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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to finish repair

How to complete the repair of photo How to finish repair

repair the apartment as a hurricane - sweeps away everything from their seats and forcing owners to live practically on their suitcases.Furniture moved or taken out, things are scattered, wallpaper peeled ... ugly picture.For a long time to live in such conditions is difficult, and sooner or later, your patience will be over.I would like to soon finish this mess, but everything must be done correctly so that the effort did not go to pieces.

1 Think about the form in which you would like to see the apartment without repair, if you insist on a quality repair in compliance with all rules or are ready to forgive something.

2 If your requirements are not as strict, decide on the family council which planned complex finishes you agree to replace the more simple.For example, a very long and complicated procedure with the laying of the parquet (which must be several times varnish) replace the laminate or linoleum parquet pattern.Sophisticated design of the ceiling drywall or tensio

n structures replace ordinary paint or whitewash.If you have the smooth walls, ceiling and floor, it is not necessary to spend time and money on their alignment, and immediately Lay subsequent coating.

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3 Take matters into your own hands.Hope can not be anyone other than you, so do not count on the help of the husband or wife - organize everything themselves.Take the credit, take a trip to the store or order everything you need from the online store.Call friends for the weekend, and together, holding together, you're all done a couple of days.

4 If the requirements have remained at a high level, and friends will not help, invite maintenance crews.Choose a team with good recommendations, if part of the repairs have already been done, their services will cost you is not too expensive.Make an agreement with an indication of the timing, cost and types of work, including the penalty clause for delays.So you'll know exactly when the end of your repair, and be able to plan their lives in the updated apartment.

5 If you live in my house, with a large economy, do not be surprised constant repair.In this case, the repair - a relentless pursuit of excellence, it will never end.Understand this, and to humble, to maintain order in the rooms, where repair has been suspended, and enjoy your life.

Despite the desire to complete the repair as soon as possible, do not break the sequence of operations and technology.Be sure to finish all the work with the wiring before starting the replacement of the heating system, or painting and glue the wallpaper after installation of new windows.