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August 12, 2017 18:08

Methods for installing the standard shells and Moidodir


  • 1 types and installation methods
  • 2 What to consider when buying a sink
  • 3 Carrying out installation work
  • 4 Types siphons Sink
  • 5 Installation washbasin
    • 5.1 Sealing
    • 5.2 shell mounting height

Perform installation in the bathroom sink is a snap, even the plumbing for this job take a little - a simple operation.But at the same time, it is the responsible thing - because how you managed to install the sink in the bathroom is directly related not only to the appearance of space and ease of use of sanitary devices, and sanitary situation in the whole of your apartment.

If you recall, most recently in our country, the problem of selecting a suitable apartment for your shell does not exist.The same products were almost in every bathroom.In our time, the diversity of these products allows you to create an interior that meets your taste, but also a wide choice of places to host a lot of questions of the home.

types and installation methods

method of installation of

the sanitary device is directly dependent on its type.The most common are:

  • Suspended or console sink sink - mounted on the wall brackets.The shape and dimensions of the device can be very different, it is easy to install.But there is a drawback - communication remain in plain sight;
  • Integrated sink - mounted into the countertop.The design hides all the unsightly communication and allows the use of furniture with built-in sink for storage of small items.True this design takes a lot of space;
  • ¬ęTulip" (with pedestal) - different special pedestal, on which is set a bowl, attractive appearance and allows to hide the communication that led to the popularity of this model;
  • sink in a bathroom with polupedestalom - in these products puts the pedestal to the wall requires a supply of sewer pipe at a certain height.

What to consider when buying a sink

Going behind the sink is necessary to accurately represent what type of sink you want.In addition, it is necessary to know the allowable dimensions of the device and any required height washbasin installation, which perform measurements of space in the bathroom, where it will stand.Suitable virtually any form of bowls, the optimum length should not be less than 55 cm, or during the use of water will be sprayed around the room.Produce these products with mixer hole and blind, for this reason, the way the installation of the mixer and the appropriate size of the bathroom sink to need to calculate in advance.It is best to buy it at the same time sink to test their compatibility immediately.Also, do not forget the line of fasteners of the device and water supply systems.

assembly work

Before you fix the wall washbasin is necessary to determine whether it can withstand the extra weight.If there are doubts, it is best to use a mounting device carrying convenience karkas.Dlya immediately mount faucet installation instructions of the mixer.

Work to install the shell consists of several stages:

fasteners for washbasin

fasteners washbasin

  1. Choose a location where the device will be installed.
  2. Draw a horizontal line corresponding to the top of the sink, be sure to use builder's level, check its horizontality.Designated fasteners mark out so - washbasin aligned on line with the upper edge and then the marker indicate the fixing points.It must be remembered that the height of the installation basin should be such as to use it comfortably.
  3. Again, check to see if you are suitable for the height of the basin, if necessary, to change something, it is better to do it at this stage of the work.In places where there will be attachment punch, make holes.They should be slightly smaller than the dowel used.The drilled holes introduce the glue for a durable connection, and they clog the dowels.
  4. Now you need to install the cup to this screwed plumbing self-tapping screws in the pre-prepared holes.Check secure location and are set sink.After that, the screws dress shims, and slowly they are screwed.It is not necessary to make a major effort, otherwise the bowl may explode.Mounts close decorative caps.

After that, it can be assumed that the installation is over the sink.Now we need to let the water and check if the setup has been completed.If anywhere, the water flows, it is likely that you just need to tighten the connection previously missed sealant.

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gaps between hay and sink should not be.The gap may cause the water falling on the floor, which spoil the finish.If, however, the gap is, the joint must be sealed with silicone sealant.Mounting shell in most cases no difficulty.If you perform all the work correctly and accurately, without ignoring the fact that it is written in the instructions, the result will necessarily be positive.Competently and in a suitable place to fix the sink - so will prolong its life.

Types siphons Sink

S-shaped corrugated hose - this is the easiest trap, the idea for a simple sink it enough, it does not get leftover food, hygiene items or toilet paper.But there is a caveat - while sewer cleaning plunger ribbed greatly moved, and after a short term breaks, clean his rope, do not be.For this reason, if you often have to clean the drains in the apartment, it is necessary to use a hard trap, in which a hole is provided with a cover for his inspection and cleaning, and sink installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen it is required.

Make two kinds of rigid siphon:

  • siphon-bottle;
  • top of the evolution of these products and also washbasins, tulips - decorative chrome siphon with a hole for the audit.In addition, such a device is very functional and fully hygienic.But this trap is much more expensive than usual.

Installation washbasin

Installation shells with their hands in the bathroom sink is made, by means of its bolt in the wall on special brackets.

You should know that to install the sink tulip on a pedestal, even from the floor to the bottom of the sink - it is not necessary to consider it as a bearing element of the instrument!Screws still necessary to bury the minimum wall surface 70 mm, for this reason, need to use screws of a length of 100 mm, if the wall is covered with tiles on the layer of plaster, and longer fasteners for thicker coatings.Fixing need to use propylene, is well suited metal anchor bolts.Fasteners PVC changing humidity and temperature will crack rusts metal, and have low strength polyethylene.

spacious bathrooms with pedestal sink is used.Plenty of space for such a construction is necessary because, inside cabinets and under it's going to the dirt.A volume with a view of the large dressing table is not too large - a major part of the space occupied by the tube and siphon.


Nowadays plumbing devices implement with ready-made gaskets.By installing them you need to perform a few simple rules:

  1. Produce seal only on dry compounds.They can be if you want to dry before handling household hairdryer.
  2. is not advisable to put your hand over the areas where the gasket will stand.Bedraggled place - degrease, having washed in water with the composition for dishwashing.
  3. gaskets paronita - hard, gray yellow or red color is placed between the metal pipe and plastic elements.
  4. Plastic pipes are made with a stock, they need to be cut to size, with no experience in such works - do so only special pipe cutter.Even minimal distortion - will cause a leak interface.
  5. Before installing the rubber gasket is treated with silicone sealant.The latter is self-explanatory.Silicone rubber gasket and individually will last for 3-5 years, and if they are fitted together, they are unusually long.The reason for the difference in thermal expansion of these materials.

If properly install the sink in view of these points, the connection reliability is guaranteed.

shell Mounting height

At what height will be installed sink, is not regulated by any documents, it decided to install 80-85 cm from the floor.Do as you would be more comfortable - in a low family, you can place it slightly below the generally accepted norms, and for the people tall and can be lifted.However, if you want to install a pedestal sink with it during installation, you will need to focus on its height.

Video installation will help you understand this issue