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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to put laminate flooring

How to put laminate flooring Photo To give the interior a finished room type has been successfully applied laminate.Due to the richness of his palette, you can choose the material that will fit exactly the design idea.In addition, this coating is additional insulation of any gender.You can put laminate flooring, as well as tell you our website.

to put laminate flooring you will need:
- jigsaw;
- Roulette;
- hammer;
- pencil;
- gon;
- hacksaw on a tree;
- tamping bar.

1 Soak purchased laminate flooring in the room where the installation will take place about two days.It is necessary to adapt it to a room temperature and humidity.Prepare tools for laying laminate.Typically, they are: jigsaw, tape measure, hammer, pencil, square, Hacksaw on a tree, tamping bar.

2 Prepare the surface of the parquet.Rate horizontal base for the laminate.If there are irregularities, align them sander.Check the rigidity of the cover.In the case where the board under the weight of a person squander, they must be replaced or strengthened.In order to be sur

e of exactly horizontal coverage, put on his self leveling floor screed.

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3 Put polyethylene film perpendicular to the direction to be used when laying laminate.Then put the substrate.The best option - a stopper, becauseit is made of environmentally friendly materials, but you can use polyethylene foam of varying thickness.

4 Put the laminate to the surface of the old parquet.The correct way - laying along the line of the fall sunlight.This is due to the fact that the joints of panels are not visible.
laminate is divided into two types: glueless (castle) and the adhesive.The first is a latch lock (Lock), or collapsible locks (Click).The main superiority of the latter - the bond strength.Lock-locks, in turn, are less expensive, having a lower quality adhesion.Castle type of laminate is placed by inserting the stud of one panel into the groove of another.

5 Lay laminate "brick" method, ie,series should communicate with each other.Install the first row.If the last panel was longer than necessary, saw off her, considering that must remain a gap between it and the wall of about 3-5 mm.The second row start with a cut-off portion.Remember, it should not be shorter than 20 cm. Similarly perform the entire installation.