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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to insulate old apartment

How to insulate old apartment If onset of cold weather the temperature in your house tends to zero, then you have a choice - get all the room heater and wrap myself in a blanket or a thorough insulate their living space.

To insulate the old apartment you will need:
- paper / rags;
- Construction scotch;
- sandwich panels.

1 First determine the cause of an abnormally low temperature in the apartment.The first and most common reason - the cracks in the window frames.If you can not put a sealed double-glazed windows, then seal the gap between the frames themselves.To this foam can be used, pieces of paper or fabric.Take one of these materials, tightly roll up and place it in the gap between the frame and the window opening.Top cover the gap durable construction tape.This will significantly reduce the inflow of cold air into the apartment, but did not provide a complete thermal insulation.

2 If you live in pre-fabricated house, the second common cause of cold in the apartment can be a low-quality joints between slabs.Conduct seal

ing exterior joints obliged to your management company.But as a rule, the procedure for registration and signing an application for such work can last a very long time.

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3 If you want to solve this problem quickly, you can contact the construction company which is engaged in sealing seams between panels by means of industrial mountaineering.

4 However, even all of the above activities may not be enough to insulate corner apartment on floor 7-14.Gusts of wind at that altitude is much more intense, and the water in the heating system, rising to the first floor, has time to cool down considerably.So you need to thoroughly insulate not only windows and bulkhead seams, but the walls themselves.For insulation of walls, you can use the sandwich panel.

5 You can fix the sandwich panels on all the outer walls inside the apartment.This is a relatively new, but simple in processing building raw materials.In addition it is the most economical option, becauseyou yourself produce all construction work and pay only for the material.But the thickness of the sandwich panel can reach 25cm.So, just enough room area is reduced over the entire length of the wall.

6 If you are not willing to part with a portion of the useful area of ​​your apartment, you can contact the construction company, and sandwich panel will fix the outside.This is an expensive procedure, but at the same time - this is the only effective method to insulate old apartment on the top floor.