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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to insulate a wall in the corner room

How to insulate a wall in the corner room When it is necessary to insulate the wall in the corner room, you must first decide how much you are willing to invest in this event.Based on this, select the insulation and other materials suitable for self-assembly.

To insulate the wall in the corner room you will need:
- insulation;
- profile / bar;
- drywall;
- tools.

1 Decide on a budget and project materials you want to insulate the wall in the corner room.All subsequent steps will depend entirely on your choice.Calculate the right amount of materials, making the measurement in insulated room.Purchase everything you need with a small margin.Prepare tool.

2 Prepare the wall for insulation.Treat her with a special compound, destroying fungus and mold.These tools are widely represented in DIY stores.They are able to not only destroy the existing mold and fungus, but also reliably protect your walls from their appearance.Allow the wall to dry, being guided by the instructions for use of the funds, which was used for its processing.

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3 Proceed to the frame construction, which further oboshete plasterboard.Use a galvanized profile or dry lumber processed preservative.Cut profile / timber size (in this case, the height of the wall is insulated).With the construction level, set the first length profile / timber is strictly vertical.Through the existing holes in the profile, mark the point on the wall for drilling (in the rod must first drill hole).Drill into the wall all the planned hole and fasten it on the profile / rail, using dowels, nails or other suitable fasteners.Repeat this procedure with the remaining pieces of the profile / rod, leaving between them a distance of 60 cm (standard width of insulation boards).

4 When the frame is ready, start to strengthen your chosen insulation.Adjust its size.If the plate - count the number of whole plates.Also calculate how many tiles will need to be cut.In the case where the insulation in a roll, cut it into pieces of suitable size.Applying for insulation foam wall, cutting it in a similar way.Attach the insulation to the wall using special anchors cymbal (in "mushrooms" people or "umbrellas").Sew the resulting structure with sheets of drywall.Find out how much insulation you need help building online calculator.