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August 12, 2017 18:08

The clean sewer drain in the bathroom than unclogging pipes in the apartment


  • 1 Reasons for bath could become clogged
    • 1.1 Effective methods of elimination clogging sewage
  • 2 Chemicals
  • 3 People's way of cleaning the blockage: soda and vinegar
  • 4 clean siphon

question of how to clear the blockage in the bathroom there is almost everyone.Face it is a jack of all trades, and ordinary housewife - it is normal.If the water does not go away, or worse - lashed back, emitting a stench to use the bathroom is not only not pleasant, but it is impossible in principle.

This article contains comprehensive information on how to remove the blockage in the bathroom, what means a better use, as well as how to prevent the recurrence of trouble in the future.

Reasons for bath could become clogged

First you need to determine why the clogged drain, and what options there are for cleaning or siphon pipe.Most likely, the reason is found in the process of eliminating the problem.However, if it is known that the drain horrible decoration, hairpin or other necessar

y thing, not all funds from blockages in the bathroom will be good.For example, some chemicals may damage the product dropped by embarrassing.

So, the cause of the blockage in the trap:

  • hair, animal hair;
  • spool, lint, threads from clothing;
  • trifle;
  • Dirt;
  • Small parts, accessories, jewelry.

All these components form a dense clump in a tube, which prevents the passage of water, if not his brakes.Remove a blockage in the bathroom or maybe a pair of tweezers or a thin wire.

Effective methods of elimination clogging sewage

Good old plunger and cable.

These two things are practically in every home.

Plunger - this is a stick with a rubber tip in the form of a large suction cup that can suck or push the trash.

Using this uncomplicated invention can obtain the following results:

  • Conduct prevention education blockages;
  • eliminate the reason for the slow draining of water;
  • Rate pollution.

plunger usually effective when the pipe is clogged slightly - abrupt flows of water and air pulled across the obstacle.

Directions plunger:

  • Install the device in such a way that the rubber part of the blocked drain hole;
  • Dial a small amount of water in the bathroom (on the dry efficiency is reduced);
  • Make a few strokes, moving the handle up and down;
  • Check whether the water out;
  • Rinse the recovered debris.

If this does not work and remained clogged in the bathroom - what to do?Use wire:

  • Insert it into the drain hole;
  • pushed forward into the pipes and scroll at the same time;
  • When the voltage drop (the obstruction is passed), gently move the wire back and forth;
  • Extract and wash the product.


modern chemical industry made sure to make the process of removing blockages as fast and comfortable as possible.

Almost all of them are equally effective, but that should be considered when choosing not any means of blockage in the bathroom suited to the type of pipe, which is installed in the house.

manufacturers vying to produce tools for cleaning pipes of debris and sediment.Product form can be varied:

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  • powder;
  • gel;
  • liquid.

most common and inexpensive means of a mole - domestic product, which perfectly eliminates odors, food debris and grease, as well as fiber breaks (hair, wool, etc.).Available in different companies and may differ slightly in composition and duration.

Compatible with the type of pipe is usually indicated on the package.That is not a complete list of effective drugs:

  • Mr. muscle;
  • Bugs;
  • Pothan;
  • Tiret;
  • FCPF

It is important to carefully read the instructions for use and follow all safety precautions in order not to get a chemical burn and spoil the plumbing.

People's way of cleaning the blockage: soda and vinegar

If at hand no plumbing, no plunger, no cable, no funds purchased and clogged tub - worth a try folk method.This will require:

  • ½ cup of baking soda;
  • ½ cup of vinegar;
  • 1 liter of boiling water.

Follow this instructions:

  • wipe dry the bathroom sink and the metal ring;
  • Pour soda into the drain hole;
  • Pour vinegar there;
  • Pour boiling water over 1 minute;
  • After 2-3 minutes, turn on the water - it should flow freely.

Clean siphon

If you still have confidence in the fact that the reason for the slow draining of water has become a necessary or valuable thing - is to know how to clean the siphon in the bathroom.Thus it will be possible to extract that fell into the sink and caused a blockage.

  • siphon cleaning technology:
  • bed under siphon cloth, put a bowl;
  • slowly unscrew the bolt nut, to avoid gushing fluid;
  • Remove the flask and pour the dirty water;
  • Remove debris, small parts or lumps that caused the problem;
  • Rinse the siphon and remove plaque;
  • Install a siphon in place;
  • Check for leaks.

Now if suddenly clogged bathtub that will make everyone know.It should also be remembered that prevention through plunger and cleaning the siphon once a month - a pledge of quality and comfortable use of the bath.Costly chemical means may not be needed in this case!