing parts must be carried out very carefully, observing the prescribed amount.Before assembly, the details need to try on the mechanism and make sure that everything matches what was intended.

After fitting you can start to fix the details.Again, the rush is not needed, since the assembly operation and functionality will depend.With a certain degree of imagination and knowledge, you can create a folding coffee table with his hands, rotating, retractable.The most popular option is a model that combines both a dining table and coffee.Thus it turns out very original coffee table convertible dining with their own hands created that even more enjoyable.

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How to make a coffee table made of glass

Make a glass coffee table with his hands a lot harder than all of the above models, but it is possible.In this case, it is necessary to have some skills to work with glass and special tools.In any case, created a coffee table made of glass with your hands can become true interior decoration.

To work need specific tools: glass cutter (diamond or roller), a long metal ruler, a hammer and pliers (required with rubber pads).Prepare for work tools, you can begin to work with glass.It must be tempered, that is very durable.

Glass coffee table with his hands

Glass coffee table with his hands

Cut glass should be very careful.When using a roller press must stekloreza stronger than with diamond.Any glass coffee tables with their own hands to do is not easy, and if it is necessary to cut a curved shape or rounded shape, the effort will have to make more.On the glass is placed the stencil and glass cutter are at its edges.

After cutting the glass requires treatment, as the remaining nicks or roughness will cause a damage.At home, it is necessary to carry out such work in gloves with the help of emery old bar or a file.Do everything very carefully, gently and patiently.

next point of how to make a coffee table with his hands, grinding and polishing edges and most of the glass countertop.For this purpose, well-fit drill or Bulgarian.Please use the drive with a large emery effect, then - with an average finish and polish with fine drive.At the last stage of creating its countertops are polished using a soft felt circle and a special paste.

And the final touch - a leg for a coffee table with his hands to make and attach.They can be of different materials, it is of any shape.Attach it to the countertop should be using a special, very strong glue.

decor coffee table made of glass using a stained glass colors, contours and polish

Forms design coffee table in

home As you can see, make a coffee table with his hands is not difficult.But this is only half the story.It will be important to its design.And it is here that imagination is not restricted.Something just does not come up with craftsmen home, only to their creation was a real masterpiece.

Tip: creating decor coffee table with his hands, consider the interior.It should not be very different.

trims each table based on their tastes and preferences.To take just the most common design options.

  1. table decoration on the marine theme.Use seashells or pebbles.Glue material to the table top can be arbitrary, can be laid out pattern, and it is possible to create a whole underwater picture.On top of all this beauty covered with glass, which is attached to a specially designed frame.Thus, you can decorate not only a new thing, but also to the restoration of a coffee table with his hands.
  2. next option - decoupage.The table top is leveled, closed up cracks and primed with chalk, which diluted furniture polish and brought to a paste-like consistency.After drying it on a drawing surface, which is covered with varnish in several layers.Each subsequent layer is applied only after complete drying of the previous one.
  3. Mirror design perfect lie on the wooden coffee table with his hands created.This type of finish is carried out with the help of
    Coffee table decorated balls ping pong

    Coffee table decorated balls ping pong

    primer containing no water in its composition components.The primer is painted with silver paint, and attached to this surface mirror.

  4. Coffee table from chipboard with your hands, you can decorate differently.Distributed such finishes as decorative painting.But in this case, consult a person who owns a painting technique and can realize any image.To begin with, primed basis and only after it dries used painting on wood.By the way, this is a good option as to upgrade the coffee table with his hands.
  5. Well, another way of decorating - craquelure.Despite the strange word, it is not difficult to perform.By applying the paint, but not completely dried-up figure, a layer of varnish Krakow.His appointment to make furniture antique, as he cracks after drying.The final touch - the usual coating varnish.So you can decorate any kind of furniture, whether it is a folding coffee table made with their own hands, or a ready-made, bought in a store.

Agree, you can overpower any barriers and make a coffee table with his hands will not be many problems.And that was more clear how to make a coffee table with his hands video tells in detail.

Video: ideas tables