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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to cut linoleum correctly

How to cut linoleum correctly diverse range of linoleum patterns allow it to pick up any decor.Linoleum - practical and simple material that does not require highly skilled work.Proper cutting linoleum before installation - one of the important conditions for the aesthetic appearance of the floor covering.

to properly cut linoleum You will need:
- notched trowel;
- Edged Knives;
- long range (2-3 m);
- square (1 m);
- short range.

1 Prepare for cutting linoleum.In order to stabilize the size of the rolls hold for at least 2 weeks in the warmth.Unpack, roll out and cut into linoleum paintings required length taking into account the allowance for Cutting and shrinkage.The longer the blade, the more make allowance.With a length of cloth over 10 m leave margin of 50-60 mm, length up to 10 m - 30-40 mm.For a small space to 6 m long supply linoleum leave not more than 20 mm.Fold the cut stack of sheets for up to 4-5 days for a full straightening.

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2 Lay the prepared linoleum on the floor and mark on i

t the contours of the walls.Firmly press the linoleum to the floor line.Take a sharp knife and a small puncture incision.Continuing to press the fabric on either side of the cut, draw a sharp line on the entire perimeter.When you get to make the angle, V-type cut-out in the linoleum.If the room floor complex circuit (tubes, columns, bay, etc.), prepare in advance patterns protruding parts.First make the marks on the tissue paper or newspaper, and then drag it onto the cardboard.Spend prirezku linoleum on difficult areas with small strips and accurately follow a pattern.

3 Cut the linoleum with a color pattern.Pre-lay material drawing up.Having laid linoleum fabric parallel to the wall, press it long ruler and cut off.Where one sheet ends, you need to put the following.Carefully pick up the pattern of adjacent pieces, and put them at the junction overlap.Mark the next seam.To linoleum is not shifted when cutting, place a heavy object.Slowly cut the two layers on the line and collect the scraps.In areas with a large area has to do prirezku several paintings and drawings to choose linoleum on the fringe.In this case, trim the rim joints with a ruler and a knife, not forgetting the precise alignment pattern.