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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to paint ceramic tiles

How to paint ceramic tiles Tastes of people are different, so you may not like the color of ceramic tile that you got from the former owners of the apartment.Making complete renovation, knocking still quite whole tile, in this case it is not necessary, simply repaint tile.You can do if you need a little refresh the interior of a bathroom wall or update working in the kitchen.

to paint ceramic tiles You will need:
- stiff brush;
- cleaner;
- paint for ceramic tiles;
- brushes and rollers;
- primer.

1 Arm yourself with a stiff brush and a cleaning agent to thoroughly wash the ceramic tiles and joints between it.Then take a fine sandpaper and wrap it a wooden block.With this tool, start to polish the old tile, checking from time to time the surface texture.When the fingers feel the roughness of the light and the sense of smooth sliding away, stop work.

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2 clean, dry brush or cloth to remove abrasive dust.Degrease the surface with a special compound, pay attention to the seams between the tiles -

it accumulates oil and dirt in them.When prepared tile is dry, treat it with primer.

This facility should have a high penetration ability and moisture resistance.Choose it should be in specialized stores with a wide range of products to buy exactly what you need.We will have some time to start again due to improper primer work.

3 Ibid pick and paint that will hold well in a moist atmosphere bathroom or kitchen.Especially for these facilities produced water dispersion latex paints that can withstand repeated cleaning and the surface with mild detergent (about 1000 times).

4 Apply several thin layers of paint, using a small foam roller surface.A thin layer of fat goes smoother and provides better adhesion to the tile material.Wait for the complete drying of the previous layer of paint before applying the next.The places in which the roller can not penetrate, to paint a paint brush.

period for which the paint dries, usually indicate the bank, carefully follow the instructions.To you get a smooth surface tiles without stains, you will need to put 2-3 thin new layer of paint.