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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to prepare for painting drywall

How to prepare for painting drywall photo Plasterboard is the most practical and low-cost finishing material.With the help of smooth gypsum sheets you can align the walls to make decorative items.Installing drywall is easy to perform at home, which explains its ever-growing popularity.The smooth surface of the walls and ceilings covered with panels of plasterboard is ideal for staining.This requires a number of simple to perform preparatory work.It must be remembered that the quality of the painting will directly depend on how you react to the preparation of the base.

to prepare the drywall to painting you will need:
- brushes;
- roll;
- putty;
- acrylic primer;
- spatulas;
- tape-serpyanka;
- sandpaper.
1. First put on drywall acrylic primer.It is applied by brush or roller.Follow primer evenly, do not apply to brush too much fluid.For the next step be sure to wait for the complete drying of the surface.

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2. Now proshpaklyuyte drywall joints.This is a necessary procedure.Spackling carried out in several sta

ges: first apply a layer of putty, using a tape-serpyanku, apply the next layer after drying.The procedure is convenient to carry with a metal spatula.It is desirable to have spatulas of various sizes.

3. Once the joints are completely dry, continue plastering work, leveling solution all the bumps and place mounting plates with screws.If necessary, carry out sanding the walls with sandpaper or a special grinding tape.Start the process with a larger pelt, gradually moving to a smaller abrasive.Do not get carried away too grout, it is important not to damage the coating sheets of drywall.In the final result, you should get a perfectly flat surface.

4. Next you need to re-treat the surface of the drywall primer.Moreover, treatment should be carried out in two layers.The surface of the paper layer should be well primed to soak.This step should be done very carefully so that the paint is well rested on the surface.Ceilings should be primed against the light.After complete drying of the coating can be applied by paint.

Useful tips

Do not use oil-based paint on.It is advisable to use water-based matt paint, which is perfectly tinted and enlarges the area of ​​the premises.