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August 12, 2017 18:08

Selecting baths - overview of the characteristics and materials


  • 1 Solid iron
  • 2 Modern acrylic
  • 3 steel bath as a budget option

choice of material from which produced bath, directly affect the comfort and durability of itsuse.The most popular on the market today materials for the manufacture of this product: cast iron, steel and acrylic.Each material has positive and negative qualities.What kind of steel, cast iron or acrylic tub is better?

Bathroom - is a place that is visited by all the inhabitants of the home to perform daily hygiene.This room is often not only "bathing temple", but also a place of relaxation, which is impossible without the main attribute of this room - bath.About thirty years ago with the purchase of the goods subject matter of choice was not so acute.Existing samples differed from each other only a couple criteria.At the same time, the number of indicators to select it has increased significantly.There was a mass of producers flooded the market a huge number of their products.As the variety to choose a worthy specimen

, appropriate parameters and quality?What kind of steel, acrylic or cast-iron bath to buy?What are the advantages and disadvantages have options available?

Solid iron

iron - the most traditional material for the manufacture of these products.In the time of Peter the similar patterns began to emerge only in the homes of wealthy people.Over time, they are firmly in the everyday life.In Soviet times, such a bath was a standard accessory for bathrooms.And now use iron to create this related object is a priority.They have the following characteristics:

  • minimum weight of the product is about 80 kg.
  • Samples of this material have high strength and durability.
  • Lacquer provides easy care of these household items.Comparing
  • bath acrylic and iron, the cast iron surface models has greater resistance to scratching.
  • Such samples can withstand the high temperatures.
  • models of cast iron have good thermal insulation characteristics.
  • disadvantage of such products is the limited range associated with the characteristics of their production.

Important: If you select to pay attention to the quality of the surface of the most cast-iron bath, be it money had tuberosity, it says the poor quality of iron casting.

Modern acrylic

Samples of this material appeared on the market relatively recently, but were able to win considerable popularity among buyers.They have a lot of qualities that lead to make a choice in their favor.

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  • weight of such models is generally from 15 to 30 kilograms.
  • Positive unlike acrylic baths from the iron that during its production can give it almost any shape.The range of these products can satisfy different requests on the size and design.
  • their relatively low strength compensates for the steel frame, which is used during installation.Its use gives the necessary rigidity.
  • Another advantage of acrylic bathtubs in front of the iron, for higher performance insulation.They usually several times better than that of cast iron samples and much higher steel models.
  • positive quality of this product is the ability to surface grinding, when it is worn.
  • difference between cast iron and acrylic bathtubs in the fact that the acrylic model afraid much higher temperatures, and so do not pour boiling water into them, otherwise they might be deformed.

Important: The acrylic surface of the abrasive tools are afraid of washing, falling objects.Over the years, he loses luster.

important fact that the repair acrylic suitable, it is possible to polish and remove defects on the surface, there are special repair kits.

steel bath as a budget option

Steel samples of these products have a long history of use.Their main characteristics are:

  • weight of steel model is about 30 kg.
  • They have higher strength characteristics, as compared with the acrylic samples, but a little less from the cast-iron models.
  • The disadvantages of steel products include quite a loud noise when pouring water into it and low thermal insulation performance, if a comparison of cast iron and acrylic bathtubs, steel models.These problems are eliminated by using sound-insulating and heat-insulating materials in the outer treatment bath.
  • undoubted advantage of steel models is their price.Typically the cost is significantly lower remaining samples present on the market.

Choosing a bath, you need to be guided by the conditions in which it will be operated.Particularly acute, usually the question is the area that can be identified in its placement.Given these and other technical and design parameters can make a decent selection of this important household items.